God is so good !!

Soo Monday is our day off so everyone slept in but idk why I woke at like 8smth AM cuz I was too kiasu to do laundry. Haha lepaked till 1130am to leave for the mall. Walked there and back ~ haha shopped around then had super yummy lunch with steph and kaori at mugg & bean before I went to buy groceries and stuff for Emilyn and head back to base by around 5pm. Had dinner then watched miss congeniality w em. Hahaha I liked it.

Woke up early and headed to Maluti Hooglandskool to perform. It was really the first time we have performed for such a big crowd on outreach. I posted more info on Instagram so ill attach that :p


Maria actually asked me last night after we prayed for her (as she wasn’t feeling well) if I was ready to preach tomorrow. I thought she was kidding. At first I was like YEAH I was born ready HAHAH then I couldn’t believe it and I asked her again and she told me she has been thinking of me the whole day and what topic I should preach on. But today she said they’re not alcoholics and druggies but more orphans so focus on rejection and gods love. I also actually prepared what to talk about yesterday but I didn’t read my preparation and when I held the mic I really just said what was on my heart and allowed the Holy Spirit to just lead me. That was crazy idk how I did it but I did ^^ so good 🙂 it was a short and sweet preaching as the school actually only gave us 30mins but we pushed for the whole performance which was 1hr 30mins plus my preaching which was probably 3mins hahahaha. Simple but impactful I believe !!!! ☺ So good and the students seriously treated us like celebrities they asked for our autographs to be signed on their hands or bags or uniforms hahaha that was really fun though. Some asked for our phone numbers LOL two small children asked and they were so cute so I just have. The guys were kinda gross though asking us girls for hugs I definitely didnt give them any hugs I just said no!!! or like I have a boy!! 😉 HAHAHA then just fistpumped. I prayed for a group of girls and just blessed them… 🙂 When we were waiting this teacher told us about the school that’s to a special needs school etc. Miguel didnt even tell us -__-” but that explained some of their weird behaviour haha. Then they dropped us at Truida Kestell School to set up the audio stuff cuz we were performing there super early in the morning. Came back to base for lunch then we just relaxed around all afternoon~ forgot what we did hahaha Watched newsies after dinner. Left halfway to have prayer meeting^^ so good!

Woke super early to perform at Truida Kestell high school and they only gave us 30mins so we just printed our show and did the celebration part. Didnt get an opportunity to talk to the students as they had classes right after. Came back to base and watched princess diaries w em plus took a nap before lunch. We found ourselves on the Maluti newspaper today! So awesome our Korean fan dance picture was front page and they had an article about us hehe so awesome. Had work duty after lunch and I was assigned the laundry room which was so small omg when I went there christa said she cleaned the place already haha. So just relaxed and lazed around again. Heehee. Then had prayer meeting again after dinner :):) so good I seriously love prayer meeting! Ill explain more about it below in the updates~ (cuz yeah it’s actually almost a week now that I’m blogging now hehhhh)

Went to Lavender Hill haha description in the picture again~


Met the lady that got raped by another staff that was drunk… Quite crazy… She looked so traumatised. We all prayed for her and Maria was saying the difficulty now is just for her to forgive that man. But I’m sure she will be able to forgive him…
They gave us cereal and coffee/tea/juices and some people signed up to have bigger breakfast next Monday haha. There wasn’t much variety so I didn’t sign up. Had lunch and relaxed awhile back in base before we head to Bethlehem Christian Centre to perform. They had cookies and coffee and tea also^^ so good hehe. Rehearsed then split into groups to pray for the show. Most of the audience were Christian and some of them were students from Truida Kestell where we promoted our show! Fiona preached and gave her testimony I was so touched and knew it rly came from the Holy Spirit. Maria talked and felt that she had to challenge the audience to join YWAM and obey and really go where he calls you to go. Sarah talked to this guy that really felt called to join YWAM. So good! This girl was so touched and she talked to me abt her blessed she was haha i was so amazed at how mature she was despite her age. Our transport broke down and the families in the audience gave all of us a lift home! 🙂


rushed to take a shower ( cuz everyone only gets 3min showers and there’s always not enough hot water….. So gotta be kiasu and bathe first ASAP HAHA)
Had dinner then watched walk to remember! Cried like 3 times HAHA Emilyn was so shocked I’ve never watched so many famous movies LOL sorry I’m just not into downloading movies and I feel sometimes their a waste of time… Hahaha

spent the morning in Bakenpark community hall praying for the place, anointed the building and cleaned everything up! Cleaned the toilets, mopped and swept and cleaned the chairs. Haha servanthood!!! 🙂 Went back for lunch then relaxed and left early to Bethlehem Christian centre for our evening show. Had a lot of time so we had bible reading in small groups and read the book of John and also prayed for the show. There was a less turnout today but we still did our best… So many children came back with their parents to watch the show again haha. And one parent was telling me how it was a food opportunity to invite non Christians to come watch the show. Haha after dinner we had some drama and caught a cute lil mouse in one of the rooms. It was so traumatised haha. Looked like a hamster. Then had prayer meeting and after watched Mr Deeds w em hehe.



Had youth camp where we taught the children hula, hiphop and worship dance. We also had a time for freestyle where we were in a circle and if u got picked I had to freestyle for a min and pick the next person haha that was fun! Then played yard games and the camp ended. This group that danced folk dances came to perform for us during our lunch which was yummy African food made by this lady that wanted to bless us. Haha it was like yellow rice with raisins and this yummy meat sauce. Then we left for Bakenpark community hall as we had a performance there around 4pm. Many came to Christ today! Met a cute group of girls who danced for me haha. Left the place when the sun was setting and had dinner.
Had prayer meeting then went to sleep! Woke in the middle of the night and had diarrhoea though zzzzz that was annoying.

Had to wake up super early in the morning to do makeup and for breakfast preparation. Overslept a bit and anyway that guy unlocked the kitchen doors late. Served breakfast in the freeezzzingg cold omg then we left around 730 to perform at this church one hour away where majority of the members were farmers. It was a cool stage though like the backstage was downstairs just below the stage haha. I love it when they serve coffee too hehe so good. The base coffee sucks. Anyway we were kinda annoyed at the passivity of the church like they weren’t enthusiastic or anything but after the performance they did say they were very touched and blessed by the show. They prayed for our nations and I was quite surprised at how they couldn’t really pray. Their prayer was like a kindergarten prayer. Okay maybe I should judge but they were more than middle aged praying like that! Wow… But anyway the food was so good they made soup and sandwiches and biscuits for us. Only later we found out it was our lunch LOL FML~ but its k I ate like a pig. Haha then we went straight to Bakenpark to get ready for our afternoon show there. We arrived there so early like 3 hrs before so most of us were sleeping n chillin till like 30mins before the show to get ready. Anyway we always kinda get delayed and start the show late and people don’t come on time… So we started at like 430pm? Haha met many awesome cute children who got annoying when they all started tickling me haha. The saddest part was leaving as they ran after our taxis again… I hate that it makes me so sad and touched and makes me wanna cry 😥 these children r such sweethearts. Came back for late dinner and I think we had PM and movie before sleeping! Heehee

Extra updates:
• everyone’s favourite word now is SO GOOD (with mirjam’s Swiss accent) HAHA super cute. I keep using that word now… :p

• prayer meeting!!! So ever since the first time em, kaori and I just share about what were feeling and learning and prayer requests, I decided we should have prayer meeting everyday as we’ve been seeing things change around us and our prayers really being answered :’) so good. Emilyn got this vision of our room glowing out of all the rooms in the house! Wow and we really see and feel the difference with our prayer meeting as things change for the better and even for ourselves we can bond and really build each other up to be more like Christ! And it spiritually makes us so satisfied! Heh so good 🙂 so yup we try and give god the best time of our day and not put him last or to our convenience so we have PM after dinner and before any movie! Haha 🙂 so good It really helps me reflect too on my spiritual growth etc and remind me of people I should pray for and also get advice that is useful for my growth to be more Christ like. Haha 🙂 I was rly bad at praying before I came for dts so it’s also so good former to practise and improve my praying skills HAHAj

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