Its time for africa^^

We had late breakfast and headed to the safari place called Lions Rock. We were all so excited but I tried not to get my hopes up as I knew it won’t be what I wanna expect. Admire the vast fields and savannahs of Africa while on the way there. They showed us a video of how they rescue lions and animals from different places and bring them here to Lions Rock and they commit to taking care of these lions for a lifetime. So sad to see the living conditions of these lions on zoos like their stuck in such small cages. And lions that were once cubs that people could hold and stuff, it affected the mother and the lion cub as they had to stay small and were malnutrition. So when they grew up their bones weren’t strong and stuff like that. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t hold lion cubs 😥 So we head out and split into 3 different 4WD cars. I wanted the side seat as u get better view of course and I have a camera! They drove us around to the different cages (which were huge) and they explained how the lions can never be released into the wild as they aren’t strong enough and won’t know how to survive so they try to make everything as natural and wild as possible even feeding the lions etc. We saw a huge bunch of lions gathering at one side of the fence. We were so close to them!!! The only thing between us and the lions were the fence. It was kinda scary though. They’re such majestic creatures I was so in awe of their features etc. then we also walked on this bridge that was over the lion habitat and they showed us where they feed the lions etc. then we went to see the tigers and one tiger called cova is super friendly and he was walking alongside us as we drove along the perimeters of his cage. So awesome! Such a huge majestic creature!! Super loved his stripes. Saw the leopard too which had such nice patterns omgg. Then I think that’s about it and we returned to the office to pay and it was about 12usd. Stopped by KFC for lunch (SO GOOD) then we went to meet the rest at the shopping mall. Got an hour to shop before we head back to base. After dinner we had a bedtime movie hehe watched The Proposal. Loved the movie, teared a bit hehe.

Joined the DTS class at 10am and Maria was teaching about Callings and how we gotta die to ourselves and take up the cross. Pretty heavy stuff. To put god and others first. We all have the same general calling to preach the good news and baptise them in the father, son and holy spirit. Was kinda restless in the morning though. Ate some KFC chicken leftovers from ytd for break time. After lunch we had practical work and I cleaned the girls bathroom with Rachel. Had some drama after that which rly hit me. Stephanie started freaking shouting for me from the bathroom saying I have to mop the whole place up again. And she came to where I was in the living room and started complaining and shouting that I shouldn’t be mopping with my shoes. Dafuq??? I was so mad at how Rachel made the floor so wet and I kept mopping it also to make sure there were no footprints and when someone walked in I was the one mopping after their dirty footprints and she bloody comes without knowing the situation and snaps at me. Bloody met the devil today. Could see the devil in her eyes. Made me so mad and we argued in the common room. And I couldn’t take it I went to my room. Kinda broke down cuz I was so sick of being misunderstood and nothing was going right I’ve been feeling so shitty the past few days and I’m bloody missing home so much and I srsly hate these people and I’m so so sick of everyone. Especially Stephanie she’s always snapping and people an she thinks she’s always right and so bossy _|_ Cried in bed and refused to get up for small group meeting as we were supposed to pray and ask god what our school should do on Friday. Other groups were in charge of planning the schedule for other days. We were in charge of scheduling this Friday. Blogged a bit and fell asleep to sad music haha… Sigh I feel so weird I rly thought of flying back but I know gods not done with discipline me and I need to fix this problem. Anyway idk ughhh idk how to react to this and go out of this room to face these insensitive hypocritic people. Not that I’m not one. I’m a sinner too, so be it. Lexi came in later and asked if I wanted to talk and I told her what happened. She told me about her fight w becky, gaetan’s ex, when they were on outreach last time. Anyway she consoled me. I decided to go for dinner even though like I didn’t wanna face people n shizx.. Had yummy burgers, ate quickly and left to go back to the living room to use wifi. Then everyone started coming in to wait here and surprise jasmine as it was her birthday. Surprised her and I just joined them to see her cut the cake etc. had so much fun after that just fooling around and being jokers with jasmine and some others. She hates chocolate but they got her chocolate hahaha. So I ate her chocolate :p almost had a cake fight omg haha.Then watched Easy A with em in bed ~ haha kinda retarded movie haha.

Today, brianna’s group was in charge of the schedule so we had morning worship in the living room and they just played Christian songs and we had the freedom to worship god in any way. And because I was still feeling bitter from what happened yesterday I didn’t wanna be in the room and get judged by everyone as we cld see each other praising god so I went to my room to worship him. Read my bible and stuff. Then Rachel and steph came into the room and we had a good time of reconciliation, we apologised and hugged and I seriously love them so much .. And we all felt it was just the breaking point of everything that happening in each of our lives an it boiled up to that. So we weren’t really mad at each other. After worship, gee ha spoke about unity and reminded us of the verse in Isaiah and how important unity is in order to be able to fully do the will of god and do miracles. So we all held hands in a circle and had anther reconciliation time where we just apologised to each other about our attitudes or the way we treated someone and I must say it was a really enlightening and honest time and i loved it. Felt so happy and light after that.

After lunch like 230pm we did this trust fall activity in the fields. We would each climb up onto this laddered logs and proclaim the breaking of a specific chain for yourself or/and the nations then we would fall back into the arms of all of the rest of the school and they would catch us and bring us safely to ground. It was fun! Haha then we had free time blahblaaaa lazed arnd :p
After dinner, Watched The Prestige in bed with em hehe we wanted to understand the movie better and yeah we understood everything this time round 😉 fell asleep in the middle of the movie as I got sleepy and it got boring.

Emilyn and christa’s group were in charge for today.
It was really foggy in the morning but that didnt stop us from having worship at 10 in the morning~ so we had spirit led worship which meant anyone could start singing any song god put on their heart and of any language too. Once worship started the fog started clearing and the sun came out. That was crazy ! Anyway it was a nice and raw worship which really reminded me of the heart of worship and the true purpose of worship. Before it ended, Emilyn felt led for us to all shout to the heavens and thank god for the things he’s been teaching us etc. I wanted to do it as I love crazy worship but idk omg idk why I had some fear. So I didn’t 😦 told em later that I wanted to and she was like yeah I expected and was waiting for you to shout haha but I didn’t. Anyway we had lunch and after lunch we split into pairs to pray for each other and encourage each other. Idk but it was pretty slack. This week is really slack as we don’t have much events. Watched The Bourne Ultimatum with em for our bedtime movie hehe.

Woke early and left at 730am to go to another YWAM base called BAMBALELA. Joined their service in the morning and it was more of just a testimony time. After service, Miguel brought us hiking to the top of this mountain/tallest hill where we could see everything below and the whole of Bethlehem. So we split into small groups and my group was in charge of giving a verse to a group and then we proclaim that verse over South Africa. So I gave Romans 8:31-34 I thinkkkk. Haha and we prayed over this nation and blessed it. Then we went back to base for lunch and I’m not sure what we did in the afternoon but it was free time so we probably were lazing around HAHA. Watched wreck it Ralph after dinner with Emilyn and Kaori. Pretty cool !

We were performing at the mall today! Went to Dihlabeng mall and while the audio team was setting up we went around the mall in pairs to pray. Maria realised we were so distracted and many were going off to shop or buy food and she discerned spirit of materialism and rebellion etc. so she really asked all of us to focus and really pray over and rebuke these spirits. Mmm so we had a performance at 11am and we were supposed to stop at hansam dance as the shops might be angry cuz everyone not shopping. But Maria suddenly was like I wanna rebel against the shopping mall managers can we do the whole show WE FREAKED OUT OMG MY KOREAN FAN DANCE SO LONG TO WEAR EVERYTHING HAHA then she came back and was like nvm well stick to the plan haha PHEW. then when it ended we tried going out to talk to the people but everyone was walking away alr 😦 we couldn’t get much people !! Anyway we had a lunch break and just had to be back for our next continued show at 2pm. So went for lunch at Spur with Genevieve, em, Camilla, bri and mirjam. Genevieve is one of the two daughters of the base leader, Miguel. And she just came back from America with her mom. So she was telling us what she did there like she went to Orlando to audition and try and get signed with an agency as she wants to pursue singing and acting. Basically her dream is to be a singer and give all the money she earns to the poor and needy. So she was telling us about how everyone at the audition is Christian as she went under this Christian company called AMTC (Actors, models and talents for Christ). Sounded really interesting so I told my mom and Katelyn to go check it out. She’s only 14 years old but she’s pretty mature for her age. Then I told the waiter it was camillas birthday tmrw so the whole team of waiters came to sing a birthday song for her which was so hilarious cuz we were so awkward and she got a pink ballooon and free ice cream!!^^ HEHE

Then got ready for the second half of the show. More people stayed after the show and also because we quickly tried to get them before they walked off. Most stayed to find out where else we were performing so they could come see the full performance. I was kinda sad I couldn’t get to talk or pray for anyone properly until I walked back to the dressing room which was an empty shop opposite WIMPY fast food and the wimpy waiters were all taking pictures with us. And I saw the waitress that served us last time. So Fiona and I went to talk to her and asked if she remembered us hahaha. And I asked if I could pray for her and she opened up about her present struggle with his husband that found another woman and she has a baby and stuff. So we prayed for her, Rosslyn, and blessed her. I felt satisfied ! Hahaha we had some time to shop around before we took a taxi to go back to base. Watched forest gump after dinner! Emilyn fell asleep in between haha it was a sad movie… Didn’t really like it. He deserved better. That woman was so mean to him and kept leaving yet he was always there for her. Blehvh. Then went to the living room to get wifi and check on my baby who was zoukinn (cuz yknw of course I worry when my babe clubs/drinks…esp sometimes he can get so emo about me not being in Sg with him… Which makes me sad too… But I’ll be back soon !!!) haha seems like the whole of Sg was there tonight 😉 glad he’s safe and slightly sober HAHA . Still can text me such sweet messages… Awww love u. Two shows tmrw! Busy day indeed…

Woken up by a bad bad disgusting dream about us getting raped and I tried to escape and he found me etc ok it was rly gross and Emilyn too had a disgusting dream about her sister becoming a sex slave….. Other people also got Disgusting dreams the first few nights here. And many of us find it hard to sleep at night. There’s definitely smth going on in the spiritual realm. And I’ll share more in my next post haha.

Went in the morning to BAMBALELA ministry again to perform for the people living around there. Before we started we went out to walk around the neighbourhood banging on the drums to pray and also advertise for our show later at BAMBALELA ministry.
I was kinda frustrated that morning though cuz Miguel is always putting his Christian people first and wanting us to perform for them and do many things for them and Maria has to tell him a few times that she really is here to reach the lost and unsaved and not the saved. Miguel says there is a problem of discipleship with many Christians here in South Africa which I can see. Like they know about Jesus but they don’t know how to go about life living for Jesus and how to react to this knowledge. Which is why there’s a DTS…..his people isn’t our priority!!
Anyway we performed celebration and went back to the base for lunch. Then we had rest time till about 3 where we head out to KINES movie theatre where we had a performance at 5pm. I’m just gonna attach the pic of Instagram description haha. It kinda sums up everything. I’m trying to be more open on Instagram I guess just to update people and bless people with the stories and my journey and also of course to give glory to god. 🙂

Bought KFC for dinner as they said the sandwiches at the cinema was our dinner which was crazy. Man I love KFC ^^ they bought like 4 buckets of chicken for everyone to share haha I bought my own meal. But when we came back we found out there was dinner -__- haha so stupid. Then watched despicable me with em heehee btw i rly wanna watch despicable me 2 !!! 😦 super cute movie.

Extra updates:
• the past weeks ive been farting so much especially in my sleep and my roommates and friends always laugh about it haha and they are surprised I fart in front if my boyfriend too and what’s worse is he still loves me GAHAHAA If ure reading this, i love u babe

• but actually we also laugh cuz Emilyn snored like a hugeass monster one night haha and my othe roommates fart too. :p

•the food has been better and they have been giving bigger portions too so I’m super thankful for that. Although I feel this base had a lot to work on starting from the leadership. The hygiene like we have to wash dishes with body soap and they say we use too much toilet roll and don’t wanna give us and giving so little food and we r paying for all of this while they just eat off us. And even Maria the leader thinks they pocket the money for themselves as we r paying so much but we r getting so little. No heater somemore come on la. sigh many more small things that really just add up to one big issue…. Not that we can do anything about this.. All of us can’t wait to leave this deserted base to go to Cape Town!!!! Ahhhh excited. Heard the base there is like a hotel haha.

• I feel like I have to get rid of this constant feeling of missing home as i really wanna embrace the present as I’m sure I will miss it when I’m back home so I really wanna absorb in the ‘now’ and stop looking back but really appreciate what there is before me. And missing home really does no good. I’m still not going home till oct so it’s a waste of energy and time and tears .. Mmm…

• I’m really so in love with African children. They are all just so so open to accepting my love and wow it’s just so easy to be their friend. :’)

• on another note, many of us have been finding it super hard to love these men of South Africa. We haven’t had much pleasant experiences with the men of South Africa. Like the time we almost got raped and after shows when we speak to the men it’s just uncomfortable like I’m general the way the men look at you, idk what they are imagining but it’s gross. And also how they are so straight forward and frank with girls like one guy last week just said he loves me and stuff like that I made a puke face haha and they want hugs and stuff (which I def won’t give). Ew 😦 and some guy doing DTS here said he loves Camilla and told Natasha who’s in his DTS to be her girlfriend and he loves her, on the day he was leaving. This guy also wanted to only take picture with Emilyn and he was holding her shoulder when he started feeling around and she pushed him and told him not to touch her and she felt so disgusted. yeah so it’s super hard… Thank god I don’t live here I can only imagine what these girls go through… The men treat women like toys and possessions.. Bleugh !!! Many other instances but I can’t share all too many. The cashier at the grocery store was also telling me to be careful of men here in Africa and I was telling her like I totally understand like seriously it’s gross haha. Sigh i pray and hope we get to meet nice and godly African men that have respect for us women!!

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