Jetsettinn !

Monday, busy busy busy day!!! Also the 2nd last day in Hawaii :(((
Each small group was assigned to clean up a certain area in the morning. Me, em, geeha and Sarah had to go to the bank to set up an account as I need a debit card! Can’t keep withdrawing money and paying fees…. Came back and helped cleaned the windows in the dance studio. Then I skipped lunch as I was rushing to pack my stuff and also finish writing the postcards to send to those back in Singapore…. I ate my yummy cup noodles :p Then Sarah came and told me the bank called and wants me to go back there cuz the lady forgot or made some error-__- no…. I alr had so much to do I srsly was so stressed. Went to the post office to send like 30 letters when they told me that my letter is too big and I have to pay like 6bucks more wtf juz cuz I put a packet of hello kitty gummies fml 😦 so I ended up tearing open every letter and taking out the gummies then taping the letter back… I had no time…. :((((( so wasted :((( rushed back to pack my luggage as it was like 330 and we were supposed to meet at 2pm to store our luggages. Finally packed my luggage that I wanted to store in campus and omg people in my room were so unhelpful like oh It’s too late I can’t store anymore cuz it’s closed. I ignored them and ran arnd the campus looking for kristina who then told me to find Maria and Maria told me to find Daniel. Daniel brought me to the warehouse to store my bag. Then kristina needed me to go to the office to get my letter to return to the US as they accidentally cancelled my name off the sch list this morning or smth instead of cancelling Carly. I went back to continue packing then had to rush to get ready for love feast !!!! Gaby and I were late… Heh…….. But yummmm we had steak and good food^^ they showed us the recording of our show on Friday night and we just went around taking pictures and talking ~ after we ate, lexi and gaetan gave us all a gift – sweet potato baby food to represent us growing from baby phase to adult phase HAHA then we played wii dance revolution. Danced and laughed and just enjoyed everyone’s company 🙂

Some people were planning to go out and stay up all night but I had so much to pack so I went back to the room to finish my packing…. Crashed in bed for like an hour 12-1am then woke and packed till like 3/4am~ woke at 7am as I had to wrap everything up and also do my room cleaning duty so they can return me my $60 deposit^^ passed room check and I got my $60! My bag was too full and I realised I was bringing redundant stuff so I put them in the dance studio. Hope no one steals from there .. 😦 rushed to the flags ready to leave for the airport! Got $20 lunch money and also lunch bag for today. Got Charlie to help me solve the bank issue! Prayed, said our goodbyes and we were on our way to the airport 🙂

While checking in, we found out that our flight to honolulu was delayed which meant that we’ll miss our flight to LA or smth. So they gave us new tickets to fly Hawaiian airlines instead of united airlines and a $10 meal voucher. It was a blessing as Hawaiian was less strict about the baggage and we could check two bags in instead of one. Thank god as united allowed only 50pounds and my one luggage was almost 60. Others flying that airline had to take out and carry stuff or pay the charge. Our flight to LA was cancelled so we were gonna go straight to Washington, D.C. From honolulu. We were at the airport around 9/10am and our flight was at 330pm…… So we decided to go to this air and space museum just beside the airport. It was empty and the lady let us enter for free so we looked around the museum etc and kinda made ourselves comfortable and took a nap in the theatre area as they weren’t showing any film or anything. Stayed there till around 12pm then we left to go through security and get to our gate. Looked around the 3/4 only pathetic shops in the airport, bought food and also ate from my lunch pack then took a nap! Killed time by sleeping till boarding at 3ish pm. Say with Charis and Wendy ^^ slept a bit during the 45min journey and arrived in honolulu yay!! We had a few hours to kill as our flight was at like 7/8pm. Some wanted to stay in the domestic airlines terminal which was so small cuz they thought the international terminal was emptier like less shops which is like huh??? Obviously the international terminal will have more shops !! And I asked the security guard and he confirmed that so we went to the international terminal and walked around w Charis and Wendy. Went to the food court to get pink berry froyo and I got a rly pretty iphone4s case from MBMJ for 35% off ^^ then we had dinner at this Asian place in the food court called Chow Mein. Super yummy Asian food better than Panda Express !!!! Used the food voucher :p then we walked to our terminal to be prepared to board. Saw a sushi restaurant on the way and we were like NUUUUU. It’s ok Asian food was good 🙂 managed to get some wifi before we boarded. Had a good flight to Washington DC… United airlines had issues w seating so we all kinda sat alone but I got the aisle seat so that’s good. Sat beside this Middle Aged woman. Watched identity thief and another movie I forgot then the rest of the 9h flight I was sleeping ~ but I think I watched till like I saw 4/5hrs so I forced myself to sleep as I wanted to explore Washington and we’ll be arriving there in the morning. When we arrived, we went to one of the gates to just sit and relax/sleep as some had an uncomfortable journey and couldn’t sleep. I wanted to go explore but Charis wanted to sleep for an hour so we slept and left at 130pm. Took th shuttle to the arrivals terminal, went through security, asked for information and help to get to the city at the information counter and we took this bus 5A which brought us there for 5 usd. Fell asleep in the abt 45 min journey and we dropped off at Le’Enfant Plaza. It was rly hot n humid !! Decided we’ll go see the national musuem of arts and the city centre/shops. We spent some time in the historical part of the musuem when we found out the museum was having a special ballet exhibition in the modern art building. So we went there and it was rly interesting like they showed the costumes of ballet shows even the prodigal son !!! Left around 4 to go to the city centre like Chinatown area to get some late lunch. Went to this local fast food place called FUEL. Had rly yummy pizza and cinnamon knots! There were actually a lot of roadside stalls selling all kinds of food and drinks and we wanted to try that but we didn’t have enough time 😦 we had to start heading back. Also wanted to see the White House but it was too far off 😥 wanted to try take the metro so we hurriedly took the metro to Rosslyn place but when we reached the bus stop the guy just said we missed the bus -__- so we had to wait 30 mins more and we just sat at the busstop waiting.. So wasted 😥 then reached back in the airport just in time to check in and stuff so yeh ^^ got some auntie Anne’s while waiting to board :p brianna’s group joined us too as we were on the same flight.

This flight, I was sitting between this Indian lady at the window seat and this Indian guy at the aisle seat. The Indian guy was kinda small and nice so I hd no problem getting out to pee or whatever. The lady just slept the whole time. I watched zero dark thirty and smth else I forgot. LOL then slept the rest of the time. Arrived in Frankfurt in the morning again and we walked to the terminal we would board later at night. Bumped into kristina’s group with Emilyn, Gaby and jasmine. Some changed money in the bank as they wanted to buy macs and that’s all we could rly afford. Charis and I were ready to leave the airport to explore when Gaby and jasmine decided to tag along. So we left and omg was it havoc with them especially the beginning when we had so many questions about what to do in Frankfurt. Jasmine and Gaby were so lost an blur and stirring shit and Charis and I were like omg… shutup… We know what we’re doing they just have to follow us and be quiet. Anyway we found a way to get our train ticket and boarded our train to the city centre which was abt 20mins away. Decided ill change money there as the banks charge more in the airport. Once we stepped into the city we were all so excited omg it was so pretty and not what I expected !! It felt like I was shopping in US like London or smth haha. There was so much life and people and culture! Went to the market where there were different stalls mostly selling food. Then walked down one of the main shopping lanes to glance at the shops and also we were looking for a bank to change money !! Only much later I found a bank to change money and I could finally buy some stuff and stop looking. Spent most of my money at the last stop which was primark^^ so happy when I saw primark omg… then we all head back to the train station arnd 6 to be back early for our 10pm flight. Btw we were all so in awe at how everyone on the street all the germans were so good looking omg we were all so jealous. Both genders had such good genes!! Damnnn. Got through security rly fast and saw everyone sleeping at the terminal boarding area. Hahaha we went to explore the airport and find smth to eat. But wow there rly isn’t much in the airport except duty free… all the food places super ex except macs. So we just decided to eat on the plane. Boarded the plane and we were finally on our way to South Africa !!!! Yay^^ all the flights were 7-10/12 hours so I was getting used to that. Sat in the middle block with Wendy, Charis and stacy ^__^ finally got seats together wait was Lufthasa airlines which was pretty good it was an airbus and the service was good^^ the air steward even jokes with us haha. Watched beautiful creatures and tv shows like arrow and modern family hehe. Then slept the rest of the time. The food was yummy too^^

We reached South Africa and the queue to get through immigration was the longest i have ever seen…. anyway we met everyone else at baggage claim as they only arrived 20mins before us. It was a happy reunion to see everyone again and all having safely arrived here. Got some food in the airport for the 4hour journey on the road to the YWAM base in Bethlehem. Slept most of the journey… Reached the YWAM base And was surprised we even had beds. We were randomly assigned rooms not even by small group haha so I’m with Emilyn, kaori and jasmine in one room. Thankful that we’re in a small room as we get more privacy and stuff 🙂 jasmine wasn’t supposed to be in our room but she just budged in and said she wanted to be here and forced her way through… Sigh…. Emilyn and I were like *facepalm*
We got the rest of the day/evening to pack and rest. Got late lunch then we had some time to rest and pizza dinner after. Had a mini dance party then i went to bathe in the cold bwe all had 3mins to bathe each if not there wasnt enough hot water for everyone. Then we all sleep early. Couldn’t rly sleep and kept tossin n turning as it was super cold and my body hasn’t gotten used to the cold.
Saturday morning we got to sleep in and breakfast was at 10am. Explored the base and had fun at the trampoline and walked to the river. Then had lunch and after lunch was a short orientation of the rules and work duty etc. then went back to play on the trampoline and went to the river where Ezekiel brought us to this raft and also a flying fox which but it was broken 😦 came back to the room to rest and do my blogging and quiet time but em and I ended up falling asleep till dinner. Realised others walked to the shopping mall in the afternoon without us 😥 had dinner then had rehearsals where we Set up the dance floor for tmrw’s performance and practised the celebration part. Slept early tonight!

Sunday, woke up early like 6am to put in makeup and had breakfast at 8am. Got ready costumes and everything for the performance. Quite a few people turned up in the building and the DTS students in the base led worship before our performance. Everyone was freezin in their costumes haha. After the performance, Maria preached a bit about God’s love and the mindset of servanthood and how we don’t have to try or be his servant to earn Gods love cuz he loves us just the same and we can just receive his love. Then she asked us to go up to the congregation and hug and pray for them. I hugged and prayed for this girl (forgot her name) and I really felt Gods love flow through me and I teared which was kinda awkward cuz she was looking super like emotionless. But i felt my heart grow bigger that it was easier for me to love people i dont know or barely know. And we danced this African Christian song called BAMBALELA which is such a catchy song haha. Had communion then the service ended. Hung around with some of the other African girls. They’re so awesome and friendly! Beautiful girls 🙂 and we took pictures and hugged before they left. Had lunch and after, we had free time till dinner. So some of us decided to walk to the mall. Everyone was walking so fast cuz they thought the shops were closing soon. But when we got there, only the supermarkets (pick n pay & checking) was open. But anyway still got to buy some necessities and just see the mall etc and we got a lift back to base as we bumped into one of the couples living on the base. Rachel and I squeezed in the boot HAHA then i guess we just chilled around till dinner but i was in bed when it was dinner time and i crashed so i skipped dinner and just slept early at 6pm HAHA

It was a cold but relaxing first week in South Africa 🙂 thank u daddy god for keeping us safe!

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