Prophetic evangelism

Last week in Hawaii 😥
We had lecture in the morning by John Konkel about Prophetic Evangelism.

He talked about how our successes and bearing of fruit glorifies our father god. And nowadays we confine church to buildings but WE ARE THE CHURCH! And there is lack of power in the church plus everyone is tired of persuading people that Jesus is real. To be a witness in Greek means “to die” which means to share our faith is to die to ourselves. We think raising the dead/Healing the sick etc is 3rd level Christianity. But the supernatural should be natural and everyone should be able to do this! Prophecy should be normal!

John then talked about the Roadblocks of Resistance – things that keep us from entering into the power of prophecy/gods power.

1) idolatry
– we will know when we know, just have to ask god
– what consumes our thoughts
– starve the flesh and it will die (let the spirit man be the domineering voice)

2) confinement
– placing limits on

3) Apathy
– nothing flows out of us despite how much we’ve been poured into

4) skepticism

Then after lunch, we had rehearsal in Obama court the whole day ~ and spent the night till late writing postcards..

Lecture was about more specifically prophetic evangelism. Prophesy is the ability to receive and declare revelation about God to others. And how we use prophesy to 1) convince 2) convict 3) reveal.

And we can use prophetic evangelism to engage people that God has prepared the way for and approach them with a timely word. We don’t wanna randomly evangelise but to allow God to guide us and give us words of knowledge about people and to people that God has already been working in them.

There are two basic expressions:
Foretelling and Forthtelling.

Most people know what they’re doing is wrong but they don’t know how God sees them. And it says in Romans that its the kindness of God that brings people to repent.

In the ‘treasure hunt’ book, it tells us to D.I.G for Gold:
• unfulfilled DESTINY
• missing IDENTITY
• hidden GLORY

We’re often waiting for a burning bush experience while God is inviting us to access his presence now – outreach doesn’t stop, it’s a lifestyle !!!

There are two forms of prophetic ministry:
1) words of knowledge
2) prophetic encounter

He also reminded us that more persecution will come from other Christians than from the world.

And also how Jesus was admits multitudes of sick people but he only healed one. – we should only do what God wants us to do (although faith does have a big impact) but can only have seen hundreds healed if he’s prayed for thousands. And we can’t do much to those people that don’t have the faith.

God will give us specific words that will hit the hearts of individuals and we shouldn’t dismiss it even if its weird and its ok it if doesn’t resignate with them.
*knowing the word of God helps a lot with prophecy

Then after lunch we had rehearsal in ohana court again and we ended early so em and I decided to go Don’s this Asian restaurant for dinner. Cabbed there and got rly yummy food ^^ went to KMART to buy some food and stuff to give to my fam n Sam. cabbed back in time for prayer set practise and it was our last set! Finally got to lead a song and I chose ‘first love’ by ALM UK. My voice was shaking but it was still an awesome experience. Continued within my postcards at night haha

Last day of our last lecture and John talked about Dunamis Deficiency (power shortage). We have to go to the world in Gods authority and unload our spiritual weapons. Satan will counterfeit anything that we, by default, don’t walk in and use. Where there is a Dunamis deficiency, the occult will pick up the pieces. And we must forge a relationship with the Holy Spirit unlike ever before. The Holy Spirit is out best friend/counsellor/teacher/spirit of truth/spirit of peace, righteousness and joy.

The Holy Spirit is IN us to know the PERSON.
He is WITH us so we can know his PRESENCE.
He comes UPON us to know his POWER. (2 cor 13:14)

He gave a breakdown elaboration of Luke 10 which was awesome as it helped explain the steps to take depending on what kind of person u meet and simply just what to do on outreach as a whole.

After lunch, we were in the classroom from 1.30-4pm I forgot why… Then went for this Asian steamboat gathering!! The Chinese population in the April quarter was having a farewell steamboat gathering. I’ve never spoke so much Chinese in my life LOLOL but it was so fun! Met so many awesome Chinese and some Korean Chinese. Had good time fellow shipping and damn did em and I enjoy the food ^^ so yummy… Went back abt 8ish pm.

Met 9am at Obama court for full day rehearsals. After lunch we had rehearsals and make up briefing which was kinda stressful as we had to be ready by 5pm. Performed the celebration part of our show during Obama court which was awesome. The audience was all so supportive !!! Sat through Ohana gatherin and we sold tickets after that. Then had debrief and Maria told us that Carly has to go back home and can’t come with us for outreach as her broken ankle is pretty serious. Em, Gaby, Rachel, Charis and I were kinda hungry so we cabbed to Denny’s ! Hehe got some yummy food before we cabbed back ~

Met 9am at Ohara court to practise but Maria had a leaders meeting so we did praise and worship in the morning and I felt moved by the spirit to pray for mirjam and got a vision too. And it was a good mornin just soaking in the Holy Spirit and talking to God.

After lunch we had rehearsal till 4pm then we had to do makeup and get ready for our dinner theatre night fundraising performance. We were serving 3 course meals to the guests. The ticket wasn’t cheap though.. Like 30bucks. So hungry serving the food as it smelt so good especially the steak haha. Then others came to watch the performance only which was a 7 bucks ticket. Then we performed the whole performance and after that Maria asked us to go to the middle of the guests and asked for them to pray for us. Zhon Yun was so sweet she gave me a hug on behalf of my mom and also prayed for me. Then we had a photo shoot after and had to change back into the different costumes. After the photoshoot, there was enough leftovers for all of us so we had a feast^^ salad, steak, cheesecake hehehe. So yummy!!!! Ended around 11 and was so tired. But I stayed up till like 4am packing and writing postcards lolol too many

Everyone else had work duty. But steph and I were gonna take the bus to get to Hilton. I woke up late and thought we could follow Daniel the Indian to where he was going. But we tried to go to the bus stop to see if we cld catch the bus but it didn’t come so we went back to find Daniel and he realised there was no space in the car-___- steph raged and got annoying and we walked to the highway to hitchhike. Got two awesome guys who were going to mauume beach in mauna kea resort so we followed them as u need like a parking pass and it was less known. One was born in hawaii and just assisted the interns as the other guy was interning at one of the coffee plantations in kona and he was from brazil. It was so pretty and the waves were v calm so we swam in it! Just that the sand was so fine that the wind kept blowing it all over us. It was hard to sleep on the sand cuz the sand was getting everywhere LOL
Stayed till like after lunch then they wanted to leave to go to Kua bay so we asked them to drop us at Hilton as there were shops there and stuff. We were talkkng to the brazilian guy driving and just asking Him about coffee as he was a coffee expert. But we missed the entrance of the hotel or more so we didn’t know which and we reached Kua bay. So we dropped at the road and tried hitch hiking back to Hilton LOL. This awesome 15 seater van picked us. He was in charge of doing tours to lava fields and stuff like that in kona. God was so good cuz he was going to Hilton too so he knew the way and dropped us at queens marketplace. Went cray in pacsun spent like an hr there. Then we explored the place an kings shops too. Then took a trolley to Hilton and explored the place again~ took the boat ride hehe. Bought some dinner at the grocery store and walked back to the highway to go back as the sun was setting. Got a car not long after. He was this guy gg back to kona after work. It was like a sports car. Haha but he was kinda sketchy like asking if we smoke weed air have boyfriends and he smoked in the car too lolzzx but thank god we were safe and he was harmless. He dropped us right outside our gate :’) steph wanted to go for the film festival event but we were like an hr late. Started at 7pm. I was in beach wear and I didn’t wanna miss out so I sat in the back at the grass and watched the films. Which as quite good I liked it! The films were made by schools of film studies and the actors from school of acting. Winnie joined me and we had a good time laughing at those funny films tgt. After that, i joined the rest in the classroom watching this Korean movie and when it ended some of them were cryin omg so funny hahaha even David was crying. It was like some war movie. So sad I can’t tank sad endings. Em and I were too tired to go to target anyway i had to pack!!!

Slept in a bit and was awaken by fiona asking Gaby to go to Kua bay as Tyler invited them. Gaby asked me to come along and steph was cmg too. So we all went to Tyler’s house and I finally met Tyler and he’s such an outgoing and friendly guy. We waited at his house for others who were also coming and he excitedly explained his plan that we were gonna film a video of us hunting for sharks at Kua bay but it was still just an excuse for a beach party hahaha. We all sat in his truck and dropped by Walmart to get spears HAAH to hunt. Filming our shark hunting was so fun HAHA I got to film and hold the waterprroof camera most of the time and it was sad that the camera kinda ran out of batt when we were further out at sea with clearer waters. But we decided to end our journey by swimming to the rock where we could climb and jump off and into the water. We all jumped off the rock haha mini cliff jumping which was fun and snorkelled back. It was like 11 of us haha not everyone did the shark hunting though. Some hd to go back for work duty so we rested a while in the Sun before heading back. Such a good way to end the weekend! Had so much fun, Tyler is such an awesome guy haha he is staffing some counselling sch but he was taking a break now. Came back and bathed, took a nap as I didn’t get enough sleep the past few nights and tried to pack/write letters. Waited for the rest to finish work duty as Emilyn, mirjam and rachel wanted to go target. So we cabbed there and got whatever else we needed at target and also went to Ross. Cabbed back and met the rest to get a lift from David to the bowling alley! Em and I realised it wasnt worth it as it was like 18 bucks to bowl so we just sat around and watches and ordered food. But because the rest were bowling and had unlimited bowling so they let us bowl once in a while which was rly fun. The people working here saw us but closed an eye which was nice hehe I bowled barefoot. We ate and had fun and left around midnight. I tried to do some packing when we went back and finish writing some postcards. What a busy week…

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