hearing his voice

This week is corporate week and our teacher is Dan Baumann. Every morning worship is in the ohana court and Shaun Feucht is leading worship. He’s so good at spontaneous worship. Dan told us his amazing testimony about his imprisonment in Iran. He wrote a book about it too so anyone can read about his story. The moral of the story was that Christian life is more about being sure about his character than being sure of his guidance as he gives us to the strength for us to step out and take risks. God is more committed to fulfil his will for your life than you are committed to find it. And he also taught dan a lesson about loving your enemy as he asked the main man who always tortured him to be his friend. It showed how there is no heart too hard for God as the man broke down and decided to be friends with him. Dan is such an eccentric man, as he told his stories he made it so funny and he’s just so hilarious. Btw he’s currently leading Awaken DTS!
After lunch was hiphop group dance then skateboarded with Gaby to Starbucks to get a frappe and some food at jack in the box. It’s so much faster to get around with a skateboard woot ^^ came back and went for insanity then singing class for soprano section 6-645pm. Took the shuttle to target and I went to Ross to shop w yoshi em rachel stacy daniel sungmin, bought 2 shirts and a sling bag. I’m still trying to find a nice satchel 😦 then rushed back for our roadtrip meeting. Decided that we are going to Oahu instead of Maui cuz we can also stay at Stacey’s house for the night! Can’t wait 🙂

Tuesday, Dan talked about going deeper with God. Feeling ready is overrated – when god calls us, we are ready! And one of the things dan said that spoke to me was that God knows everything, all the details of my life and how he wants to be a part of every part of my life. I want to depend on God for every part of my life. And also how we can’t desire hard times in order to learn about him. God will teach me about his character as long as I open my heart to him despite all circumstances.
I had one to one with Lexi, my small group leader and she asked me how things were and stuff. Haha we don’t really have much to talk about cuz I was busy eating and I had nothing much to tell her. But it was funny. The fan dance teacher was sick so I washed the dishes cuz it was left outside the whole weekend LOL so ahmaaa asked me to wash again. There was group dance at 330-5, had dinner then went to the campus fair for awhile to see all the booths promoting their programmes in YWAM KONA. The only secondary course I am interested in is School Of Worship. But idk i wanna go back to sg then see how it goes. I feel like God wants me to complete my education first. There was a lot of free food and stuff and the ice coffee at the learning centre booth was so yummy^^ em and I acted interested so we could get the iced coffee HAHA we barely see ice cubes here on campus 😦 deprived. Went for hula class then prayer room to prepare for our worship set! I was so nervous but it was good 🙂 we had fun and most of the time my eyes were closed and 1 hour passed real fast. We went 15mins overtime. The sad thing was I couldn’t really hear myself and everyone so I didn’t know how loud or softer I should be 😦 but ah we’ll it was fun and everyone in the room said it was good and the harmonies were good so yay 🙂 had debrief to talk about whatever stuff. Jason is only with us for 2 weeks before he leaves for his outreach and then we need another team leader 😦 and Ruth won’t be here next week so that’s kinda sad as next tues is the last time we will be jammin w Jason nettles. Chilled in yoshi and em’s room a bit before I went back to sleep. It was a loooong day.

I kinda skipped morning worship cuz I overslept heh and lexi had to come call us to go to ohana ASAP. In the afternoon Maria was telling us how DTS give us credits too and we can use these credits to get into some affiliated Christian universities and stuff like that. 12 creds each for lecture and outreach. And our punctuality/work duty/attitude etc affects 30% of our credits DAFUQ LOL I was kinda upset they had this system :(( in case maybe I might wanna use these credits to go to one of the universities! Anyway today’s class was more of Q&A and intimacy with God. We learnt that we should desire God more than any other desire of your heart in order to have greater intimacy with him. The greatest title we will ever be called is a son/daughter of God in this life :’) we shouldn’t live for the praise of men but life before the audience of one – god almighty.
Then we discussed about passion. It involves action, commitment and choice. Passion for God is based on what God did for us on the cross and not how or what we feel. We should surround ourselves with passionate people. Shame, being cool/obsession with entertainment and boredom keeps us from having passion. We shouldn’t feel shame as Jesus died on the cross that we may have victory over shame. Nobody cares about being cool and Jesus is so much more entertaining than anything else if we seek to experience him. God is also never ever boring, we gotta choose to refocus on him and we will be able to discover more about him. We must give ourselves grace for having days where we don’t feel passionate but no matter what kind of day we are having, we should always go to bed knowing he loves us and trust in his love and his character.
We ended early so we had worship again after the teaching. It was probably the funniest worship time ever!!! We all stood on the chairs to worship god and danced around. Then Shaun talked about soaring on wings like eagles. So we did the prophetic act by crowd surfing. It was so fun!!!! Everyone gathered to the front of the stage then we queued to crowd surf!!! Wheeeee ^^ we also made a long line and danced around the ohana court hahahaha anyway after lunch we continued testimony time. I’m so nervous to share my testimony idk why I don’t feel like opening up and also idk the right words to say and stuff. Really depending on the Holy Spirit when it’s my turn to share…. Only 10 of us left that haven’t shared our testimony. Suppsed to blog durin my free time but i procrastinated a usual. Went for insanity power cardio haha then singing class. Everyone was kinda restless and nayeon was PMS-ING. Took the shuttle to Walmart to eat Denny’s for supper with em, Daniel and sungmin!!! Yum had nana split, iced coffee, cheesecake and ice cream with fried pancake balls called pancake puppies. Went Walmart that had a nice walk back. I’m growing closer to Emilyn idk why but we can kinda click and I like that we can talk about deep stuff and we have a lot of common things to talk about and maybe we feel more comfortable with each other because she’s from Malaysia and I’m from SG so like yknw neighbours^___^ hehe but she’s such a sweet and lovely person I love her 🙂 during testimony time we prayed for each other to ask god to tell us what he wants us to tell the other party. And what she said was so encouraging like how he enjoys my company too and that Im a v independent and strong person that knows what I want and I’m still struggling to surrender and give my life and every aspect of it to God but I should just push on and open up my heart more and it will be a process but eventually she knows I will be able to give my life entirely to God and allow his will to really be done in my life.

Dan talked about hearing the voice of God. And we can hear him through our desires & logic etc. we should always guard against comparison with others who hear god differently and when we don’t hear God, we should just soak in his love for us. Dan also talked about failures and how momentary failures would not disqualify us from our destiny. The fact that staying close to god would allow us to hear his voice and easily recognise his voice (John 10:4/27) is really a motivation for me to want to grow closer to him so that I may hear his voice better/clearer. And we should always do something when we are seeking God for his will for us instead of sitting around and waiting. We also prayed for each other to have a heart that loves God and loves people 🙂 after lunch was group dance which was so sad as they put me in the back with other lousy dancers to be actors instead as I suck at hip hop 😦 I wish I was a good dancer :””(
Anyway now I’m finally blogging and I’m gonna leave this as a draft and post it when I’m totally done with this week!
Went down late for dinner cuz of this…. HAHA but I bought the Brazilian BBQ OMG SO YUMMY???? Gonna find a Brazilian BBQ in Sg to try with Sam when I’m back WOOOHOO can’t wait^^ oh man it was yummy the pork was so tender!!!! Then Gaby and I went to the kitchen to request for some pizzas cuz we were hungry beasts HAHAHA and yay we got pizzas! Then had ohana night! This ex lawyer from England talked to us today about the 7 spheres of influence. Pretty cool. I bet it was really good but I couldn’t pay attention cuz he was so serious and boring and deep… Sigh wasted :(((( but I kinda got the gist of it. He also said 50% of the world population lives in cities… Wow… Cool! Haha yuppp anyway worship was awesome cuz it was by my two favourite worship leaders!!! Bryce Anderson ( amazing voice) and Daniel Ma (so cute) LOL but damn^^ anyway I bought bryce’s album yay!! After ohana night we chilled and talked in ohana court a while, waited for break dance class to start. Em and yoshi ditched so only I went to learn. Some of Jason’s friends were there too some to watch and some to learn. Haha it was fun Jason taught me the basic footwork. And how I can turn all four sides. He’ll teach me more legit stuff the next lesson!!! He’s leaving next Friday for Kansas City 😦 but he’s awesome. Such a nice and friendly guy.

Maria talked to us about loving god and loving people and other admin stuff.
Did work duty then was supposed to go for Hula but I couldn’t find them so stayed in class and jammed instead. Sungmin taught me some guitar then Daniel came and taught me some guitar and drums too. Then dinner time Stephanie asked me if I wanted to follow her to go sheraton to watch the manta rays at night so we hitchhiked to sheraton hotel and it was so fun! Chilled at rays by the bay got a super nice drink and saw manta rays in the sea swimming!!! Explored the hotel and the pool was so awesome so we decided we will come back for their pool one day. Then we cabbed back!

Everyone had work duty :(((
Slept in then hitchhiked with steph gaby Caroline kaori hyunah and Fiona to the shopping centre near sheraton! Nothing much there but shopped around and bought Hawaiian BBQ for lunch then took the kona trolley/shuttle back in time for their work duty. Supposed to explore kona with Rachel but she was lazy so I left with my pennyboard to explore kona ^^ got my Starbucks then went tacobell and tookaway for my dinner later. Went to kona coast shopping centre where I spent an hour like in payless shoes store having difficulties deciding which shoes to buy. LOL but I got two sandals $7 and $15. Bought jamba juice and headed back to campus as the sun was setting. We had a mini dance party in the other girls’ common room then met Jason and yoshi at the cafe to jam a bit and Jason taught me some guitar chords and strumming too :):) I love the guitar!! Rly wanna get one when I’m back in Sg 🙂 then we went downtown for froyo and share abt how we ended up here.

Didnt go to church as i kinda overslept haha hitchhiked to magic sands beach with Fiona and WOAHHH the waves are the most scariest I almost died in one of them :0 need a boogieboard then it’ll be fun! I decided to stay on shore instead and fell asleep listening to my music (a usual) which is shioookz. Hitchhiked back as Fiona had work duty then stayed in the room just to cool down before leaving with Rachel to get Macs and Starbucks and she brought me to Ono Tattoo downtown to make my appointment etc! Then we walked back. Had a good time just getting to know her more and sharing with her my stories too. Came back for dinner and did laundry then we left at 8+ to walk to the cinema to watch Iron Man woohoo^^ it was so awesome I love it!!!!! Movie ended slightly after midnight then we cabbed back. Everyone crashedddd.

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