(Goodbye, again) Hello Hawaii.

It is the 3rd day being in University of the Nations, Kona Hawaii. It’s been a long journey I’ve travelled probably 25 hours to get to Kona…. #wowww. I’m in a really sad mood now & listening to sad music is seriously not helping LOL but sams says JUST MAKE A POST so okay…..woof…. 

Thursday was arrival day where we did a lot of admin and it was free time to adjust to the bunk and campus…. The campus is really quite big!! I remember when I arrived with the group that landed with me, we were walking through the canteen and court and everyone was cheering and clapping for us that we have finally arrived and I must say I was quite touched… :’) I met really nice people and thursday’s general emotions were like apprehensive/happy/excited. There are 10 people in my bunk. Im sleeping in the lower bunk beside Gabryella from BRAZILL and Geeha a Korean born American living california. There is also Becka from Virginia, Kaori from Japan, Hyunah from Korea, Carly from Oregan, Emily from Canada and Jasmine from uhh idk where i dont like her diva attitude so i really cant be bothered about her LOL

Friday morning, we had to wake up at 6am as breakfast was at 630am :O
Everyone gathered at the flags of the nations and had to take off our slippers and walk from there to the ohana court where we had a formal welcome for all the people in the April quarter. There are i think 24 programmes going on in the april quarter and it’s been the most number of programmes they have had in a term. There are so many people here and they come from different cultures and background. It is very refreshing and enlightening to hear the stories of people and about their culture. We had orientation where we went to different stations around the campus to learn more about UofN and Kona. After lunch, was our first PADTS class meeting where we got to finally meet everyone in PA DTS. Majority of them were girls and there were probably like less than 5 guys out of 34 of us HAHAHA…. LOL but yeah. So Gabryella had to introduce me and I had to introduce her. Gabryella is only turning 17 this year but she looks so old and sexy 😉 haha she’s a dancer and she speaks portugese. Her english isnt very good so there is a mini communication barrier which sucks cause sometimes i see her trying so hard to speak and it seems like she has so much she wants to say but like its hard to express in english. 😦 but she’s really cute 🙂 she lives near the amazon jungle!! how cool is that. i would say im the closest to her at this moment. And we all got this necklace laced with purple FLOWERS ❤ SO PRETTY 🙂 We had froyo supper at tropical frozen yoghurt yumm it was pretty good i LOVE mochi topping ^^ 

They were telling us how outreach doesnt happen when we are there but it happens once we step out of the campus. So we represent YWAM and everyone knows who we are so we have to keep that in mind and gotta treat people really nicely and tip well.


Saturday, slept in then went to walmart with christine, daniel, yoshi, gabryella, emilyn, michelle, emily,  hyunah, kaori etc i dont remember. Wow we walked in the scorching sun for 30 mins!! Walmart aint that near HAHA and i think we spent like 2 and a half hours there , I spent almost 300 bucks at walmart FML HAHAHA im such a obsessed shopaholic I need professional help…. honestly… LOL then we had to call TAXI JOE, he’s a taxi driver that gives YWAM students a fixed fare of 5 bucks to go anywhere downtown. We asked him why he decided to do something like that and he said it was because a man from ywam a few years ago blessed him and from having nothing, he now owns a taxi company and is doing really well. Because of that mans prayers. After chillin, I rly wanted to go to the beach but everyone was either busy/not interested/tired/went already. So only alexandra, from france, came with me and we just walked along Ali’i Drive and dipped our feet in the clear blue waters^^ then we headed back for dinner and chilled and a few hours ago i wasnt feeling too good, felt really shitty but im better now after skyping with sam <33 he makes me laugh because he can be so bloody retarded…..haha. So happy he likes his bday present and POP present :)) yay good job estelle hehe

So its 1:20am i gotta sleep as theres church tmrw and i wanna try the affordable and yummy sushi place near the campus that everyone has been raving about!! woot. cant wait hope tomorrow is a better day 🙂

Also, gabryella told me to go to this shop starting with an R Roose or some shit but clothes there are sooo cheap!! cant wait for more shopping. Gotta get my pennyboard and learn skating soon ^^ (dont diss, sam) haters be hatin heh



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