Falling in love with south africa

Woke frekin early like left at 6am for a 1hr ride to HSS some secondary school! Our show was at 8am and we performed in front of thousands of students wow there was a lot of students haha. They were quite crazy and noisy but super enthusiastic about everything, dancing along with us all 🙂 after that Maria asked Lexi to give her testimony and Maria talked about god’s faithfulness and his love. Them we all went up to the audience to generically pray for everyone 🙂 after they were released for break time, we were allowed to go talk to them and I talked to these three girls, 14,16,18 yrs old who were rly good friends. They showed me around the sch and bought me chips and a lollipop how sweet :’) the backyard of the sch was crazy it was the mountains and there were some snow capped mountains too!!! Crazy crazy! Then after that Maria said that was our first and last performance for today and because we had a late night a early morning, she gave us the rest of the day off :’) so we came back around 11am so we just lazed around in bed and I took a nap from 12 and missed lunch cuz I was so sleepy….. Hahaha woke after lunch feeling hungry so went to the mall w the girls and got some food and did some shopping too^^ bought more hello kitty pasta and saw the same cashier that attended to me on Saturday called charlette she’s such a sweetheart haha. Left the mall around 430 to head back and did insanity at 5pm^^ it was recovery week so it was pretty ok ^^ aching now haha. watched Independence Day after dinner w em.


Could sleep in and met at 10am In the morning for team meeting and junio briefed us on the days to come and about a leader organising a trip to great white shark diving!!! so exciting but i know it might not be safe and i asked my parents, my dad thought it was pretty cool but mom said i shouldnt do it as it was 120usd and she can give the money to the poor and anyway i know my priority and reason here to outreach mmm but i was saying i have to do it one day!! and we spent the mirning going round and just sharing how we were doing on outreach etc. everyone was so open and you dont realise how much people have to share till we have these kids sessions haha. Maria was saying DTS was also a really good time to know yourself better and your passions and also your calling in life which was really true I really gotta be more alert on that… She also was telling us how some people sow seeds, some water the seeds and some see the harvest of the seeds. And this was outreach for us. Missionary life. You love them and leave them. Which was so true and I felt our job was more of sowing seeds… I feel…
Maria was also telling us about the spiritual warfare going on like because we are new to the base, some things have been happening that never happened and people/leaders easily judge and assume it is our school thats like making noise or not cleaning dishes etc.she also talked about our tight finances like how the transport is super expensive and the church on Sunday didnt even give us enough for transport… So our day off to Cape Town on sat meant we have to pay ourselves like ten usd each just to chip in :/ our budget is so tight !! But we r trusting god nonetheless that he will provide 🙂 and like after that we split into small groups and we prayed for this girl, Lisa, in my small group as her back was so painful due to scoliosis and gee ha decided we should pray for her legs as one was shorter than the other which is probably the reason to her back problems and it grew!!!!! How awesome!!^^ God is so good!!!! We were all so shocked and excited wow!!!! Like we saw the difference in lengths and it was the same length after. Gee ha was holding her legs all the while and she said once we started praying she felt it growing. God is so good :):) the supernatural should be natural!!! Haha had lunch and did laundry w em. During lunch, I had to sit with Maria and just update her on how I was doing as she had meeting at the near end of the sharing session and wasn’t there when I and a few others shared. And I shared about how God let me see a shooting star on the drive here and it seriously touched me how i was the only one that saw it and wow its just so amazing. Mm and I shared about how outreach has been good so far but I’m really expecting more for myself and much more for the next few weeks to come. As I’ve been a tiny bit disappoint with like how ineffective or like how im not impactful enough and like after the show I always get people that yknw don’t really share a lot or are fine etc and I want crazy people with crazy problems.. Haha sounds bad but idk 😦 I know anyway I still had a purpose being the one talking to them… And yeah i just was expectin more crazy stuff going on and miracles and the superntural everything! and maria just told me like usually god allows miracles to happen to build someones faith and if you have that faith already, you might not need to see any miracles and i felt that way… like i guess rhat true i really have faith in God and that he has no problem doing miracles. And also my biggest struggle for me like right now was probably really finding time to spend time with God and not just any time but really giving him my best time to spend with him and not leaving him for last… And I’m always keeping myself so busy and just caught up with so many things. And Maria said like its all about discipline etc and most of us in the sch probably are struggling with this too. I really gotta be disciplined! And she was saying I can just start with short time with him like 20mins and slowly increase the time you spend with him 🙂 sounds good 🙂 so yepp. Maria told me when she first met me she thought i was really quiet and wasnt the kind to go out and talk to people so boldly and get along and she thought sarah was that people kinda person. And now she said like its actually the opposite like sarahs really shy and im a super people person^^ hehe 🙂 Maria was also telling us how we’re the first school that does every show to our best efforts and she doesn’t have to tell us and beg us to do our best as we do it full on, every time 🙂 which I feel is so awesome!!!! Hehe gungho for every show ^^

We were supposed to read the book of John from 3-5pm but I was in bed blogging!! Finished blogging for the last last week HAHA. Then we met our small groups and had intercession time from 5-6pm and it was me, gee ha and Rachel and we couldn’t find Lisa and jasmine so we found the prayer room which was like a small hut near the fields and we just went in to pray. We weren’t expecting jasmine and Lisa to find us but WOW that was crazy. Jasmine opened the door and we were stunned like OMG jasmine found us in the most ulu place – the prayer room which is a small hut near the fields and I’ve never even been here before. Then Lisa opened the door WE WERE LIKE JESUSS URE AMAZINGG and Lisa was like saying she just kept getting the word prayer room in her head so she came here. Awesome !!!! That was pretty cool. And there was a map in the room so we were talking about nations etc and got distracted awhile and had half an hour left to pray hahaha. But we had so much fun! Prayed for South Africa and our team.

Oh They said we should wear warmer clothes this week as it was a rainy and cloudier week so it would be colder 😦 I hope the sun comes out and trumps all the rain!!! Hahah :p


Woke early in the rainy rainy morning to perform at Vusisizwe Secondary School. Ended up waiting for some time as our performance was around 12pm. Prepared, rehearsed, talked and sang songs while waiting haha. The students were super noisy omg I was really irritated as they were making so much noise we couldn’t even hear ourselves sing and the acting parts nobody could hear them either. after the performance, Rebecca preached and many were still making noise. Anyway Maria asked who wanted to give their life to Jesus to put their hands up and come front so we an pray for them and many came to Christ 🙂 I talked to and prayed for this rly quiet girl but it was so distracting as all the turners were swarming us and distracting us and some playing with my hair or winking at the girl etc lmao. But ah well. had a late lunch at 3/4pm then lazed around. Did insanity which was awesome abs exercise followed by cardio hehe. After that we decided to skip campus dinner and go to the mall for sushi ^^ cuz there’s a shuttle to the mall from 4pm to midnight cuz movies are really cheap on Wednesdays haha. Ate at ocean basket and got rly yummy sushi I miss sushi!!!! I miss sushi with sam.. 😦 It wasn’t as good as Singapore sushi…. Haha but not bad lah. I thought it was really weird that a seafood restaurant served sushi haha. Had a good time with Wendy, Lexi, Emilyn and Rachel. We had froyo after and the shuttle driver was waiting for us and the supermarkets were close although we wanted to go 😦 and he brought us to this other supermarket 5mins away from the base and we saw Fiona, Gaby, kaori and jasmine there too haha. Bought food and emilyn’s birthday card of this old fat grandma opening the fridge hehee with food in her hand. And we were paying up and she was in front of me omg and the cashier tapped th card and turned it over then Emilyn stated at it and I was like OMG THAT’S UR BDAY CARD DONT LOOK HAHAHAHA and the cashier kept apologising he felt so bad HAHAHAHA then the driver was such a nice guy he felt like a personal chauffeur I felt he was really doing more than what he was supposed to do.. So I got him some coffee haha. Had such a good night! Till I went to shower and I had shower in almost cold water cuz no more hot water omg but nvm got to lose weight ;);) Then watched memoirs of a Geisha with em^^

We went back to Vusisizwe Secondary School as the hall wasn’t big enough to have all the students so we split them and perform twice. we left later like at 10am as the show was only at like 12/1pm. It wasn’t raining today yay^^ but I think it was super cloudy today! The students were much more tamed today. Cuz the guy helping us would constantly ask them to keep quiet and watch the show. Haha thank god. So they were paying attention and kept the hall quiet !! Jasmine gave her testimony today and we just prayed for all the students together in the hall by stretching our hands towards them. Then we had to pack and leave. They didnt rly want us to talk to the students as there was no time. Then I saw these 3 girls who were just waiting around and I went to talk to them. I shared a bit of my life with them and they shared about how all 3 of their parents split up… One girl never even met her dad before and stuff like that. So I prayed for them before we left. Everyone was waiting for me to leave ahhhh! Haha left the place and had a late lunch again. Went to the mall with Gaby, Olivia and Lisa. Went at like 430pm so we had an hour before we had to go back for dinner. Did some quick shopping got Emilyn’s vintage tin box haha and food etc ^^ walked back and took pictures I’m this field of daisies!! I wish there were fields of wild daisies in Singapore how pretty. We only have wild ugly grass haha. They close at night and open in the day! So magical 😉 after dinner, watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Emilyn hahaha.

Slept in..^^ lazed around then hmm idk I forgot if I went to the mall or not…….. I think I did !!!! LOL anyway had lunch then went to Rawsonville to do ministry. It was awesome 🙂 we split into groups and we were just supposed to go house to house and just talk to people and pray for them etc. went into this middle aged man’s house and he showed us around. It was a small house but it was not bad there was a television and cable tv haha. and we talked to him and he was so nervous when we wanted to pray for him but we did and he was crying… I got a picture for him too which was like a bucket with a water from a tap flowing and it was nonstop and overflowing. Mmm lazy to explain. Anyway he felt like because he was working he should provide for others and its so amazing how he doesn’t have much but he cares for others that are even worse like with no jobs and he wants to help them. Even before praying when we asked why prayer request he had he asked us to pray for the other people…. How selfless is that! Such a good man with a good heart.

So I was walking around the neighbourhood andgoig house to house to talk to and pray for the people of the community when this Middle Aged man named Charles came to me to introduce himself and greet some of my friends whom he has met the last time. And I felt like god wanted me to stay andto talk to him so i talked to him and he was blaming the government and complaining about unfairness etc to me. He was so angry at the government and rly blaming the government for where they are today like theyre underpriviledged and in poverty etc and the white get all the good stuff etc.. And I was just listening and really not saying anything. And when he was done I just told him how we might not be physically rich but I would say they aren’t underprivileged psychologically and emotionally as they have Jesus and that’s all we need. Having and knowing Jesus makes us rich beyond measure. We’re rich with Jesus in us, with kindness and goodness and love etc. and I really got into an interesting conversation with Charles. Then I decided to pray for him so i asked jasmine, a friend of mine to pray as I wanted to ask god what he wanted me to do next. When we asked if he had any requests, he just said God knows his heart and knows his problems so he doesnt have to say or whatever as god will help him or smth like that. Once I laid my hands on him.. Immediately I felt so much weight/ heaviness and oppressiveness hit my spirit and flow through me. I almost couldn’t breathe as I felt like I could feel his burdens on me. After jasmine’s prayer, the rest left but I stayed as I really wanted to talk to him more and share what I felt while praying. Even before I was gonna approach him again as they were all saying goodbye and stuff, he came to me and asked about me speaking in tongues while jasmine was praying. And from there I told him how I felt etc and the Holy Spirit just really started moving in me and I don’t really rmb what I talked about but I just started weeping as I could feel his pain and god was really breaking my heart for what broke his.. And I just wept and at the same time just telling him how much god loves him. And Charles was trying to tell me not to cry and he even wiped my tears… Then I told him I wasnt crying for myself… I was crying because I could feel his pain… His burdens…. And he held my hand and he started weeping, telling me how vulnerable he has become…It was the most beautiful moment I will never forget…. From the man I met in the beginning who had such a strong front and wasn’t open at all, he suddenly opened up and made himself so vulnerable to me… It was crazy. So I continued to share about the goodness of god and just reveal the truth of the word to him… However after asking him a few times if he wanted to accept God into his life, he kept saying he couldn’t as he had other things he had to release before he could and stuf…I didn’t understand but I couldn’t force him and everything had its time and I believed that i have already sown that seed in his heart… and he was telling me how he can see something in my eyes..holiness in my eyes wow…. And the last thing that he said that I will never forget: That although he was already so old, he felt like a kid again, looking at me and telling himself that he wants to be like me one day….. I seriously wept….and really thanked God for such a beautiful encounter with one of his sons-to-be (in faith I believe!) My eyes were still so red and puffy when I went to play with the children later and I bought hello kitty tongue tattoos :p so we were playing with that hehe. I felt so satisfied with what happened today I just was so joyful an decided to just play with the children. It was such a good time of ministry. I also heard there was a lot of healing going on. Like this man was healed of asthma and this woman had no more pain in her body she was jumping and running away and shouting in joy. And this man he couldn’t see properly but his eyes started clearing up and could see better.. Wow what an amazing day. Praise god :’)

Came back and missed the team meeting as I didn’t know.. Went to shower instead and get ready for the brazillian harvest festa junina party in the evening. Its like a party thats ususally celebrated in june in brazil as thats when theres harvest for the farmers etc. so we all had to wesr checkered shirts haha. Skipped dinner to chill in bed. The party started at 730pm. So little heartbridge people bought tickets to the party lmao but it was quite fun!!! Only me, Gaby, Fiona, Sarah, heather, kaori and Alex. When we entered it was super cowboyish and everyone was dancing super cute!!! So traditional haha and there was good food all Brazilian desserts haha and popcorn and we played musical chairs and this Brazilian lady gave a speech and there was more dancing and taught us how to dance in a wedding like there was a special group Dance. Hahaha the music was so retro. They all spoke Portuguese so Gaby kept translating for us. Didnt really socialise around though, just stuck with my girls ^^ then went back to the room and just lazed around and blogged I think haha. Made a collage for Emilyn’s upcoming birthday too.

Woke at 9 for breakfast and to pack our lunches and left at 10am for cape town^^ Steph was driving our car and we had three 8-seater cars and a taxi (like 19 seats?). We drove the long scenic route past beautiful scenery and round mountains etc. stopped by to take pictures then went to sleep in the car ride and when I woke up, we were in Cape Town! Oh how I missed the city~ it was so beautiful and there’s so much to explore !!! First stop was the African market which was in the city centre! Bought souvenirs for friends etc 🙂 arrived there at 1pm, left at 230. Met a guy mending a stall selling paintings and found out he’s a pastor and he was so on fire for god all he talked about was the word of god it was do amazing and he was telling me how he wants to go around Africa to teach the people to live life from the word of god and not our sinful nature etc etc. tried to bargain by saying ill give jasmine’s pone number as she’s a hot topic to these South African men 😉 she is rly hot and beautiful hahaha. Then we went to Signal Hill and got a breath-taking view of Cape Town omg steph said the view here is better than table mountain hmmm. But yeah it was rly gorgeous… Looking into the sea and horizon and the houses all clustered beside the ocean..

Next stop was Bo Kaap, the Malay quarter of Cape Town! Every house along the street had a different colour haha so colourful! Some people were taking their wedding photos there. Went into a Malay restaurant and took away from curry and PRATA ^^ not cheap though 8 bucks for fish curry and 2 plain pratas! The guy that took our order started showing us some videos of Islam influence in his phone like this little boy saying there’s no Israel only Palestine wtv stuff omg super scary he didn’t know we were Christian haha…

Next stop was cape of good hope I think and we went to one of the bays by the sea to take some pics before we headed to waterfront which had a big shopping mall called Victoria wharf with many American brands there. Drove along the mountains overlooking the ocean as the sun was setting and it was so, so beautiful!!!! Ahhhhh watching the sky change from blue to pink to orange to green to black….. With the endless silhouettes of mountains and ocean in the horizon….. Just perfect…

Anyway when we were reaching we lost the front two cars so steph decided we just park at the parking lots as she knew where it was and find the rest at the mall. So we did that and met the rest at the mall haha. We only had less than two hrs so walked around a bit with Emilyn but it was so hard for me to walk around and see shops as I had a bowl of curry in one hand and PRATA omg.. Cuz em didn wanna eat yet … So in the end I couldn’t even look around much anyway there wasn’t much anyway.. All these American shops I can do that in America ^^ mmm then we went to this Thai takeaway place to get some Thai food while I finish my PRATA and I ordered some fried rolls omg forgot the name Asian fail FML. Boost was closed but em begged the guy to make two drinks for us HAHA so we could drink it on the drive back^^ mmm it was a good day!!!! Slept all the way back to the base :p

Left the base at 9am to do an outdoors show in a basketball court in a small neighbourhood in Worcester. There was like a small team building there that held workshops and stuff I’m not sure what they do. Mmm some were sweeping the basketball court or setting up audio and most of us trying to figure out how to set up these broken tents for us to change in…. Took up a lot of time but in the end we threw one away and used one tent while some of us just changed outside and we just drove the cars around us to block us haha. It was super hard doing Korean fan dance as the past few days, the wind has been super strong and it was blowing against my fan hahaha my hand was aching after that :p after the show Maria asked us to talk to those that weren’t part of the church and so I went up to these few girls just standing around and they were so nervous when I went up to them to talk to them. Talked to them as they slowly opened up and their party lifestyle, smoking weed and drinking alcohol. They were 15/16 years old…. It’s so sad…. And it rly took me some time to rly get to know them and get them to open up but slowly they opened up more etc and we had a good conversation especially when the other girls left and I was talking to this girl called Dinke and yeah she was just sharing and I prayed for her and all the girls and really encouraged them and lift them up to God. They told me they left the YWAM workshop cuz the ywammers have been treating them unfairly and unjustly and I really sympathised for them but I told them to forgive them and rly not let them stop you from doing the what u love – dance workshop at that YWAM building. And we had fun singing and dancing a few songs while the rest of the team were having getting snacks in the building, I stayed outside with these children just getting to know them and giving them as much love as I could before we had to leave.

Yeah that’s about it. The rest of the Sunday was pretty chill! 🙂

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