making him known


This week is corporate week about MAKING HIM KNOWN! We got a booklet for this week’s lessons which has rly good notes in it to support the lectures this week. Missed the lecture on Monday but I think in summary it’s about being courageous in evangelism and rebuking timidness! So today we cleared the way of non-love or junk that was standing in our way of evangelism as love Is the very driving force behind every Christians life. So we rebuked fear and passivity in our lives. We shouldn’t worry about what we can’t do but what the power of the Holy Spirit can do through us. And we have to be ourselves as god made us to be this way.

After lunch I was so tired, despite knowing we have finale rehearsal the whole afternoon, I told them to tell Maria that I’m not feeling well as I was really tired and I fell into deep sleep throughout the whole afternoon till like 5pm when it was dinner time. Went for dinner then singing class. Was still feeling kinda discouraged like I’m at the back and not doing a solo but I gotta trust god! Then had fan dance practise at 630-7pm and joined back singing till 715 then rushed to awaken classroom to join the rest for prayer set rehearsal. Enjoyed the prayer set that night as I was more comfortable with the songs and we all took turns to sing out psalm 138. Super fun and I stepped out in faith and sung ^^ I enjoyed that 🙂 it was the last time singing a prayer Set with Yoshi and Ruth 😦 Daniel said next week I gotta sing a song yay it’ll be exciting! Can’t wait 🙂

We practised and memorised the gospel as the more expert we are on the basic gospel, the more we can improvise on that. So we (tried) memorising Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9-10 and Romans 5:1

And we practised speaking it on each other and evangelising to each other.

Then we also dealed with the sin of unbelief.

The way to overcoming unbelief is faith. Faith pleases god and we should walk as risk takers!!! We should step out in faith by his word and not by our assumption.

After lunch i packed my area and clothes then had fan dance rehearsal from 3-4pm (and em came back from malaysia!!!) followed by finale rehearsal from 4-5 then I went for insanity from 5-545, grabbed dinner and rehearsed joyful joyful from 6-7. Maria took me out from the front put me in the back so i exchanged spot with brianna soo was like wtf….. couldnt pay attention after that and refused to kinda do the steps properly cuz i started feeling like so replaceable and like so calefare in this whole production as I thought of the singing thing too and is made me feel so discouraged and upset. Then Mia called me out when we were nearing the end of rehearsal and talked to me. She said that Maria is not happy with me and she might wanna pull me out for the hula piece cuz of my face or something… And she thinks it might be an attitude problem just cuz I look like I don’t care and shit…. I was like what….. I put in effort for hula… And she told me just try to look more interested and happy idk HAHA then Maria came out and called Mia as they were leaving and she didn’t even look at me…. So I kept questioning why can’t Maria tell that to me for herself? Why make her 17 yr old daughter do that? Anyway Em waited for me to finish joyful dance rehearsal then we went to target w steph and Fiona cuz we had to catch up. Thought we missed the last shuttle as we took our time but just as we left target, the shuttle just turned in. God is good ^^ and steph and Fiona were there waiting too 🙂 went to em’s room and we finally got to properly catch up with her at the balcony as today was pretty packed and we didn’t have time to talk 😦 so that was good! Happy to have her back ☺

Today was the last day of corporate week and it was focusing on outreach groups’ unity and agreement and bonding. Was feeling really down and tired today for some reason. Just felt like I couldn’t be bothered yet my spirit kept trying to keep me alert and make sure I digest what’s going on.

Yoshi was flying back to la today so we all said goodbye to her during break time 😥 but we’ll see her again in sept when we go to LA!

Learnt that Humility is the fuel for encouragement and we should always and live our life putting others before ourself. Also blessing others and being radical servants – that no job is too low for us.

At the end we had praise and worship and I felt much better. Idk why but I felt so much better just being close to Emilyn too. It brought peace in my heart when she came to me during break time.

After lunch,
Chilled in the room and used my phone (youtube heh) and took a nap till joyful song rehearsal at 330-4. Took a rest again and went to wake up Emilyn who was sleepin haha. Went for dinner then ohana night gathering. Daniel Lehman a worship leader from YWAM spoke. When our flesh screams to run, we should follow our spirit. And every situation in life is simply an opportunity for god to train us from glory to glory. And it was also graduation ceremony for the YWAM kids graduating high school! Mia Jackson was one of them. Em and I were wondering why it’s such a big deal here cuz it’s only high school… LOLZ

Went downtown to lava java to get supper w em, steph and olivia 🙂 sat by the ocean and talked~ then we head back as I had to finish BLOGGINN and yeah had many things to do and I want to sleep early!! Been so tired…

had small group in the morning (had to ask around what we did cuz I totally forgot its been a week..HEH) we just talked about how’s things and what we’ve learnt and stuff like that. Then went to the dance studio to rehearse.

After lunch, we practised the whole production in the dance studio i think.. Then had fan dance rehearsal and after fan dance, Tina asked if we wanted to go to Burger King or macs for dinner treat. Em and I actually planned on going to hayashi’s for dinner ! So we told Tina and she said she could bring us there for a treat too! So she drove us downtown and we went and got some yummy sushi. Tina had to leave once our food came as she had to go work 😦 Emilyn was so happy she finally got to try hayashi’s haha. Then Charis, em and I went to cafe de pele to watch the sunset and chill 🙂 the sunset was so pretty and we took so many pictures.. Asians.. HAHAHA

Went back and omg the campus was so happening. There was a grad party at the flags, a masquerade night at the pavillion and another grad party in ohana court. Took the shuttle to target/Walmart (forgot which) with em then came back and cuz we were all invited to the masquerade night so I went there to find the other girls ! It was pretty crazy. Hahaha had
A dj booth and two DJs, one was Jeff and they were alternating. Everyone was dancing and jumping around and singing to the awesome music ~ haha ended about 9ish cuz we can’t disturb the dorm rooms near the pavillion cuz the music was srsly loud. Never seen my friends dance so hard HAHA it was kinda weird… but fun 🙂 God is a fun god awyeaah^^ only spent less than an hour there cuz I was busy. Jeff told me the dj set was his and i told him to teach me and he said on his next shift I can learn but I went up too late and he said its already ending so he said he’ll teach me next time … 😦 got a headache even before I went to the masquerade party so when it ended I went back to em’s common room and rested there. Kept saying that ill move into their room since Yoshi was gone :p HAHA I wish I could 😦
That night, sam was really stressed and it didn’t help that there was some tension on the lmg chat that started from me questioning why sou wanted to crash mel hoay’s bday. And it was really a spiritual attack as I felt my faith being tested. But I remembered the verse that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but we are fighting against the rulers/authorities/powers of this dark world & spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. So I really cried out to God for strength and that I want to stand firm in my faith and not be shaken. Because this situation is nothing compared to the other situations I could be tested in for my faith and I know they will come and I really want to be prepared for those times.

Met 10am at the busstop as we decided to go visit four seasons hotel – the best hotel on big island ^^ found out how convenient the bus was and we all paid 1 dollar for the ride but saw other ywamers simply flashed their campus ID LOL we fail. The four seasons resort was AMAAAZINGGG!! So pretty and there were different pools and beaches as the resort was along the coast. It really is a getaway in itself as you don’t have to leave this place.. It’s like good enough. Haha found a spot at the beach and we all layer our beach mats and chilled. Tanned awhile, swam in the sea awhile then went to swim in the infinity type pools and warm jacuzzi^^ so awesome 🙂 explored even more and tried to walk all the way to the park area but realised its really quite far and we ha to catch the last bus. Saw quite a few turtles :p caught the bus and stopped at makalapua shopping centre where we went to Macy’s to shop and decided to go watch Now You See Me at 7pm ^^ so we shopped then went to get ultimate burger for dinner and brought it into the theatre. The movie was really flashy I was expecting more deep stuff like The Prestige but no 😦 still kinda cool though haha went to KMART to buy a sweater cuz I was cold and I needed one! Walked back to campus and crashed.

Em and I decided to skip church to go the the beach. So we went to the bus stop to wait for the bus with gaby, steph and Alexandra then gaetan asked if the bus even comes on Sunday and we were like omg…. Fml… So we walked to the highway omg in the hot sun to hitchhike… Nobody wanted to pick 5 of us up… 😦 waited like an hr+? So we gave up as it was like 11+/noon alr and went to the pier beach. It was so hot and dead so em and I decided to go back and try hitch hiking again esp cuz it’s only two of us it should be easier. But we waited maybe like 20mins before someone finally picked us up. His name is Logan and he was going to Waimea so he could drop us anywhere on the way so we decided to go to Kua Bay since we don’t have much time and we gotta hitchhike back! Logan was working with some tourism company for these sunset cruises! How cool! Anyway em hasn’t been there before so I’m sure she’ll love it ^^ he was so nice, he drove all the way in to drop us at the beach :’) thank you Jesus 🙂 em was like so amazed and she kept taking pictures she rly was so intrigued by the beauty of the place. Haha found a spot then went to swim in the waves ! It was fun! The water was perfect ^^ tried to cruise w the waves and once in a while a wave will catch us off guard and swallow us in HAHA got tossed by the waves once and by bikini almost fell out HAHAHA. Then took a nap and tanned. Was woken up cuz these people came up to em and were talking/asking her so many questions. I had to fake sleep as I didn’t wanna talk to them and also I was rly unglam plus I wanted to see how em could react to them. Hahaha they were too friendly…and weird. They even asked em if she had a sober life? Haha what??
Wanted to watch the sunset but kinda afraid we won’t be able to make it back before dark since we are hitchhiking so we left around 5/6pm! Went to the car park of the beach and asked people leaving if they could give us a lift back to kona and the 2nd person we asked he agreed! He had a truck but was alone so there was space but he said sitting at the back was too dangerous so we sat in the front w him. He lived opposite the airport so he would drop us there and we can hitchhike again. Found out he came to live here from LA California as he was previously a music producer. How cool is that! He had a company but business wasn’t good as it was competitive and stuff like that but he still does that on the sidelines. And he was telling us about the music industry that talent is really not as important as having like good business strategies and like connections that kind of thing. Which i think is really sad… And how people want to be instantly gratified and get bored so easily now. Anyway yeah it was so awesome cuz we were sharing about our performing arts and how we are gg to LA to do our production! He dropped us at the highway and in a few mins, some guy with a truck picked us and we decide to sit at the back and it was em’s first day hitchhiking so I thought we should do some variety HAHA. It was nice as the sun was kinda setting soon so it was a cool and windy drive back. We asked to be dropped downtown as we wanted to eat dinner at kimagure. So he actually dropped us downtown even though he was gg home.. Thank u Jesus :’)! So we had a yummy dinner at kimagure – jap food hehe. Got curry katsu rice^^ so yummy !!! Then we went back to campus an I blogged a bit I think… And did laundry 🙂

(I might have forgot a few details but it was a slightly tougher and exhausting week for me I guess. I felt God was really teaching me things like my attitude as everything I do really is to glorify god and nothing for me… And also how if I can’t handle the small things he gives me, how can I handle the big things? Furthermore, I really felt it was to humble me as I always want to be in the limelight and in the front but really to be in the background yet so involved and like idk TO PUT OTHERS BEFORE MYSELF. yeah.. 🙂 and to care about the production looking complete and whole full than looking at myself and comparing.

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