kingdom sexuality

This week was on KINGDOM SEXUALITY with Kenny Jackson, Maria Jackson (our PADTS leader) wife^^

Kenny talked about Kingdom Sexuality. I would say it was one of my favourite week of lessons because I liked his philosophy on things and he really proved how universally important marriage is, especially in the world today with gay rights etc.

Wow this week had gotta be the week I’ve written the most amount of notes so I can’t possibly talk about everything cuz kenny’s teachings are really very thorough and in-depth. But just a heads up, you can find everything I’m about to talk about in his book “Get married for christ’s sake!” But nevertheless ill provide the most impt points that have impacted me.

At the start of the lesson, we had to make a decision whether or not we will embrace truth even if we disagree with it.

One of my fav verses that Kenny mentioned: ‘Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. ‘ Romans 12:2

He told us there are 3 of the most important questions you should ask yourself that if we can answer correctly, we’re definitely on the right path.
1) who is Jesus?
2) what do you believe to be the truth about sin?
3) how important is marriage? (Everyone was so shocked that this is one of the three most impt qns)

Marriage is of universal importance.
And because the bible is the most reliable source, it should be the biblical standard on how society should function sexually. (Genesis 2:24)

Today’s biggest threats to the future of marriage are:
1) homosexuality
2) divorce
3) co-habitation
4) the ‘dating game’

•society is lowering the importance of marriage

When Kenny asked for the definition of dating, nobody could give the right answer/people disagreed with each others definition. It was crazy and frustrating! But Kenny gave us his definition: the weakly defined boyfriend/girlfriend relationship category is emotionally risky because its difficult, if not impossible to define, especially where marriage is not somehow part of the equation.

Wow. Or simply, dating is two people pretending like they’re married but they’re not.
Yup so this have us a lot to think about. The universal importance of marriage. This week was indeed very philosophical and interesting!

After lunch, we had joyful joyful dance rehearsal then singing after dinner. It was nayeon’s second last day teaching us wooop.

Kenny started the lesson by giving us a facts quiz and after that he told us how two dangerous concepts were introduced into public education in the late 1960s: 1) ‘question everything’ & ‘there are no absolutes’.

There is a formula that can help u throughout your life to make choices:
70% truth + 30% lie = 100% rejectable
This shows how the enemy works with some form of truth, never a complete lie. But we should never be fooled.

There is a difference between NORMAL VS GODLY.

There is more to a reason why people should get married. Not just because they love each other and it benefits themselves but it’s the redemption of all that was lost in the garden. It’s like teaming up with God in the marriage to destroy the works of the devil. Wow… this definitely opened my eyes.

If we want to change the world, it starts from Marriages -> Individuals -> family -> community -> state/province -> nation -> world!!

Gods not just populating the earth, he’s populating the heavens.

Kenny gave this very useful ‘8 steps to sexual sin’:

Step 1: we SEE, and we like what we see (attraction – only a sin if you have lustful thoughts)

Step 2: we CHOOSE to engage in CASUAL COMMUNICATION or CONVERSATION with the person we find attractive. (Only a sin when we disobey the voice of The Lord)

Step 3: we CHOOSE to spend TIME together publicly

Step 4: we AGREE/DECIDE to spend EXCLUSIVE TIME ALONE together

**** the SIN question VS the WISDOM question
Wisdom (proverbs 3:13) – the fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Reverence for God and who he is, recognise he sees you and you would want to do what pleases him.
Thus it’s no longer about considering if something’s a sin or not as we already do know whats right and wrong. But instead we should consider if it’s wise or unwise. As the wisdom question deals with the heart not actions.

Step 5: we COMMUNICATE or somehow CONFIRM our ATTRACTION for each other: “I love you!” And we TELL others that we are OFFICIALLY boyfriend or girlfriend. We DECIDE to ACT on our mutual desire for TOUCHING and CLOSENESS. (Hand-holding, hugging)

Step 6: we CHOOSE to AGREE to ACT ON our mutual desire for MORE INTIMATE TOUCHING

Step 7: a SWITCH inside both people takes place in which AROUSEL begins to LEAD OUR ACTIONS more than reasons and rationale. Hormones & sexual response reflexes (god designed machinery) are almost in total control of our behaviour. (Stopping at this point is not impossible but extremely difficult, un-natural & frustrating) something in our mind says “we have gone this far, we might as well go all the way”

Step 8: we go ALL THE WAY. sexual intercourse. (If stopping at step 7 was difficult, un-natural, & frustrating, stopping here is as close to impossible as you are likely to get)


I think about how Sam and I got together. We definitely made some unwise decisions. I wish we could have done things a bit differently, slightly wiser and godlier. But we learn from our mistakes! And now I know 🙂

• there is a biblical way to interact with human beings we’re not married to – 1 Timothy 5:1-2!!!!!!!!

After lunch was fan dance class then hula practise and hula again after dinner. Dreaded going for prayer set rehearsal after hula as Danny got 2 more girls to join. A pianist and ANOTHER singer. So we have 4 girl singers? So many for what…… I felt like I didn’t need to be there…. Zzzz yoshi wasn’t feeling well so it was 3 of us girls singing. But still…. But the new girl is nice. She’s Georgia from New Zealand. Super beautiful girl 🙂 then had prayer set which was rly weird I felt like I couldn’t focus on God cuz Danny’s song choice is like mehhh and old fashioned hymns-___- during debrief Ruth just told Danny straight that she doesn’t like hymns and I was like yeah me too…. HAHA he was really oops LOL and how it was hard to communicate w him when we were led by the spirit to sing a chorus/bridge but Danny was too caught up in himself…. Hope next week is better. Yoshi and I miss Jason nettles 😦 he was such an awesome worship leader.
After that I rushed to the common room as we had a meeting for the trip to Oahu next weekend!! Awyeaaa^^ can’t wait!

I was so thankful when kenny felt led to pray for those in a relationship as I really was getting kind of confused and fearful of like if I’m not doing something right or whatever. So he prayed for clarity for the future and his vision for my life and if lines have been crossed that it will be restored again. Kenny talked about the 14 different Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). He also discussed about the normality of an issue increases as the stigma of the issue decreases. And he showed us this shocking book called Alfred Kingsley’s report where this guy wrote books about his research regarding homosexuality and stuff like that. However it was all done in such an evil way wow. All lies. Go look it up. Watch”the kinsley syndrome” cuz many millions believed him and that changed the perspective of homosexuality from then on.

After lunch was our last session for testimonies then we had group dance and singing practise.

I remembered what Maria said about how timing is important and that if we really love someone, well step back and let them focus on gods so that god can train them up to who they should become.
Kenny talked about the 21st century homosexuality, facts about homosexuality eg theres no such thing as a “gay gene”, why Christians are confused about homosexuality & why the church’s typical response to homosexuality is alienating and more harmful than helpful.

We had finale rehearsal after lunch followed by ohana gathering! Suzie spoke again and at the end she asked who wanted to be anointed and we all went up to be anointed by one of the leaders. They put the oil on our foreheads and prayed for us. Kenny anointed me! Idk why all the Padts people went to kenny hahaha. Then went for forgo supper w Carolina, SM, Daniel, Olivia, Emily and geeha.


Kenny addressed the important issue of pornography. It is unfair as it is really taking advantage and playing on what god has designed in us. He talked about why its so addictive, the truth about pornography that it is merely an illusion/counterfeit of reality. is a really good website to help people overcome their addictions.

Kenny also showed us the pathway to freedom. We are either the victim or pleasure seeker. And how we can respond to these circumstances in a godly manner. So the last half an hour we had time with god to ask god which one we are, to reveal the root problem and what god feels about it/ just a time to talk to him.

After lunch we had a rehearsal for the whole production. Then we skipped campus dinner to go to genki sushi w em and Yoshi. It was rly yummy! But the food wasn’t that great 😦 and not cheap either. Went target then took the shuttle back. Then went downtown w em to get ice cream. Walked all the way to Scandinavian shave ice to find they didn’t even sell mint chocolate today -__- found out lava java sold so many varieties of ice cream and even the one Ee were craving for – mint choc! We were so elated HAHAHA the manager was laughing at us for being so excited. So we got ice cream and sat on the wall that speedster the road from the ocean as we talked and heard and felt the ocean waves crashing onto the shore. It was an awesome time of htht 🙂

Today is global outreach day! Bu I forgot HEH. Left early in da morning w Gaby and steph to makalawena beach. We finally found it after I think 3 attempts!!! Had to hike down to the beach from the highway which was about 40mins hike. But it was so beautiful! It’s probably my favourite beach! So huge and empty and I moved swimming in the waters there. So calm and clear and empty!!!
Hiked back up when it started to rain but god was good and in 5 mins a car stopped for us and they were from YWAM which meant we can get a lift straight back to campus 🙂 then I bathed and took a walk with Rachel to the shops near solid rock (instead of our plan to go to queens market place as its really far) as I had to buy hello kitty tatts and I wanted to look around too! We talked and stuff and I tried my best to encourage Rachel as she has been feeling pretty heavy recently. treated her to spam musubi and boba tea!! Then we head back in time for dinner. After dinner was open mic night at the banyan tree cafe. But I was having PMS and also it wasn’t that fun as I don’t know so many people !!! Sigh : ( so I left and went to emo in the classroom w the guitar. Then cried myself to sleep at like 9/10pm as I rly had to sleep the PMS feeling away.

Didn’t go to solid rock as Emilyn never replied me then later I found out she overslept and didn’t go cuz at first I thought she left to church without me. Haha. Cuz of my PMS and everyone had work duty/ nobody called me out so I stayed in the room the whole day just sleeping away the loneliness and shit HAHA and like yeah honestly just rolling around waiting for someone to invite me to their adventure w them. Did my laundry and most of the time sleeping and waking. Started raining when I was finally awake so I went to sit at the balcony and decided to talk to god and organise my life too/blog. But that wasn’t v productive as I was listening to Christian music and getting distracted haha. Then I think I was more productive at night, i was packing my area etc wishing I had packed and organised in the day as I had so much time…. LOLZ datz my week! 🙂

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