take courage, the harvest is ripe

DAY OFF^^ slept in in the morning and fritz gave us a lift to the shopping mall as all the small groups had to buy food for our 15hr drive to Worcester! Mmm so went grocery shopping then went to wimpys for lunch w Daniel, Rachel, Charis and heather! Went shopping and since we were done w shopping and had more time, we went to mugg and bean for some tea time hehe^^ took a cab back. Packed a bit and we had a farewell dinner that this church volunteered to organise for us! They had braai which was like African style BBQ and we had so many yummy steaks omg and dessert mmm so good :):) they had a desert theme too which was rly cute and there were different booths like washing of feet and also a booth with encouraging cards with verses and chocolate hehe. They also have assigned our seats and tables through prayer. So that was fun we all kinda had to dress up but I couldn’t rly be bothered hahaha. I had no dress either and it was too cold. The food was really good like sausages, potato salad, steak and brownies and ice cream hehe. After dinner and taking pictures we had worship session and communion. Then we could go to any of th booths we felt led to go and just ask for prayer or go wash our feet or whatever. Haha I was rly tired and Sian so went back to the room to chill and skipped all that :p came back when all that ended and we were taking pics and had a mini dance party haha. After all that, I watched HSM 1 with em HAHA.

So we were given the morning to pack as much as possible. But I kinda slept in and suddenly Miguel said he was gonna bring us to see baby lions for 20rant omg so we hopped in at the back of his truck and we all went to like our neighbour’s house who had so many lions haha. It was kinda sketchy though I didn’t like the feeling of the place and it was stinky and the lions didnt look happy and they couldn’t even roar properly I felt so sad for them as their fur didnt even look tamed 😦 but nonetheless we got to hold lion cubs which was so exciting I was actually really scared they would bite me but they were really cute :):) I kept apologising though they looked so pathetic in a small cage and sigh 😦 it was rly sad at the same time 😦 but I was happy I could tick ‘hold a lion cub’ off my bucket list. Hehe^^ only paid ten rants for gas which is like 1 USD 🙂 went back to packing, bathed and did laundry. Oh and in the afternoon we did deep cleaning an my group was in charge of the toilets so I swept the toilets etc. then took a short nap whilst everyone was still cleaning up the base and watched a bit of spud of the music as em was watching hahaha. After that, Caroline trimmed my hair!!! Finally cut of my frizzy and dead split ends so happy!! And I asked for layers and more volume~ heehe I love my haircut 🙂 took forever for me to ask caroline as i realised she doesnt luke cuting hair and like she feels insulted if we give her less than what people pay her which is like 40bucks when she was cutting hair in finland LOL. Emilyn wants to cut her hair but she doesn’t dare ask Caroline too HAHA. Then in the evening we had a more informal farewell dinner with the people from the base that prepared food for us. And we had chicken pie and pudding with custard which was amazing. After dinner they did a dance for us haha which was rly cute and they gave us all certificates for putting up with them for 33 days HAHA. And they said out of all the hundreds of teams coming here, we’re really the ones they will never forget and we’ve totally gave ywam Bethlehem such a good reputation and we’ve really changed Bethlehem and blessed them so much. It was so good to hear that :’) I mean it made putting up with everything all worth it. We had prayer and also prayed for Natasha from DTS who was leaving and touring Africa with her brother. Then took pictures and said our goodbyes…. Packed and slept early like 8smth as we had to wake early tmrw..

Woke at 330am to do last minute packing and waited from 4-5am for the taxis to arrive as they were late as usual~ everyone loaded their luggage and rushed into the taxis as it was freeezing!!! Haha had a pretty uncomfortable road trip as the sitting space is so limited omg getting aches all over. Emilyn and I switched seats between the window and middle seat twice! We stopped about 4-5 times! The major stops were for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Hahaha most of the time we were sleeping in the car~ watched the nice parts of pitch perfect and half of lord of the rings – fellowship of the ring movie!! Emilyns com ran out of batt. I love lord of the rings!!! I wanna be able to watch finish all three movies! Never got to watch all as I rmb I watched a bit in my childhood and was shaking and crying as it was too scary for me haha. Ate at wimpys for breakfast and dinner. Wimpys is everywhere ! Oh man after dinner I got the window seat and I was just so amazed at the stars in the sky you can even see the Milky Way as it was so dark wow and at the time I least expected while eating frenchfries I SAW A SHOOTING STAR. WOW I was so excited I told everyone!!!!! Now it feels so surreal it was like a streak across the sky that lasted second and now I look into the sky and keep wondering wow did that really just happen?!?! I wish shooting stars lasted longer!! But I guess that’s what made shooting stars special. I was so extremely touched though I love shooting stars I LOVE STARS. And I just heard this voice in my head saying how much he loves me and this shooting star was for me and I reminded me about how god really loves me and wants the best for me… And I started tearing haha… But wow the stars in the sky even as I type this, I’m admiring the lit up sky the stars are like everywhere!!!! Even as I look far out, it looks like the stars are so close to the ground! Right now im listening to kari jobe and just soaking in my daddy gods goodness and love…. I love roadtripss… 🙂 arrived on the base at about 1030pm and we put our suitcases in our room etc and they saved dinner for us which was cous cous and salad. Yum 🙂 took a bath and we all crashed.


We all slept in as it was a long day although most of the time ytd we were sleeping in the car but it was still rly uncomfortable heh. Stayed in bed till lunch time and it was like black pepper beef pie which was amazing the food here is rly good so thankful for that. Bought wifi for 265 rant which was 27usd. It was called like the one minth plan but really its only for 240 hours which is actually only 10 days straight -___- haha. Had a meeting after lunch where our host, Junio, ave us a briefing on all the campus stuff and our schedule for the month (super organised we were all so happy cuz we got a paper with the whole month and the schedule heh). Then he gave us a tour around the campus. They have a soccer field and big fields just to have picnics and a pool and prayer room and even have insanity everyday at 5pm how cool^^ hehe then went to the fields with steph just to soak in the sun and listen to music. Steph was reading the bible so I decide to read the book of Esther and just be encouraged by his word. Wanted to go for insanity but was so relaxed on the field we just stayed there till it was almost dinner time. Gee ha and mirjam also came to lay in th grass. Had dinner then attended the base community gathering which was good, the worship was different but the speaker was this korean missionary doctor and he focused on the people who may have been dissapointed by God because he wasn’t there etc. and he gave his own testimony about his situation and how our very existence needs God and we were made to need him and even if you don’t see him or feel him we know we need him and we don’t wanna live a life believing god doesn’t exist as that’s just impossible. They made supper for us after which was Rice Krispies so yummy hehe they had some with and without chocolate and nuts.

Woke early as we were leaving at 9am to walk to the shopping mall as we had the morning off. Love the mall and there were more shops~ came back at 12 for our short team meeting before lunch and we head out after lunch, splitting in three 8-seater cars hehe. I was in Caroline’s car with Wendy, christa and Hyunah. So weird to see Caroline, Sarah and Camilla driving but it was rly fun ^^ the rest of the team which was the sounds team went to our next venue to set up all the sounds first while we went to Rawsonville to go house to house and talk to people and pray and bless them. Played with the little children too! Heard that rawsonville was a town with stats proven to be the worst place suffering from alcoholism etc as there were many vineyards and the workers in the past were paid with alcohol haha. Anyway I thought it wasn’t that great as there have been many teams that have came here to do ministry already but nonetheless it was still kinda fun and a good experience. Most of their houses were like metal sheds. Met this mother that was my age…. Her baby was rly cute though haha. Drove to Worcester Christian centre to meet the rest of our team and get ready to perform in the evening! After the show, Maria talked about like the truth about how beautifully and wonderfully God has made us to be and special in our own way as she felt many people in the audience were really struggling with their appearance and what others think of them. Many were crying and we prayed for them and I got to pray and talk to this girl called tammy who’s 14 years old and as I prayed for her she started tearing and I was like wow… After prayer I asked about her and she was saying how many people call her names like fat and ugly and i comforted her and told her that’s not important. What’s important is what god thinks of her and he made her to be this beautiful girl. And she was so sweet she said I was so beautiful too^^ hahaha met many lovely teens too and had fun fellow shipping with them as the church had braai and hotdog party I had like 3 hotdogs HAHA Emilyn had 4! HAHAH met this girl called Mâché who is my age and we rly got along and she was telling me about herself and stuff and we decided to stay connected on Facebook :):) she’s such a sweetheart. Had to rush off and we went back to base and celebrated Wendy’s birthday with barbie cupcakes haha and in the room I brought out the beautiful jelly hearts cake I bought which was engulfed by everyone as it was so yummy and none of them have tried jelly hearts before. Saved a piece for Emilyn as she was busy talking to sungmin and brianna.. They had some problems.. Haha… Mm hadlate dinner and don’t rmb but I think em and I watched modern family at night haha.

OFF DAY!!!! So we couldn’t get a car in the morning to Cape Town so we went to the mall instead. Went to dulce cafe for lunch with Em, Wendy and Caroline. Ordered yummy Alfredo which was so creamy and gelade (cant spell FML) then we decided to go watch a movie(despicable me 2!!) bought tix for 3pm movie so we did some shopping before the movie. Enjoyed the movie but Emilyn was feeling sick and tired she fell asleep during the movie HAHAHA it was rly cute that’s all. My baby was right 😉 but nonetheless I still enjoyed it. Frekin love all the minions!!!! Walked back and chilled on the grass field with Emilyn till dinner. Then watched ip man after dinner w em^^

Woke early in the morning to drive to finger of god ministries church in Cape Town. We felt like the people were kinda rly hostile though like the pastor wanted everything in order etc and he said we have to sit through his sermon and was for everyone to leave before we can leave LOL super strict. And I almost tripped a few times doing fan dance HAHA but his preaching was not bad like this was what it was about, I wrote notes 😉

We are all fishers of men – spread your nets

There are three categories of people:
1) dreamer- one that wants things to happen
2) one makes things happen
3) spectator- one that watches things happen

-God has placed in you what it takes to be successful.
– Wake up from your dream and chase the dream.
2 Timothy 1:16
– He gives you talents according to your abilities. He only gives you what you can handle.
– Your destiny is in your hands.
– Everything that you’ve been through in the past was to prepare you for such a time and season as this.
– Do not despise the day of small beginnings.
– Every experience counts.

Then we expected the church to provide lunch but miscommunication and there was no food.. On top of that we were told that the church was paying for transport and gas and everything plus they were giving us love offering BUT they gave us love offering and said its for everything included transport. The love offering was like 700? We needed 5000 alone to pay for the gas and transport…. Sigh so we dropped by the supermarket and they bought bread and ham and banana bread and fruits for us and we stopped by one of the beaches to have our late lunch. I’ve missed the beach so much though so I was glad to see a beach 🙂 I felt like I was at the end of the world ~ hehe. Then we drove to the next church service we were performing at broadlands park community hall. The worship was really good I loved it I really felt the presence of god in the building. It was really small building and we were squished in the small kitchen for two hours waiting to perform. Many people turned up and we got a really good response from them and they thoroughly enjoyed the show. After the show, Maria talked about blessing others and not waiting to be blessed as we are already sons and daughters of the most high king, being blessed is not a problem and we will be blessed with eternal life. But we should bless others and really give instead of waiting to keep receiving. And she had altar call for those who wanted to really completely give their life to Jesus today and lay down everything for him. And really it’s to be obedient to whatever he says. And quite a few people came up and we prayed for them. I intereceded. After that the church prayed for us too and blessed us too. 🙂 they prepared dinner for us which was really yummy we were so thankful. There was juices and sandwiches and carrot cake haha. It was a long drive back and arrived back on the base really late like 1130pm and em was watching modern fam whilst I was using my phone and we slept pretty late haha.

It was a nice first few days here in Worcester. I super love the warm weather here! Haha
Thank u daddy god ❤ it's true DTS is like honeymoon time with God and I forgot when but there was this moment we were singing this song OH I RMB on Thursday during community meeting worship time, we snags songs about how much we love him and we wanna dance with him and it really reminded me of how God should rly be out first in my life and he's my first love and yeah DTS is our honeymoon phase where we get to know each other and really fall so deeply in love with each other… :') haha sounds weird but heckyeah its true :)))

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