Last week was awesome! Sorry my blogging is so delayed because life here is pretty busy and so much is going on! I will try my best to blog ASAP and not procrastinate.

We had campus worship followed by lecture. This week Tom and Donna Cole were teaching Pure Heart. It’s like a course where it also teaches us skills on healing in the heart and stuff like that. They kinda didnt recommend us taking notes cuz the notes are on
They talked about being transparent and real and the MOTHER WOUND – the hurt we have experienced from our mothers/mother figures. The three ways we are wounded by mothers are affection/touch, words/sounds & neglect. Tom and Donna cole also told us their testimonies which were pretty crazy! About homosexualism and stuff like that. Then we have ministry time/alter call where we ask God to remind us of the specific moments where we’ve been hurt by our mother and give it to God and ask for healing. During break we also celebrated Gaby’s birthday! Yay more cake and popcorn^^

After lunch I rushed to the mailroom to post my postcards and package to Sam. But to post the package is soo inconvenient so I thought ill do it another time hahaha maybe buy more things and send a bigger package would be easier. Then had ‘auditions’ for the solo parts. Nayeon told me I suited the Lean On Me song rather than Joyful Joyful. So I’m singing the female solo part for Lean On Me!
We went downtown to get froyo since like Gaby and everyone was like being boring in the room. It was funn and I got a blueberry smoothie.
After dinner we had singing again then chilled in bed till bedtime.

We had worship in the prayer room. Followed by pure heart teaching and it was about father wound. Again, they told us there were notes online at LOL
God created us to be receptors of affection and we need that tenderness although sometimes people believe the lie that they don’t need it. Fathers provide the voice of authority to bless the child and also boundaries to protect the child. Woman want to be told they are beautiful by their fathers which gives them the sense of security that they need. So we had an altar call again but I didn’t go up as I felt that I have already forgiven my father.
They also talked about confession. Sin is simply missing the bullseye and repenting the changing the direction/way we think. Confessing is simply acknowledging that you missed the mark. So we had a time of confession where the ministry team had a cup of water which symbolised anointed oil and we would go up to any of the women from the team to confess our deepest darkest sins and they will bind the sin and loose forgiveness then cleanse us with the water on our forehead and face and bless us. I didn’t go up until like during debrief when Donna Cole was the only person still there and I quickly went to her to confess my sins. She was so loving and she told me her own experiences and then forgave me and blessed me and told me how much God loves me and I wept… I definitely felt free after that and it was so amazing!

We had corndogs for lunch and they gave sungmin and i 5 corndogs each while everyone else had like 1 or 2 HAHA.
After lunch had fan dance practise then I went for insanity! After dinner em, daniel, emily, sungmin, kaori and I walked to this Korean shop to buy the food for culture night coming up in Friday. We then decided to walk to target as we were quite close to it already. Haha had fun fooling around in target then went to get some mc donalds^^ got Mah 20pcs nuggets^^ called a cab back to campus cuz we bought too much stuff :p bought naked juice to detox my body too haha but the Koreans said its not as healthy as it sounds 😦

Woke at 6am as I had to set up hospitality and also had worship team meeting at 7am which btw there wasn’t really a meeting but my worship team got to meet up and discuss a bit about our upcoming set! So my team consists of Jason on guitar and lead, Yoshi singing, Ruth singing and Daniel on electric guitar and piano. Loren cunningham spoke to us in the ohana court about Gods dream and his world view. Then it was pure heart teaching again this time about feminity and forgiveness.
A woman’s heart has a grey capacity to take things in.
What God says to men about women:
• Ephesians 5:25 VS women whom if their husband is not living correctly, keep quiet and live correctly, allowing him to see your living and be convicted.
• wives weakness is being critical, respect your husband, respect his leadership and believe in him VS women need love
• 1 Peter 3:7 – if husbands don’t treat their wives right, God will stop answering his prayers
• men should not manipulate women (dating) push for parts of their bodies – women are made with tender hearts that need love and are responsive – men will be accountable to God
• it is in human nature for us to create or want to be great/make a difference
• god wants us to recognise our needs so that we may ask him in prayer
• everything you do for god will not be in vain – treasures in heaven
• the woman brings glory to the husband
• don’t let outer beauty consume you – open your heart, lay your walls down and trust god with all your heart
• choose god, choose kindness, choose love
• watch what we say as we can either build people up or break them down
• if you are vulnerable with god and others, people will feel like opening their hearts too

Then we had ministry time, we asked god to remind us of when we have been hurt or wounded by people and to allow him to remove the wounds and pour his love in

Forgiveness and trust are different things. Trust is earned.
We can forgive by simply taking the hurt out of our heart and into the cross.

After lunch was small group but we had testimony time. Then I went for insanity and after dinner there was singing lessons. Rushed to take the shuttle with em and yoshi to Walmart. We chilled at Walmart and walked back as there was no more shuttle service. We were kinda afraid and fearful of walking back esp em cuz it was just us 3 girls at like 10pm but I told them we will be fine. It was quite fun we were singing and talking about stuff. We stopped by Starbucks to get java chip frappes hehe but it’s so much easier walking in the night without sun!!! Feels so much nearer LOL there was this weird cyclist guy following us and we were quite freaked out like he said hi and followed then we didnt see him then reaching the campus we saw him across the road and yoshi and em started running into the campus HAHA so funny.

Had intercession in prayer room where we asked god for forgiveness towards people or a moment where we compared them to social stereotypes and stuff. Then it was the last day of pure heart. Tom cole talked about masculinity. Women can multi-task but men can’t! Because apparently as a baby in the mothers womb, when the baby is determined it’s gender, if it’s a male, the brain releases a chemical that splits the brain and thus it’s hard for men to switch from one brain to another or smth like that HAHAHA
• man are made to pursue
• masculinity is weakness – strength under control
• rejection is a deep wound to a masculine soul
• men tend to numb their pain, turn to alcohol, smoking, pornography

So while the men had their ministry time, the women, we had to relinquish our general judgements of men

It was so cute, Tom cole brought a legit sword and did that royal ritual sword thing where the man kneeled on one knee then the other men around him will ask him to get up man and they will pray for him and oh man super cool HAHA.

Lepaked in the bunk after lunch and jasmine did my nails but it didnt turn out the way I wanted 😦 took a nap then went for dinner and ohana night! After ohana i went for supper with Carly, Daniel and sungmin. Btw there are only 6 guys in PADTS and the rest all all girls. Like 35 girls or smth HAHAHA. Anyway it was so late cuz we walked to the farthest shop for ICE CREAM but it was closed and when we walked back, restaurants were closing and stuff sigh so we had to go to a pub kinda restaurant! After walking around the stretch of ALI’I drive we finally found Humpy’s which still had food available woot. Shared a mudpie and pizza! And Carly treated us 🙂 so sweet 🙂 got back and crashedd.

Friday, had worship in class by lexi, jesiah, Daniel, Emily and gaeten. Then Maria spoke to us about why we dance/sing/act. And for each of those expressions she gave a verse and inferred the purposes of each of the 3 expressions then prayed for us. We also prayed about the outreach as Maria has been getting confirmations by others that they have no peace for us going to Israel. So we split into groups and prayed for outreach and asked god to show is something. Then came back and shared our visions or whatever god told us. Then we had lunch and I went to the GO Centre kitchen to help Australia make their dishes! Asia was only making our dish at 4pm so I Was free and decided to help the other countries haha. It was so fun! Spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen. FREE FOOOD. That night was also dodge ball game night but Maria forgot so we had our culture night haha. But it was so fun!! It was havoc in the kitchen and in the end sungmin cooked the Korean dish himself HAHAHAHAHA so funny and us Asians just fooling around in the kitchen. Then after eating there was games but I got really moody and left. Went to the back of the banyan tree cafe to chill and think. Then took a shower and did laundry.

I woke early cuz I had to collect two lunch packs and get breakfast and meet for our camping trip but omg I was waiting at the flags for 10 mins and Justin came to me and said we are only meeting at noon 😦 Stefanie and Daniel forgot to tell me!! Haha but anyway cuz Justin was going sailing first in the morning. So I put my stuf in his boot and went back to the room to sleep for like another 4 hours HAHAHA shiok^^ then met at 12 and we went on our road trip!!! Woot! Camilla, Stephanie, Daniel and Justin were in the car. And Justin played super roadtrippy music hahaha so fun.
We all paid him 20 bucks each for the fuel. The others were hitch-hiking to our campsite HAHA quite crazy. So we stopped by Costco to get some food for everyone for that night like bread and sausages. Then we went to Hāpuna beach which is so pretty I loved it!!! We jumped into the waters straight away oh man the waters were crystal clear :’) god is so amazing^^ then we saw gee ha, emily, wendy, brianna, sungmin they took a cab here and they split 20 bucks each…. theyre crazy…. stayed there maybe an hour then left to carry on our journey. Stopped by Hivo as it was on the way to our campsite, Pololu valley. Got a cup of coffee and visited this vintage shop which wa an ex hotel opposite where sailers would go stay. Then we reached the beautiful parking area to get to Pololu beach we had to hike down to the water level as its where the beach was. Then we found gaeten and the rest all there with a campfire already! Woot then we set up our tents and stuff and chilled around the fire^___^ when we finished our tents it was dark already and we started cooking the sausages with a cooking pan that was left at this campsite.. Lol EW…… But YOLO the sausages were yummy!!! And bread and salad too 😉 then we played music and danced and chilled and got Justin to share his testimony with us and Stephanie felt that w should go over to this other campsite not far from us to share his testimony. Then went down to the beach shores and lay down on the rocks/stones and star gazed 🙂 it was so dark that the stars were so visible and bright and abundant 🙂 it was such an awesome feeling :’) I wish Sam was there with me to experience what I experienced. It’s like wow god is so so big. He put the stars in the sky… It was so pretty!!! And we sang more songs and just soaked in the atmosphere. I seriously wanted to go skinny dipping. But u don’t know what’s in that sea man…. HAHA Most of us slept by midnight I think cuz we were kinda tired. I wanted to get up early to watch the sunrise but I DIDNT 😦 but yeah went for a morning hike through the valley with Justin, Daniel and Stephanie. It was pretty crazy. We crossed the lake with a tree trunk, avoided really quick mud and like dug through these crazy paths. Haha had mud all over my legs. Then went back and went for a dip in the sea!! Felt good ^^ then the hitchhikers left first to hitchhike back to base but they had this nice guy bring them to this cave kinda lake which was pretty cool I wish I could go see it and swim in it too! Then Camilla, Stephanie, Daniel, Justin and I went hiking! Oh man going uphill was insane….. But it was a good workout yeah^^ imagined Sam hiking in the jungle HAHAHA we were kinda at the top of one of the valleys and we asked a local about where the route would take us and we realised there wasn’t much to see and it would be too far away/dangerous to get to somewhere nice. So we headed back!
Packed up our tent and had to hike all the way up again to the car oh gosh that was so tiring felt like dying HAHA it was such a steep hike up!!!
Then we stopped by Hivo again and got iced drinks while I got food for lunch^^ this coconut chicken curry wrap or something SO YUMMY :p then we went to explore another beach near hapuna beach. It’s called Samuel M. Spencer Beach Park which wasn’t as nice, it’s more of a family beach and there were like tables and BBQ pits and so many families just chillin there and the waves were very calm. Good place for families to chill! But we stayed there for maybe an hour then headed back to campus. Stopped by to get a car wash which was so intriguing for us girls HAHA it was interesting. Feels like you’re underwater. Came back in time for dinner and when I was resting in my bed after dinner yoshi came to my door to tell me there’s worship team rehearsal so I was OK leggooo (cuz there was wifi problems for awhile in the evening and I siewpin has been trying to contact me like cray when I went camping LOL and I couldn’t talk to sam:( haha) so we went to the piano room we rehearsed the set that Jason nettles out together it WA so fun and exciting! I loved how everyone blended and the sound we made together was so awesome 🙂 god is so amazing :):) we enjoyed ourselves so much we ended up spending two hours in that room haha 8-10pm. It was so so fun though and I feel so much passion now to like really go all out and really join a worship ministry and focus on worship. Did laundry and went to bed! I also called home with my friends phone cuz she has free intl calls to home numbers only which is pretty cool haha and talked to Katelyn a bit – mostly to tell her to tell mom I am ok. HAHA.

It was an awesome week 🙂 and things are just getting better. This is only the beginning 😉

God is good.


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