Sunday funday

Sooo I woke up and took too long to get ready so I missed the shuttle to living stones church. However I asked Christine where she was going and she told me she was going to the rock church and gonna walk there at 1030 as service starts at 11. So I decided perhaps I should go with her but… I couldn’t find her after that and so I had just stayed in the bunk and fell asleep…. I was woken up by the girls all coming back from church LOLOL but yeah then planned on walking to downtown with Gabryella for sushi lunch when a last driving out if ywam campus offered us a lift to downtown ^^ how kind :’) she even gave us a tour and information about kona and showed us the beaches near our campus. Sadly, all the sushi shops were closed on Sundays 😦 some were only open for dinner :(( so we settled for Thai food which was quite yummy. It was gaby’s first time eating that food and she enjoyed it ^^ we were so full and couldn’t walk properly when we were walking back HAHA plus we were late for the meeting regarding our bunks and stuff LOL embarrassing~ but we didnt really miss out so alls good. After that we chilled and brought dinner back to our bunks (hotdogs) and just talked in the common room. Christine and lexi asked us to then join then at the banyan tree cafe as they were playing cards. So we joined them and we played some hand games and later realised we were disturbing a group meeting so we moved to ohana court to play more games and I think we spent the most time playing BIG BOOTY HAHAHA it’s really fun though it goes like this “BIIIG BOOTY BIG BOOTY BIG BOOTY, OHYEAA, BIG BOOOOTY BIG BOOOTY” haha it’s a really catchy tune and beat 🙂 then we had a dance party and started dancing around LOLOL went back to dorms at 9pm to get ready for bed and now it’s time for me to sleep. Can’t wait to try the cheap sushi place soon!!!!

Happy 19th baby<3 since youre the only reader pf my blog ill dedicate half this post to you. Everything is kinda in my letter but no harm writing you more letters^^ The past few months have been amazing and Im so thankful that God put you in my life at such a time like this. You really are the best thing thats ever been mine and Im pray that we will continue having a healthy relationship and that God would be the one guiding us and really be the pillars and foundation of our relationship. That we will not be shaken, and we will not stumble. I love you so so so much. And I wish you the happiest 19th you could ever have. Missing you dearly. xoxo

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