To welcome the new year,

I’ve decided to set up a new blog! I’ve been a non-believer of blogs for awhile ever since secondary 3 perhaps. But I’ve decided to start once again as i’ve realised how inspiring blogging can be and this will allow me to reflect on my life now and then and force myself to try to put some indescribable things/moments down to simple words. It’s nearly 4am and i feel obliged to feel tired and so i am trying to just bullshit my way through this first introductory post. I still hope that despite this blog, i will be able to have a private life of my own… ha haa ha digging a grave for myself. Ah well. Better to try than not at all.

On another note, i was talking to michelle today and deciding if i should set up my own youtube account. Social media is the dopest shit in the 13th century. DONT MESS YALL. We’ll see how it goes hehe ^^

Goodnight xo



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