identity in christ

Okay so last week….
(Sorry I’ve been so busy I’m gonna try and be more active in my blogging)
Last week, we had Joseph Avakian teach us about Identity.

On monday,
Joseph talked about identity in Christ. He emphasised on the more we know God, the more we know ourselves because we are a reflection of God. I also learnt that everything we create us only a glimpse of god, whereas we are the fullness of god 😉 so it was kinda an intro he talked about his testimony etc! He’s a professional artist! He designed the ywam logo ^^

After lunch Stephanie, Gaby, Fiona and I decided to hitchhike to makalavena beach since we had nothing in the afternoon and it was like 9 miles away haha i was so tirrd i actually felt like shopping instead 😦 we had a rly hard time getting hitchhiked by people and the guy dropped us in the middle of nowhere and we walked the wrong route thinking it cld be a shortcut and this beach is less touristy and more hidden so we got lost in the middle of the lava rocks LMAO we went back in the end cuz we had to be back for singing and fan dance FML fail HAHAHA we literally were in the middle of rocks on nowhere. This guy picked us up and said he was going downtown so drove us all the way downtown and we just chilled at the beach by the pier which was okay. I was so tired I fell asleep. Was kinda disappointed we went so far and couldn’t find it 😦 went back to the tatt shop to confirm the tatts again HAHA at that time I was still thinking of which design I should get. I was so indecisive 😦 then got Starbucks and reached back in time for dinner.
That night I stayed up and when it was midnight I got to Skype Sam ^^ so that was the start of a good day :-*
Not to mention on Monday I already got wishes from everyone in Singapore cuz of the time different which was awesome my bday was so prolonged ;);) 48hrs bday woohoo!!

I was prepared not to expect anything at all or plan anything for myself as I was tired of being so disappointed on my bday all the time. Instead I was deciding to spend time in the prayer room on my bday.

woke up feeling officially 18 ^^
Joseph talked about the things that put us in a box. The masks that we wear in different situations.

The things that put us in a box consists of:

1) FEAR (phobia)
– fear is the result of obedience

– the standards that society sets

– even if people don’t criticise us, we criticise ourselves

– selfishness

– depression is a form of arrogance

– when there’s pressure, we default back to our old ways

Joseph told us only tmrw will he tell us how we can get out of this box. HAHA suffering…

During break they celebrated my bday and we all had an ice cream cone woot cuz I asked for ice cream instead of cake hehe this week was someone’s bday so everyday was a celebration ^^ I also asked Joseph is he could design a tattoo for me which would be pretty cool ^^ ill prob get it maybe when I’m back in oct not soon cuz I was getting one that day already.

After lunch we had to meet in the dance studio to try costumes for hula then try costumes for fan dance. After that went back to the room to chill in bed and took a nap and was still asking God WHICH TATTOO SHOULD I GET!!!! woke in time as everyone was contacting me as I was late for the prayer worship team meeting at the cafe. Grabbed my dinner and met them at the cafe practising. Was so tired… My appt was at 7pm so we ended at 630 and Gaby and Emilyn came with me downtown to get my tatt!!! I was so nervous OMG no idea how I did it… The place looked so sketchy but lexi recommended us to get it there…
Took about half an hour. Had to get the perfect place I wanted to tattoo blahblah then layed down and I grabbed gaby’s hand so so tight OMG it was painful…….. They say the ribs is one of the more painful parts to get a tatt… Chris my tatt artist told me that I should let the pain level like affect where I want it. Good advice I must say. This is permanent! The pain is temporary 🙂 it was a good choice 🙂 the outline was more painful than the colouring in. Oh man there was a point of time I wanted to cry I was like JESUSSS. And I just kept thinking of my reason behind getting this tattoo and the song “Alabaster Jar” kept replaying in my head. ‘Here I am, take me as an offering.” And there was a point in time when he was almost done I felt so overwhelmed I kinda teared. I felt in total surrender to him. That he can take my life and use it for his glory. I wanted to make this decision on y birthday. That from now on, after 18 years of wandering, I’m ready to return to my father, I’m ready to serve, my eyes have finally been opened. Got the tattoo for 50 bucks 🙂 got ice cream at cafe de pele effort heading back just in time for prayer room set!! I felt it wasn’t as good as last week as I didn’t know almost all the songs and we had little preparation! But nevertheless I enjoyed worshipping god. He sees our heart and that’s all that matters 🙂 I was happy I could end my bday on a note that I could give it back to God. Then yoshi asked me to follow her to her room and she gave me a slice of cake :’) such a sweetie. I love her thank god for people like yoshi :’) Sarah also gave me some advice on my new tattoo etc which was awesome I rly needed to know aftercare for tatts.

Joseph talked about getting out of the box.
Fear with agape love
Comparison with identity
Criticism with exhortation
Egoism with generosity
Arrogance with humility
Control with freedom

After lunch was testimony time and omg there was 15mins left and Maria was like Estelle come share! I was like omg… Did not expect…. Was so unprepared. My eyes were still kinda watery from Sarah’s touching testimony. I don’t rly rmb what I said I think I just let the spirit lead me and I rly don’t rmb….. I was just crying a lot… LOL but yeah after that I was so relieved I finally told my testimony. Had hula class after then singing~

Joseph summed up our identity. That we must recognise our place. We are royal, warriors, lovers and priests.

After lunch, I was free the whole afternoon so I hitchhiked with Stephanie, Gaby and charis to swim/chill at sheraton! This guy that picked us was so free he brought us to the end of the world which was near sheraton and steph and charis cliff jumped which was awesome ^^ I can’t swim cuz of my tatt 😦 SOBZ then we walked to sheraton and they swam while I chilled. Came back in time for ohana night. This lawyer guy spoke! His word was so profound and boring though I was falling asleep. But I got the gist that he was talking about the 7 spheres of influence and how we can bring Christians to penetrate every sphere to change the world. Which is so awesome ^^ went down to cafe de pele with yoshi, em and christina to grab some ice cream.

Maria invited this IT guy to talk to us for an hour. He invented some 3D thingy. He also has this app for children called funible HAHA super cute he showed us how to use it. Then Maria talked abt admin etc.

After lunch I was free again. But others wanted to do their own thing so I left the campus to do some solo shopping ^_^ got Starbucks first (happy hour) then it started raining I was like OMG WHYYY so I went to Walmart to take shelter as rain doesn’t last long here in Hawaii but it wasn’t stopping and I’ve walked around the whole store! So I bought an umbrella and walked to Macy’s haha by the time I reached there it was like 4/5? Then shopped around damn I was going crazy I know the whole shop now. It’s like the smallest Macy’s I’ve ever seen though! One level only! Then was supposed to wait for the rest to take the shuttle here and we were going to catch great gatsby but we decided to go on Saturday instead. So I rushed to the cashier at 750 and omg had to run all the way to target it was madness as I had to catch the last shuttle at 8pm! But I made it ^^ the shuttle made two rounds as there were too many people woot. Met the rest there too 🙂 then chilled in mah room.

We met 9am at the flags and it was PADTS beach BBQ outing to hapuna beach!!! WOOHOO ^^ it was rly fun! The school bus was so vintage and they have us the morning to have fun at the beach while the guys were cooking the Korean BBQ for lunch which was SO AMAZING. so yummy oh gosh I was in love damnn. I was kinda sad cuz everyone was in the water having fun whilst I’m stuck on land getting a bad suntan. HAHA so I went back to the sheltered area and chilled with the rest of the girls hiding from the sun. Then we left arnd 3pm to Hilton hotel just to tour the place. WOW it is HUGE. you have to drive around. But they brought us to the shopping area where there’s this like mini train that goes around the area. So we took it but it was rly boring. Then we went to see the waterfall at this huge salt water pool area which looks like ya part of the sea but it’s in the hotel like WTF HAHA then we saw dolphins!!! So poor thing though they’re like caged 😦 people can pay to swim w them and stuff. But so sad 😦 they should be swimming freely in the ocean! But man they’re so cute swimming around 🙂 then we got back to campus by dinner time. Went to watch the sunset at cafe de pele with yoshi and em. It is such a nice location downtown to just chill and hear the waves and watch the sun set. We had a nice girls talk and stuff 🙂 HTHT 🙂 I love these two girls. Then walked back by like 8smth and found out the other girls have left for the movie without me because they thought I left without them. HAHA they were chillin at Starbucks so I courageously left the campus at night, in the rain alone to meet then at Starbucks. Thank god for his protection 🙂 then we took a cab to the theatre as it was raining pretty heavily. The great gatsby was awesome^^ damn leonardo di caprio is so charming in the movie I was like WAAAT SO OLD ALR dang still so good looking. Came back by like 1am and couldn’t sleep/upset there was no wifi :(((

There was no wifi so it was so hard to contact the others that aren’t in my room about our plans today. So steph told me she’s gg solid rock then well go to the beach but I couldn’t find here anywhere so like long story cut short, I was gonna go to solid rock myself but I didn’t wanna go myself then kaori said she’ll come with me so we walked there not rly knowing where exactly it is but we found our way ^^ was a bit late but found mirjam yoshi em there etc. Enjoyed their Mother’s Day service and was walking to Macy’s with yoshi em and kaori. Was gna go to kona commons (opp Macy’s) to get some lunch but yoshi and em wanted to go Macy’s and go home cuz it was hot and so far. So kaori followed me and we found awesome stuff there. We ate at Panda Express woot missed asian food. Then there was genki sushi, ultimate burger, Dairy Queen etc. can’t wait to try the genki sushi there soon!! We shopped at some shop I was in there for a while so kaori went to Ross then we checked out sports authority before heading to target to get starbucks(last day of happy hour) then to Macy’s. walked around Macy’s I think I alr bought whatever I wanted the last time (spent $150 there alr FML) but I bought this BCBG black and gold bracelet which said FEARLESS. I love it! Then kaori had a good time shopping haha. We then went to Safeway and wanted to go to this organic foods shop beside it but was closed so we went Safeway. Then walked all the way BAK in the rain. I was kinda dying carrying Mah heavy stuff haha but we survived!!! God was good. Almost everytime we pressed the pedestrian light, it would immediately turn on to let us cross ^^ then went back downtown in the rain with em and yoshi to cafe de pele to chill and I bought sushi at Safeway cuz we didnt eat dinner yummm^^ it was a good week. Kaori is super cute. She told me she was praying on Saturday that she rly waned to shop on Sunday and she was praying that god will give her someone to go shopping with her! How cute! I needed someone too 🙂 so awesome God cares for every detail in our life 🙂

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