Second last week in kona….. :(

This week (now its last last week) there’s no lectures so its just rehearsals everyday for the production ! Super crazy and busy 😦

Every morning we meet in the dance studio and this guy who’s leading the bible schools in ywam came to talk to us for awhile and tell us about the bible and he said smth that spoke to me which is that If we know the bible is true, yet we haven’t read it then it makes us naive. Which was like wow yeah I’m probably really naive cuz I haven’t been reading th bible (so busy can’t even blog in time fml) and Si he encouraged us to pray daily that Gid will let us love the bible as much as we love food :p
I was kinda distracted cuz Sarah had the little kitty on her lap so I kept taking pics of it cuz it was so cute! Then I took care of it as we had bible reading and at one point it walked up to mirjam and sat in her lap and layed her head on the bible. So cute !! Then it crawled into my bag when we were leaving so I brought it to my room. Haha Then we rehearsed the production.
Then after lunch we had to go to the office to check if our visa is suitable to come back to USA and stuff. One lady at the office made cookies for us SO YUMMYY she buys cookie dough in a tub and microwaves. So easy lor. And she was sharing with us her office life bein not boring at all as its in the office where everything happens and how parents always call the office up all concerned about their children on outreach and how she would pray with them and tell them how parents do not own their children and remind them how when we were young, they gave us to God so they have to let go and allow God to fulfill his will for their children’s life.

Then we went back to dance studio to do full dress rehearsal there. After dinner I went to Walmart with Fiona to withdraw money then went to target to change my shampoo for conditioner hahaha. Did that in two hours cuz I had to wait abt 30mins everytime for a shuttle -__- wish they did more rounds.

Did the same thing, dance studio in the morning – bible reading/small group then rehearsal for production. After lunch was full dress rehearsal in the ohana court then fan dance practise in the dance studio 6-7pm followed by singing practise. We were so restless during singing hahaha kept laughing and aft class mia apologised for callin us out but I don’t even rmb hearing her call us out oops. Then we just chilled in the classroom talking and starving. We wanted to eat so bad but we didn’t wanna move or walk to macs. Then heather and Ben came as they were gonna watch some Korean drama. BOF!!!!! Woot!!! HAHA missed that show. So we watched with them and told Ben that we were hungry and he brought out his pumpkin pie he bought from Costco. A huge whole pie for 6 bucks!! So worth it! I ate like 2/3 slices heh. Everyone starte coming to the classroom to her pumpkin pie. Then the streaming stopped working so we just sat and talked. Then David actually promised to bring us to eat good Asian food tmrw as he had work in the morning but he gave in and drove em, Ben, Wendy and I to Safeway to get sushi (but we ended up shoppin arnd) then macs drive through and I got a mc wrap^^ awyea so satisfied 😉 then we head back and it was past 1am omg so everyone went to bed to crash whilst em and I ate and finished our food. Then slept at like 2+am. Which totally made me so much more exhausted than I already am…
Did I mention dma is back? Awyea!!! 🙂 Em was the first to tell me HAHA and he was begging David to go home that night as he’s David’s room mate haha.

Met in the dance studio in the morning again and did bible reading at the cafe till 11am which was probably the craziest as we were all probably high on coffee. We had different accents going on HAHA. And gaeten joined us for awhile and used his phone bible app that reads the bible for us HAHA AUDIO BIBLE FTW. he told us about awaken’s faith journey adventure which was so freaking cool !!! So awaken DTS


Then did rehearsal and full dress again after lunch in the ohana court. Then had fan dance practise for half an hour just to touch up on the moves. Chilled in mah room w em. Supposed to have a dinner meeting with those going with us on the rental car this weekend but everyone was busy or late so we didn’t have. Wanted to go to the awaken testimony time to share about their faith journey but em wanted to go target so we didn’t go… Went crazy at Ross haha I really gotta fix my shopaholic obsession. Then went target to buy some food n stuff. When paying up, there was a blackout and everyone was locked in. So funny HAHA. Caught the last shuttle and went back to my room and packed for outreach. Cuz Hyunah gave me a luggage cuz she has like 3 luggages she found in the boutique LOL and all in good condition. Lucky girl! So yep packed my stuff.

Have always turned up like 5/10mins late in the morning so this morning lexi came to me and said I was in trouble as I’ve been doing this for so long and if I continue, Maria might not let me graduate…. Ok…. But I do know that I have to stop my bad habit of being late !!! Really have to be disciplined.. 😦

Had bible reading then small group where we prayed for outreach and stuff. Then had rehearsal.
During lunch em and i sat with Zhon Yun and all da Asia people! Super funny we took a picture haha. But Zhon Yun was saying that Hawaii has the cheapest skydiving!!! Omg why didn’t we go.. I rly wanna go now fml……

After lunch we had full dress again at ohana court. We ended at 250 and Maria said joyful joyful piece people gotta meet her at 330pm arghhh and we wanted to get acai bowl 😦 then Gaby and I were like NO we have 30mins LETSGO!!!! So we literally ran all the way (gaby broke her slipper on the way HAHA FAIL) and took our acai bowls to go and ran back. Not cheap though. One bowl is like 9-12 bucks….. Really kinda overpriced I have to say. But it was yummy! Cuz we were gonna be so busy we might not try acai bowl anymore so we really seized the little time that we have as it closes at 4pm!!! So early -__- then snuck into joyful joyful practise as everyone was being noisy then went back to the room and took a nap when em called me for dins.

We had rehearsals at ohana court from 9am till 4/5pm! Even had to bring out lunch there to eat… Lunch was shitty though.. Hotdawgz. Then had fan dance practise and saw that dinner was soup..(wth)! So we ate some soup and went to Walmart and Safeway for food :p there was this creepy guy in green that was following us in Walmart… So scary.. His cart was empty and it was so obvious he was following us… He even stood behind us at the cashier so we left the queue and managed to escape… He had to stay in queue and paid for like a box of cereal and when we went to another cashier and was leaving, we saw him take a grocery basket and went to shop again… Weiiirdooooo thank god he didn’t follow us if not we couldn’t walk to Safeway alone.. Em bought a box of sushi worth 10 bucks and I got a box of honey glazed boneless chickens worth 6 bucks as it was $6 Friday or smth HAHAHA went back to campus classroom and had a feast^_^ walked pass the pavilion to see how the Jamaican night event was going! Was pretty pathetic I felt so bad I told them I would go support…. 😦 anyway we were so full after that!!! Had to sleep early as it was a crazy weekend ahead!

Woke at 8am rushing as we were meeting at 830am.
We were all so pumped for the adventures today hahaha. Got the awesome 7 seater car that we rented from a lady living here in YWAM campus for $75 for the whole weekend! Thank you Jesus?! So we went to Starbucks drive through to get some coffee before we head south today! Our first stop was to captain cook where we saw a spinning dolphin out at sea! Took pics and left as some locals were telling us there was a dolphin family here in the morning but they were chased away by tiger sharks.. So scary and sad 😦 so we decided to go to ‘two step’/city of refuge which was a 5min drive away, hoping that the dolphins went there instead!! Tanned on the rocks and went snorkelling too, but we didn’t get to see any dolphins here 😥 what a pity… Left around lunch time to south point, the southernmost point of the us!! When we reached, we were all so excited !!! I got butterflies in my tummy! So yes… I was the first one to jump off the cliff at south point! Which was friggin awesome!!!!! The waters were so calm so I swam in it awhile while waiting for Brooke and Rachel to jump in! Brooke took forever to jump~ but she finally did followed by Rachel! Climbed up the ladder (which was so tiring) and jumped again cuz Rachel’s picture taking was so faillllll she didn’t get any nice pictures 😦 it’s super scary to look down omg it is really a leap of faith for me! And I love how it’s so high up, 40 feet, that you have time to think and soak in everything mid-air before you crash into the water! But both times I was mid-air, I found myself asking myself WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING?? HAHAHAAHA but it was so worth it… So thankful my landings were okay and I didn’t get any bruise! And there are so many horror stories about people dying here or getting hurt I really thank god for his protection over me….. The second jump, I was too tired to take the ladder so brunt showed me an easier way up through the rocks! It was so fun just waiting for the waves to bring u up to the rock then you start climbing all the way up! Some rocks were too high i needed brunt to give me some lifts HAHA. Oh man our adrenaline was pumping like crazy!!!! Brunt actually beat the YWAM record of 31 cliff jumps at south point in a day by doing 33 cliffjumps… So crazy..

We decided we’ll go to green sands beach and conquer the 45-60min hike there! So we hiked and most people we met coming back from the beach were so discouraging and telling us its so far away and we’re not even close.. Dude this isn’t even hiking! It was so relaxing walking along the coast… It was kinda discouraging too as we could see the path in front of us go so far that its behind the hill… It seemed never ending.. BUT in less than an hour, we reached the green sands beach!!! It was so beautiful seeing the hugeass rock mountains and the green sand and huge waves! We were all cheering and so elated that we made it here! Bumped into the photogenix team that was leaving just as we were on our way down to the beach. We ran into the water and omg freakin underestimated the super strong waves!!! It pushed us out and pulled us in and wow all of a sudden we saw a huge wave approaching and soon towering over us… Steph and phinny were in front of us so they could swim into the wave just before it crashed but the wave looked like it was Gna crash on rachel and I, and I was just like…GG FML and both of us got tossed in the waves…. We recovered and ran away from the sea snufflin cuz of the water in our nose n shit HHAHAHA we were like “we’re good we’ll just sit on the sand…” Omg it was so scary… Rachel lost his sunglasses in that wave.. HAHA didn’t stay long as Brooke had to be back on campus for the BURN in the prayer room at 7pm so we walked back at around 5. John-mark from photogenix asked for a lift back to campus with us as he wasn’t interested to follow the rest to see lava fields. Bumped into these two cyclists that got their water on the bike stolen and they were gonna stay under that tree/bush for the night and continue cycling tmrw so we gave them all the liquids we had.. Except I kept my green tea as I was so parched. Fell asleep in the car as it was a long ride back. (Btw brooke was driving and it was me, phinny, steph, Rachel, Alex and John-mark in the car.) stopped in the middle of nowhere as there was a beautiful view of the sun setting, when we saw this group of people walking pass us hitchhiking the other way. Found out their from france and steph and alex were so excited and they talked etc while brooke was trying to hurry us as she was gonna be late! went to Mc Donald’s drivethru to get some quick dinner and returned back to campus at 8pm. Found out John-mark could drive so we wanted to go swim with manta rays tonight at Sheraton but we realised it super dangerous ! So we decided to just rest early tonight and continue our adventure tmrw. John mark decided to join us tomorrow too! So I bathed, did laundry and packed my shit. There was a Christmas party going on at the balcony of the other girls room so I went there awhile to eat Christmas food and listen I Christmas music with them. Kinda felt extra or like left out (I think PMS) cuz I was in a mini bad mood so I left. Ended up sleeping pretty late…

Met at the car at 830am, I woke up late so I was the last to reach the car heh. Today’s passengers was steph, Alex, Brooke, John-mark, phinny and her friend. Was super tired and moody in the morning(PMS) and Rachel wasn’t here so I didn’t rly have anyone to talk to. We were heading north today! So our first stop was mile 69 which was a less known but pretty beach beside hapuna beach state park. There was a lot of shade and its good for snorkelling! Went snorkelling with Alex to the other side of where we were bummin when Alex was just saying how cool it is to see a turtle swimming in the water as we’ve seen too many sleeping on land. And omg we really saw one!!! We swam with a turtle woop^^ it was eating smth off th coral haha Alex and were like shrieking through our snorkels. I liked snorkelling here better than at captain cook as there are more fishes and variety of fishes! The two step place had a nicer reef and it was pretty deep but like there weren’t many fishes ytd which was kinda disappointing 😦 but this beach was better, we saw pufferfish, angelfish, yellowfish, schools of fish, pipefish which scared me as i thought it was a snake, the one with two teeth in the front, this huuuuge ass rainbow fish that kinda scared me as it was pretty shallow so we were quite close to the corals and the fishes. Went back satisfied and tanned awhile. We left by 11+am as we had a pretty packed day planned!

Dropped phinny and her friend off at hapuna beach and we went on our way, John-mark driving, to waipio valley !! Ate our lunches in the car and reached enjoyed the drive there… Took a nap I think… Reached the entrance of waipio valley at around 1pm! Everything was familiar to me as I came here a few weeks back but it was such a fail and didn’t get to see the waterfall 😦 …. The way down was so steep but we made it to the bottom and walked to the trail that steph was familiar with! Wow it was crazy! The entrance of the trail was already so random and before we knew it, we were brushing through trees and branches, hiking through the valley in the midst of the forest! It wasn’t very difficult as we simply had to follow the river as it would lead us to the waterfall. It wasn’t strenuous as there was no hot sun shining down on us but it was cooling and there was some breeze and shelter under the canopy of the trees. Hiked through rivers and there was this one particular river that was like at my shoulder level and I almost tripped over on of the rocks in the water and I had to hold our bag above our head so I almost got it drenched thank god as I was about to slip, steph at the end of the river quickly grabbed by bag for me HAHA I seriously could literally swim in the river. After about less than 2hrs we reached the glorious waterfall. It was so majestic… And we were all so excited to get into the water! Started drizzling but that didn’t stop us! Saw locals going to the rock and jumping into the water so we followed them and jumped! It was so so sooo cold we all felt kinda high on the Holy Spirit. (Which I wasn’t aware until JM mentioned it later on) I was kinda scared swimming in th waterfall cuz it’s probably rly deep and we don’t know what’s in the water………. That freaks me out so I didn’t swim long as it was also rly cold. Took some pictures and head back. Hiked all the way up the steep slope again but we were hoping Alex and Brooke would get a car cuz they were lagging behind. And there came a jeep! Thank u Jesus 🙂 I can proudly say I conquered waipio valley by foot alone 😉

NEXT we head off to Mauna Kea to watch the sunrise and star-gaze!!! Left around 5+pm we were so afraid we’ll miss the sunset 😦 we also shared the revelations we got from God through this experience hiking through waipio valley. For me, it really made me understand more about how great God is and he created all of this for us to explore and enjoy. It also put me in awe at how God provided every single step of the way for us. It felt like every single branch/rock/tree was there to help us get to this waterfall. Idk it just amazed me how everything was in its perfect place to help us get to the waterfall. God provides :’) Furthermore as i was walking back from the waterfall, the bridge from the oceans hillsong song kept playing in my head. And i felt like a hunger in me to allow my spirit to lead me as the lyrics go “spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, that my hope would be made stronger in the presence of my saviour” I seriously felt a hunger for a greater level of faith in my walk with God and just for the spirit to lead me and not for me to lean on my own understanding but allow God and the Holy Spirit to guide me and flow through me. Yeah 🙂 Then i fell asleep in the car and woke up whilst driving up saddle road which is the road to Mauna Kea visitors centre. We were getting closer and closer to the clouds. It was so pretty! And we parked at the visitors centre and walked up to the hill where u could get a 360 view. JUST. BEAUTIFUL. it was kinda cold and I just had a sweater but I was too excited/tired to be cold! Managed to catch the sunset like 10-20mins of it before it turned to dusk. We could see the clouds below us!!! And the side which the sun was setting was orangy blue whilst the opposite side was more pinkish. It was so amazing… Took many pics and all the other tourists left but we stayed to stargaze. JM used his Starwalk app to find out the names of the stars that were shining!! We talked about some stuff esp JM he knew a lot about astrology which made me more interested in this. I think my favourite Stars are the southern cross. It was like 4 stars that made a cross. How cool ?! Then we rly started getting colddder and went down to the visitors centre to see the stars and moon with the telescope!
Then we head back to campus 🙂 fell asleep in the car again~ was a long but amazing weekend :’) thank you daddy ❤

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