We are powerful, spiritual beings

This week is Arleen Bradford teaching us on the Holy Spirit.

She introduced herself and told us a bit of her testimony etc. she introduced us to the Holy Spirit and how important it is to understand the Holy Spirit. I liked how relevant the Holy Spirit is now in the 20th century where the current culture stresses the experiential and it’s the through the Holy Spirit that we can experience God. People are tired of merely listening they really gotta experience it for themselves. She also talked about the Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testament. Our brains need to be submitted to the lordship of the Holy Spirit which is why we feel the spirit in our hearts and not our minds. Jesus never meant for us to have faith without feeling 😉

Did laundry and after lunch we practised fan dance without the teacher, Tina, idk where she was. Practised hula at ohana court then lepaked and had singing lessons. Singing lessons was fun till the last half an hour when we had some drama cuz nayeon, the teacher, was super insensitive and I got really angry at her insensitive remarks that maybe im not ready etc and I cried in class LOL but it only made me stronger 😉 (ill tell u why when I reach Wednesday) wanted to go for ministry night but after the drama I needed to cool down etc. then just went to bed earlyyyy-ish.

Arleen felt that the Holy Spirit wanted her to ditch her notes for half the morning and to do some practical stuff. So she prophesied to some people. Then after break she talked about the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The impt thing was that manifestations of the Holy Spirit doesn’t determine your level of spirituality. And manifestations happen because often God will offend our minds in order to reveal what’s in our heart.
1) speaking in tongues
2) joy
3) falling/weightiness
4) fire/heat
5) weeping/shaking
6) drunkeness
7) wind

After lunch was rehearsals for finale scene then group dance. Took a super long nap I almost missed dinner. It was rainy like crazy so I brought food up then i had prayer set rehearsals at 7pm but I thought the cafe was closed and if we at outside it’s raining! So I waited in my room for them to reply me only at like 745pm yoshi replied they’re at the cafe and it was actually open zzzzzzz so I went there and they just ended -__- I chilled in the classroom playing the guitar then we met again at 830pm just before our set to go through the songs. Yoshi and I miss Jason. We preferred his song choice and leadership 😦 but it’s okay we believe in dan. He’s a super visionary guy! The next prayer set he’s getting another vocalist and pianist to join us.

Arleen talked about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. What happens during the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the in-dwelling Holy Spirit in us, bubbles up and meets with the outpouring spirit externally. In the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the entire personality of the believer is surrounded and enveloped in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. If we don’t feel the Holy Spirit that lives in us, we can actually activate it through the speaking of tongues.
We can receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit by:
• hearing and understanding
• believing in your heart
• speakin with the mouth
• action

After lunch we had testimony time, almost everyone is done giving their testimonies! I had to leave in the middle of em’s testimony cuz I had ministry time with Arleen. Arleen prophesied over me which was so good! Although I did kinda expect/wish i got more 😦 but I’m satisfied thank you Jesus ^^ I recorded an audio of the whole prophesy part so that’s awesome 🙂
I think I took a nap after testimony OMG I’ve been so tired this week i have no idea why!! Haven’t been waking early to get to work duty at 730am instead I miss the activities from 8-830am heh. Anyway had dinner then singing class^^ and I totally owned my solo part. Everyone was like U GO GURLL!! HAHAHA so funny she had nothing to say. She needs Jesus lah. She has issues. Anyway rushed to Walmart with Carly cuz em ditched. I just needed to get water and body soap as I ran out of both! Withdrew money too. Then came back and went prayer room to soak in Gods presence and like I have so many prayer requests… :/ so many people I am praying for!

Arleen taught us prophecy and we got to practise on each other too. It’s criminal to live cautiously, take risks everyone! What really spoke to me is that the devil will oppose you in the areas that you are called for to discourage us from walking the path we are called to walk. Which means I should focus on those areas as I know it must be a threat to the devil. How cool 😉
Prophecy is merely turning the dial to pick up on the frequency that God is speaking at. What’s impt abt prophecy is we can’t make god say what we want him to say.
The purposes of prophecy is to encourage, comfort and build others up.

And we can handle prophetic words by:
1) recording it
2) writing it down
3) praying abt it
4) testing it
5) sharing w spiritual advisors
6) wage warfare in prayer with your prophecies until you see them fulfilled

Manu people fail to recognise that there is a process to get to that futur/prophetic word to be fulfilled and thus cant step into their destiny.

There are actually 3 levels of authority in the prophetic:
1) spirit of prophecy
2) gift of prophecy
3) prophetic office

If u haven’t realised this day has the most notes. I did not elaborate at all! Heh but it’s like the main points lah.

After lunch was fan dance and Tina bought us all smoothies from macs awww it was so good 🙂 she’s the sweetest! After that was the finale rehearsal again then I took a nap and missed dinner LOL so went for ohana gathering w an empty stomach 😥
I forgot the name of the lady who spoke at the gathering but I know she was working with Reinhard bonke in South Africa! So that must have been pretty radical. Omg I can’t rmb what she talked about…. I think about answering gods call and god is always there for us, we don’t have to worry. Just obey and he will provide. Then at the end was altar call and so many went up (including me) and wow the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. After that we stayed around talking then I spent the rest ot the night trying to finish blogging for last week.. HAHA finally did. Btw Daniel Ma left for Thailand today 😦

Arleen talked about spiritual gifts.
This week really opened my eyes up to the spiritual realm and now I feel so much closer to the Holy Spirit as it really is my teacher and now I understand the Holy Spirit so much better. After lunch was group dance then finale rehearsals but I wasn’t in it so steph asked me if I wanted to follow her to the pier to chill by the beach^^ so we went and spent the afternoon chillin there 🙂 we both took a nap hahaha then came back in time for dinner and to get ready for our girls night out with the small group ^^

It was awesome seeing everyone all dolled up for this 😉 lexi drove us in the huge ywam van that sits about 14-15 people HAHA so we went downtown being crazy singing in the car and had dinner at kona inn restaurant! Ordered a yummy steak sandwich LOL didnt eat the read just ate the steak HAHA then we went to the bowling alley which was sooo awesome! It’s like rly dark and there’s all these lights and they were playing pop music while showing the MV on all the screens. Super cute made me miss Kbox kinda cuz we were singing and dancing while bowling/waiting for our turn it was fun I rly enjoyed myself 🙂 I got a strike!!!!!!! The rest of my tries rly sucked though 😥 but it was so fun! We had couches instead of like in Sg it’s plastic seats but couches so comfy so we could chill and dance crazy haha girls night out!!!! Did two games then we head back at around 11pm and lexi claimed she was drunk in the Holy Spirit and she started driving without any hand on the wheel we were like screaming and singing HAHA OMG thank god w’ere alive! We soooo wanted to go chunky dunking but jake came to join us 😦 so lexi said we’ll go another day! So excited^^ btw lexi said she remembers skinny dippin like three times and another two she doesn’t rmb (drunk) WTH LOL HAHA
The others had work duty the next day so we all crashed.

Saturday, slept in till the rest finished work duty then we met at the flags right after to hitchhike to makalawena beach. There was some miscommunication so we left like 20mins later after waiting around. Then we walked all the way to the highway when some f the girls got tired of walking cuz no one picked us up yet 😦 and they wanted to just go to a beach so they left us to go to the pier. A few mins after they left, with only steph, alexandra, daniel and I left, a car stopped for us. They were gg to get their friend from the airport and head to kua bay. They dropped us at kua bay and we hitchhiked again by this man called Dimitri from Bulgaria. He’s super awesome he drove us all the way in to the beach. He even offered to pick us up and send us back as he was gna go back to kona after his 45mins of work he has to do. So we agreed. We don’t know what beach this as makalawena beach is a 20min hike in or only four wheel drives can enter. But this beach was very close to it and he said its good. And it was! Super prettyyy like a beach in the middle of nowhere. We even saw a turtle just swimming w the waves~ super cute!! He was getting tossed in the waves towards the shore. The waves were really nice and longer than others and also calmer. We chilled there from about 1130 to 1230pm (we would have to leave now if dimitri wasnt driving us a lift as hitchhiking is very unpredictable and steph and daniel needed to get back for work duty) when steph wanted to go hike to the beach beside this one. So we hiked through the crazy rocks for about 25mins till we reached this beach which is I think part of a hotel? It was so pretty! We could only stay for 5mins then we had to head back as it was 1smth already and we arrange to meet Dimitri at the carpark at 230? So we hike back along the coast instead of into the scary rocks which really scared me cuz the lava rocks are so sharp and not smooth at all it’s as if the rock as thorns I was so scared I would fall as the rocks were everywhere and it was so imbalanced. Anyway thank god he protected me and I didn’t fall or hurt myself. Even putting my hand on a too to like manoeuvre around the rocks already hurt. It was like prickly I don’t even know HAHA but yea head back and Dimitri invited us to his hotel the next day but we felt it was kinda unsafe and sketchy so we just said well see how. He sent us all the way back to campus by 225pm as we left at 2pm (he came to the beach so early…) so I chilled and took a nap and did random stuff till like dinner at 5pm and I helped out to set up whatever else they needed for the fundraising party at 730pm as the rest still had workduty. Then talked w people and chilled till da partay. There was nails, massage, haircuts, Brazilian desserts, video games and mocktails. I helped steph w the mocktails and just hung around. Got Mah nails painted by kallayah and Olivia gave me a massage. Haha it was so good. Then it ended around 11pm when we went back and crashed.

Slept in till the rest finished work duty again then walked to solid rock w yoshi and em. Stopped by macs to get a fish fillet cuz I was super hungry I need to make an effort to wake for bfast grrrr. Service was rly good. Talked about the authority of the believer which I felt was kind of a repetition for me as in the earlier weeks of DTS, pastor Michael already emphasised on that. But pastor tex definitely have more insights and it helped emphasise how much authority we actually have as a believer and child of God. We have authority over all powers and principalities.

Peter gave us a lift back to campus right after service although I wanted to walk around and explore but never mind~ haha came back to lepak and took a nap too. Then like everyone went for work duty and I couldn’t find Rachel so I walked back to solid rock to explore that area as there are many shops around there! It was a bit scary cuz I was alone and some people would stare HAHA but it’s quite fun I love shopping alone anyway. I don’t wanna be a burden to anyone. Bumped into kristina and christina in sack and save. We went to eat musuji together and mochi ices cream at coffee bean! Then they left for Walmart while I stayed as I wanted to explore sack and save thoroughly. Then I left the place around 6pm trying to reach back in time for dinner that ends at 630pm. But I came back at like 640 HAHA which didnt matter cuz I bought dominos cinnastix and had one musuji left. Super yummy. Musuji is like a big piece of sushi. But they don’t put sashimi on it instead there’s like SPAM HAM or tempura prawn or chicken or whatever on a big piece of rice and rolled in seaweed. The spam ham is the yummiest but unhealthy also. Anyway so I came back and the rest just finished work duty. Gaby and Fiona wanted to go night swimming so I went with them to the pool. Which I think is damn dirty so I just chilled by the pool eating my food hehe. It was a rly cooling night to chill by the pool 🙂
Then came back and yupppp that’s my week 🙂

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