Mondayyyyyyyyyzzzzz are our day off so Maria was gonna bring us to the bank to change money but I decided I could just use my ATM card to withdraw. So we all squeezed in the van and went to the mall^^ we were all so excited to shop hahaha and this mall is the only mall in Bethlehem that opened 3 months ago… how awesome 😉 so we went shopping!!! Kinda went crazy a bit cuz it was so cheap ~~!! but I managed to maintain myself :p couldn’t find a nice beanie that I liked 😦 ill wait for a better place ~ had a late lunch w em, steph and fiona then we shopped a lil more and left around 3.15pm. Haha we were there since like 10.30am heh. Had to walk back to the base via the highway which I don’t fancy cuz the air us so dusty and it was so scary when the huge cargo trucks drove past and I always pray it doesn’t fall on me LOL then came back and we had a meeting in the dining hall where we shared about our experiences and how it is for us ever since we came to South Africa. I shared about how my heart grew bigger and it was easier for me to love strangers and people I barely knew through Gods love. And a few of us was saying how on sunday morning service when we performed joyful jyful, all the audience faces were so emotionless and didnt look joyful at all bu Maria said it was ‘cool’ to have that composure but inside they really enjoyed it as they told we how awesome the show was etc. haha had dinner and slept early ~

Had bible reading in the morning and practical work in the afternoon. Cleaned the bathrooms. Nothing much, boring day.

Had bible reading in the morning again and read finish whole of Luke omg then suddenly found out we were performing this evening at some teen challenge place like most people there were alcoholics. Went there around 4/5 as our show was at 6 then performed in a pretty small room with only two working lights. Our changin room was in the kitchen. Felt kinda agitated today cuz idk I just felt like shit and maybe jealous of people idk. After performance, Emily preached and gave her testimony then we went up to pray for the people. There weren’t many people so when I went up there wasn’t anyone alr. But Maria pulled me to be with Lisa as she was talking to this guy. Then I felt Lisa was talking like too godly for him to understand which was so stupid and she was like Oh god is so amazing like just for us to be a Child of god blahblah and I was like face palming myself I hate how she talks so much sometimes. I wanted to hear his story. So after like five minutes when she finally shut up I was like VALENTINO how did u get to know Jesus???/ and he talked about his alcoholism and drugs and how he lost everything and the first place he turned to such things is because he got this girl pregnant and he was ready to be a father but she aborted the baby without his consent. So that was his breaking point. Then Lisa started blabbering rubbish and stuff so I couldn’t talk but whatever so I gave up. But the good thing is he was interested in joining YWAM so we told him more abt it and the website to sign up etc. met other people that were there ESP the girls were so friendly and funny. Then had to rush off and say our goodbyes and had a bumpy ride back to base.

Had breakfast and left at 10am to the poorest neighbourhood in Bethlehem, joberg to this old church that became a warehouse for storage as the pastor left thus it was no longer in use. We cleaned up the place so we could perform there later in the evening. I was kinda distracted cuz there were so many kids and they were just so adorable and loving. They were all huggers and kept hugging all of us haha aww man I miss them already. Though they were kinda stinky and dirty but that didn’t stop me :p came back to base for lunch and did make up before we left to go back again for our performance. There weren’t many people that came to watch but if one person accepts Christ I think it’s all worth it. And other details abt our performance is on Instagram.. I’m just trying to upload the picture.. The wifi sucks…. Haha mmm then steph preached and I got to pray for this lady called Maria. She didn’t rly speak English so it was hard for us to communicate 😦 but I believe she has been blessed. Was kinda frustrated the people I always pray for are like idk like commuication or there’s always a barrier that prevents me from fully blessing them and excercising my faith. Really want to do prophetic evangelism!!! Anyway got to play with the kids and talk to more people before we cleaned up and had a debrief and left. We also invited the Holy Spirit back into the church and hoped that the people living here would use this church again. Had yummy pasta dinner and because the MURICANS wanted to celebrate the 4th of July, we had a pizza party and movie time at arnd 8. Everyone chipped in for pizza and we got enough to order 14 pizzas and many soft drinks hehe the pizza was so yummy i ate 3 slices :p watched seven brothers and seven wives which was such an old movie but quite funny how they randomly break into song them fell asleep at the last part cuz I was q tired ~ crashed in bed after… Hehe

Had morning worship which became an intercession time led by Miguel and we prayed for different aspects of Africa like the woman/poverty etc. prayed for each other and the African people to rise up and stop being passive and receiving foreigners but to rise up and lead their nation. Pretty awesome. Then had lunch and today is just practical work. My small group was in charge of cleaning the dining area so I swept and mopped the floor. My back kinda ached a bit after haha. Then we had the rest of the day free so we decided to go to the mall and I was dying from how bad the wifi is here on the base. So like 23 of us walked there and so I went about into the diff grocery shops I had specific stuff I wanted to buy like dry shampoo and pens and food hahaha. Got a pair of cute cat socks, dry shampoo, two ball point pens, granola bars and instant mushroom soup hehe. Then went to the cafe and saw Charis and Rachel there sitting down so I joined them and we got some hot chocolate. I got peppermint hot choc mmmm^^ got awesome wifi!!!! They left to buy some other stuff as it was 5pm and we had to meet at 530 to leave. Em, steph and brianna joined me and they got some coffee/hot choc. The wifi was free for 30mins only I wanted to cry 😥 then we saw Natasha and her friend who is also doing a DTS here in the base and we asked them how they were getting back and they said they’re getting a taxi. So we decided to join them and turned out the taxi was a maxi and could fit all 19 of us so we all cabbed back in one cab^^ wish they have that in Sg.. 😥 haha it’ll be so fun! Only 8 rants per person back to base which is like 0.80 USD. We drove past those that walked back earlier teehee. Then had an early night as usual as I had morning breakfast duty ~

Had to wake up at 6 as I had breakfast duty at 630. Breakfast was from 7-8am then jasmine and I had to dry the plates and utensils and rushhhh to get ready with makeup and everything and we left around 830ish. It was abt a one hr journey to our destination. Practised the solo part of lean on me with em as Lexi was sick so Maria wanted us to sing tgt. Then admired the huge infinite grass fields and mountains and hills !!! So amazing. Reached this town called Fouriesburg which looked like such a poor town. The people group living here are the Sutus. Arrived early in the Springs of Life Fellowship Church so we could set up everything and get ready for our performance. Played with the lovely kids before and after the performance. They set up a tent just at the door for us to change costumes as there was no space. Performed then Maria preached. Felt dizzy and had to leave the stage the sit down. Had packed sandwiches for lunch and felt better after eating. Kaori also felt the same way so we thought maybe could be altitude sickness. Maria preached even more and gee ha taught some hip hop. The children and youths loved it. We had to leave at 4 as the taxi arrived so we said our goodbyes.

We had late breakfast then we left to go back to Fouriesburg. We were invited to one of the churches which was a makeshift tent. Love the songs they sang though. Some members gave testimony then they asked Maria to preach. Maria felt sungmin should give his testimony so he gave in Korean and Maria translated to English then the translator translated to sutu. Hahaha then Maria preached a bit and prayed for the people before we left to go back to the first church to set up for the show. Had packed sandwiches for lunch again and I brought vitamins to give to the children. I got swarmed ! Walked around the area to pray and waited till 230/3pm to start our show. Before that maria wanted us to practise the joyful song. Got kinda frustrated she didnt believe in me and said i have to sing with jasmine while emilyn got her solos. And i seriously got so mad cuz people keep saying its my song. Lean on me is not my bloody song omg i didnt even get the solo. Then Maria got Tobias to preach and Maria talked a bit and we prayed for the mothers and fathers. Then I played with the children while others were packing up before we left the place. Was so in awe at the sunset when on the drive back to base as it was so beautiful with numerous mountains, fields and hills in the background.

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