Omg firstly I just wanna say that I actually almost finished blogging about this week AND I DELETED IT BY ACCIDENT FML?!??!?!!! sigh so I am retyping out everything…. Here it goes~


We had day off and I slept in till 1130ish am HEHE everyone else went out to lavender hill for buffet breakfast LOL so the wifi was rly good! Hehe did laundry before we left for the mall. Marlien saw us walking along the highway and gave us a lift to the mall^^ catchirullo the doggie followed us to the mall and marlien said he would die on the road so we put him in the boot and she’s gonna bring him home later HAHA. Had lunch at wimpys with em and saw rosina the awesome waitress that I prayed for with Fiona last time 🙂 anyway this other waitress called yvonne came to sit down beside us and told us how blessed she is and her heart for her community and she told us more about the community and how many children turn to drugs and alcohol cuz there’s rly nothing else to do in Bakenpark. Which is so sad… We talked with her and prayed for her and I got a picture of her as an oyster shell but really what was inside was a beautiful pearl… She’s such an awesome lady I really hope she can lead her community an make a change espcially in how the children are being nurtured. Had a good lunch then we went grocery shopping and shopped abit etc. wanted to cab but it was two of us and everyone probably left already as we couldn’t find the rest so we decided to walk instead. We were walking back and talking about how stories where God protected people from harm and all of a sudden we heard beeping and this car stops beside us and this old lady rolled down the windows and asked if we were YWAM and gave us a lift! If I remember her name is pam! She was indeed such a blessing to us we were so happy we got a lift for the other half of the journey ^^





After praying around the neighbourhood with Hyunah, my buddy hehe, she felt we should pray for each other. And after prayer she told me that she got word from the Lord that I should read the bible 3 times! And I was like ooomg I never even read finish the whole bible before but I was like yeah amen I can do it! HAHA amen^^ btw we removed hula, Tahitian and Spanish dance as it was uncomfortabl especially cuz we feel that the men would take it in a more sexual way lol ew super gross one performance the boys cheered like crazy during hula I felt like a prostitute I couldn’t even smile LMAO


Had fun at first eating all the cheap and good food and meeting awesome people. The two rival schools had many cheers and the big game was the too two rugby teams playing against each other in the afternoon. Met the uni students who were relief teachers in Voortrekker that I met at the performance haha but it got boring after a while haha went to see ponies and just roam around looking for these hockey girls I met and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find them 😦 haha but it was still a good day. We were all kinda tired cuz the sun probably sucked our energy. Haha this family that was really blessed by our performance came for dinner and made cupcakes for us! How sweet 🙂 spent the rest of the night trying to viber/talk to sam while he clubbed and I think that night we watched avengers woot.


Woke early in the morning for our hour journey to our last performance in Bethlehem at Die Hoeksteen church, also known as The Cornerstone church. They were super hospitable and we were so happy there was wifi plus all sorts of drinks like green tea, hot choco, cappuccino everything dang 😉 the congregation really enjoyed it and yeah ! Kallayah ave her testimony. Didnt really get to talk to the people as they left so quickly after service. They provided us with super yummy lunch though like 5 different kids of soup and some sandwiches 🙂 I had like 5 helpings heeeehee. Went back to base to rest awhile and them we had to meet at like 4/5 at Marlien’s house as they had prepared some tea session! Another family that was so blessed by us organised and bought all the food for tea! So sweet! The father was actually a journalist and he wrote the article in the ISSUE newspaper. Aww and before we ate we prayed for each other etc and heather sang a song or kallayah as it was her birthday awww there was so much cake!!!! Ate a lot and fellowshipped and also got to see the base leaders (miguel and marlien) daughter’s room – Genevieve and dimaris and Shanina. Was kinda annoyed with Genevieve ever since she starts acting superior over me cuz she says I act like a child and I’m younger than her HAHA which I love to do but she’s 14 years old like have some respect… Anyway yeah I won’t elaborate it’s stupid and irritating. Dimaris is a much nicer girl who’s 16 this she’s probably more mature. Haha tea time was more like a feast there was so much food. Then had dinner and many didnt even turn up cuz they were so full from tea HAHA.

So we had a team meeting after dinner and it was kinda serious I guess. Maria talked about what she has learnt the past few days being sick and stuck in bed haha. And she basically shared about her daughter’s story with this homosexual boy and how she got to talk to him and really she said how he probably gets a lot of people telling him what’s right and wrong but she said just to silence all the voices, both bad or good voices and just listen to what God thinks or has to say. And after five mins of silence he said he heard it and he said God said its right that I was made to be a man and they both were weeping and praying etc. so Maria was saying that how on outreach we definitely have a lot of time to over think and miss home and think about things too much. But really we should try not to think so much and practise silencing out the many voices in our head and just listen to what god wants/has to say to us… And he definitely has the BEST for us so we don’t have to worry or think too much cuz we can plan things for ourselves but ultimately God has the best plan for us… And yeah I guess we can just leave it in his hands… And that really spoke to me especially how God really has and wants the best of the best plan for me and he really cares and loves me….and wow yeah he really has the best plan for me :’)

Then sungmin talked to us about his finances and we have given him two love offerings already and how he will return us the money in full as he can get from his parents and he just wants our love aww and he was like he’s sorry he can’t hangout with us cuz he can’t afford although he really wants to or when he does, people are always paying for him. Aww 😦 and yeah then he talked about how he’s a
man and has feelings too and not a teddy bear HAHAA aww 😦 and yeah cuz a lot of girls always go hug him etc but i also think he’s super touchy person cuz em and I noticed his touchiness hahaha so we were saying it takes two hands to clap yknw like both parties are responsible for how much u touch each other HAHAH ew sounds so wrong. Like sometimes I see him coming towards me and initiating a hug but I don’t hug him I just pat his shoulder 👍 that’s the way to go y’all !!!! Mmm okay then Maria talked about us women like our dress code when we are in worcester base as its a much bigger base that’s hosting 200 students and like cant be out alone with a guy and stuff like that. HAHA then she elaborated about women being stumbling blocks to men just because of how we dress ourselves and sometimes we might not even notice that we are wearing something too sexy or whatever cuz we would just being dressing like that for “fashion” alone. Mmm it was definitely something to think about. We don’t want to be stumble blocks to our brothers in Christ…
Then Maria talked about admin stuff etc! Had PM after with steph, em, kaori and alex 🙂 fell asleep after that haha. Was thinking a lot too even during PM I was quite quiet. Mmm.

Extra updates:

• I think what Maria said on Sunday night really was timely as I really needed that advice as at that point of time I really was thinking and worrying too much.. And I also like how she talked about we should always ask God why we do what we do. Like the root problem. For example my behaviour towards a particular type of people etc. and it’s really cool to hear what god has to say about it and how I can improve myself to be more Christ like…. How cool! I’m really gonna spend the next week working on that like observing my behaviour and finding out the root issue.

• this week has been the busiest week and so we barely had time for prayer meeting this week hahaha but I must say it was a good week. We wanna see more miracles!!! We wanna heal the sick, raise the dead, and have the blind see!!!! WHOOO!!!!

Extra updates:

• I’ve forgotten what movies we’ve watched this week since my post got deleted… 😦
• Also realised today how like despite what Nelson Mandela has done to bring freedom and unity to Africa, there’s still so much racial segregation going on like wherever we go I’ve realised blacks hang with blacks and whites with whites. It’s so so sad… Why…. And like before that when we were looking from outside in, I really thought there was racial harmony and stuff yet there’s discrimination and segregation and all that stuff. It was rather disappointing actually.

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