be concered that your name wouldnt be written in the book of life

12 AUG; Monday
Woke suuuper early left like 7am to perform at Worcester Secondary School. Saw the sunrise super pretty !!!!! Gaby gave her super awesome testimony and after the show we all stood outside to five the students highfives and hugs. Came back and lazed around i think took a nap till lunch then lazed around again till 5pm for insanity!!! Then had dinner and rly just chilled out haha.

13 aug; Tuesday
Woke super early again to perform at Worcester Secondary School! As the sch had to split into two as the hall wasn’t big to fit everyone. They filmed our performance today so everyone was rly trying our best HAHA but maria said yesterdays performance was better. Met some of the girls that I met on Sunday at the open air show in the basketball court!! Awesome and they rmb my name :’) cuz they have a friend with the same name that died or left or smth idk….

Came back and lazed around a bit then went to the mall for an hour as Daniel had the car to drive Alex to the bank so we got a lift there and he gave us half an hr so I went to the postal office to check postage prices, made my lash and brow appointment at the spa and bought emilyn’s mini presents like food etc. couldn’t find Daniel and realised he left us there-__- asshole….. So we walked back in the cold and rain -_- it was quite fun though we were singing songs like singin in the rain HAHA yeah felt invincible after braving the storm. Mirjam and i Took a shower and I wore pyjama shorts cuz yah I felt invincible!!!

Had team meeting after lunch where Maria really opened up about her family’s financial struggle etc as she’s been resenting to open up but god really spoke to her to tell us so we can pray for her. So we prayed for her and also discussed some admin stuff. Did insanity again but cuz it wasn’t my bathing day I didn’t wanna get sweaty sooooo I pick and chose which exercises I wanted to do and most of the time I was just doing some yoga poses at the back HAHA quite funny. Had dinner and lazed arnd all day errday^^ Wendy and Lexi skipped dinner to buy ingredients to make mug cakes for us^^ so they spent the night making banana cream cheese and peanut butter smth mug cake!!! Went down to join them for awhile… It was havoc HAHA but my banana cream cheese mug cake was soo good!! 🙂

14 aug; Wednesday
Had team time from 10am-1pm. Maria talked to us about like how many are already concerned or thinking too much about what to do after DTS and stuff and how it’s definitely not gonna be easy for us when we go back especially how we could be on very different levels now like standards etc which is what I rly felt too. And also like temptation and trial etc will come and try to lead you astray from God but we really have to stay close to him and keep reading his word. Maria also talked about a story in the bible where Jesus told his disciples not to look at the signs and wonders but really be concerned that your name will be written in the book of life. And we shouldn’t be looking for signs and wonders to know that god exists and is real because he is!!! And we could be doing signs and wonders all our life but when we meet god in heaven he might say he doesn’t even know us because all we care about what the miracles and not our relationship with God… Is it was a rly encouraging reminder for all of us I feel…

Then we split into two or there’s to just share about our worries for the future etc and really hear from The Lord for each other and pray for one another! I was with steph so she just opened up and I opened up too like my greatest worries probably like where to study, relationships and temptations! Then we watched the performance they filmed of us yesterday! Haha omg quite funny to watch ourselves.

Then had lunch and volunteered to go to treasure teens to have a dance workshop with the teens that go there. They said only the girls were coming but the boys came too cuz it just stopped raining so they couldn’t play soccer and were coming here instead. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing….. So while waiting for the kids to come after sch, we prayed about what we should teach today now that the boys were here as initially Olivia was gonna teach worship dance. Steph decided to tell the story of the boy with five loaves of bread and two fishes and how he multiplied it. And we decided to teach joyful joyful to everyone! The kids were kinda idk quiet and some were kinda mischievous. Ehhh they weren’t open to like our love either…. And just observing their interaction/relationship with the people that take care of them (like they made treasure teens), it was just rly like distant and like no love. It was weird. I didn’t like it. Some weren’t paying attention when mirjam and olivia were teaching the dance… But anyway I tried to talk to and dance with some girls but they were so shy and not rly open…. There was this girl that just stood at the back and didnt wanna dance to I made her dance and everytime she saw I stopped checking on her she would stop dancing… I kept asking if she was ok and shell just ignore lmao after the workshop I just called her out to pray for her. We also stood in a circle and tried to let them do some freestyle which didnt rly work as they were so shy….. Idk and scared to be judged by their peers lol so we ended with prayer and yup left. Quite opthetic i was quite dissapointed like how it was so hard to reach out to these kids… i guess treasure teens provide for them enough???? it felt rly useless. Came back for dinner and we heard there’s a Girls Night Out event at the movie theatre tonight but someone said it was fully booked. Lexi called and they said there’s seats and we should go buy ASAP!!! So she told us all as we were chillin in the room and we were all rushing to get dressed but I was like let’s have a PJ party and go in our PJs!!! HAHAHA so I wet in my cute PJ shorts :p others wore sweats and some didnt even look like they were wearing pyjamas BETRAYERZZZZ but yeah anyway caught the shuttle to the mall!! So it was Emilyn, me, Caroline, mirjam, Camilla, Rachel, steph, Lexi and Sarah! Went there like 7+PM when the movie was like 830pm HAHA cuz we had to buy tickets! Anyway cuz we were early they had like a mini cocktail party with orange juice and champagne… Really wanted the champagne :(((( kinda miss alcohol… HAHAHA everyone else was all dressed up in heels etc and some older women were shocked and judging us LOL but whatevrrrr^^ the movie tickets were like 44rant – 4usd!!!! So cheap!!! So we had some juice (no champagne for us) and stayed around for a while before we realised we had like an hour so some went to get froyo while steph, em and I went to panarottis to get coffee haha. Chilled and talked, sipping on coffee before we left as the movie was starting!! They were giving out free magazines for like House or Cosmopolitan etc !! Awesome^^ this guy was inside the movie theatre talking as he was announcing lucky draw etc… And we had to wait quite awhile as he talked so much and people weren’t rly listening i felt quite bad for his job. But anyway suddenly he called out my seat number omg!!!! I won one of the lucky draws !!! How awesome is that! God seriously loves me OMG I love him so much he’s so good to me. I wasn’t expecting as I thought our tickets weren’t even in the bowl. But it wasss!!! They were like ESTELLE D12!!!! I was yes omg I am d12!!!! And I ran up screaming and everyone in the theatre was cheering for me and some laughing cuz I was like shouting IM THE WINNER!!! HAHAHAH and I got to choose wine or non alcoholic champagne. So of course no alcohol in DTS so I chose the latter. So fun!!!! OMG such a pleasant surprise really :’) The Heat was such hilarious movie I swear I would watch it again!!!! I love Sandra bullock hahaha. Anyway headed backkk after the movie and it was such a good night praise god 🙂 came back almost 11pm and decided to stay up till midnight to wish Emilyn happy birthday AWW like was packing and doing admin stuff etc till like 1150pm I ran to the toilet to write finish her bday card and I wrote a poem too and gave her two verses. Also had to pack all her bday presents in the box I bought for her. HAHA and maybe like 1215am I went to her as she was in her bed and wished her!!!! Awww she was touched ^^ Watched modern family super late in the night and couldnt stop laughing HAAHA. Season 1 is probably the funniest.

15 aug; Thursday

So I actually made an appointment for Wednesday morning to shape my brows and try lash extensions as it was really cheap to do it here in South Africa! But there was a team meeting yesterday so I had to postpone it to today. However when I woke up, it was raining :(( the girls actually planned to go for birthday breakfast too as it was Emilyn and and camilla’s birthday. My appointment was at 10am and the rain stopped slightly before 10am so praise god! But everyone didnt expect to still go for breakfast but they all got ready and I waited as I couldn’t walk to the mall alone! 😦 it was rly cold and windy but a nice walk to the mall w my girls. Reached there and told them I’ll meet them later. Went to the clinic and they said I was too late I was like 45 mins late but she was fully booked for the rest of the week and she was gg on holiday etc so there was no slots for me:( so I cancelled my lash extensions sigh really wanna try it one day though:( and just did my brow shaping like she waxed my brows and I modified my brow shape I prefer this shape!!! 🙂 mm then went to join the rest for breakfast at mugg & bean. ordered the same meal as Camilla which was like salmon and hashbrowns and egg! MMM SO YUMMY!!! And ordered a cafe mocha^^ had a good time then some went back first but em and I went to grocery shop… Bought some food etc 🙂 also bought the ingredients for our fondue in the evening!! Walked back around 1pm and skipped lunch cuz brunch was rly filling!! We were just chillin in our room till about 3/4pm we had to meet in the hall where we were gonna do a show at the Thursday night meeting! Was so frustrated doing laundry today wtf people kept takin our machine then had to wait to use the washing machine and dryer snd te bloody dryer sucks our clothes were still so wet. We had a intercession for the show then shared what we got from god which was a confirmation for maria on what she would share tonight and prayed around the hall for tonight before we started rehearsing and marking our spots on the stage etc. cuz i ran out in between rehearsal to try and get the dryer… i dropped my phone somewhere and i freaked out… took almost an hr to find it then i decided to just get dinner and sarah was like STEPH FOUND UR PHONE ITS ON UR BED and i went to my bed it wasnt there… then at dinner enilyn gave it to me saying wendy took it from my bed and passed it to her-___- srsly a bloody wild goose chase seriously the laundry and the phone spoiled my mood. did make up and got ready for the show! Really wasn’t feeling in the mood at all… It was probably one of the worst shows for me… My mind was everywhere and I wasn’t focused I was just waiting for it to end 😦 idk why:( sigh~ and Camilla face palmed my face really hard in one scene… My nose recently has been getting hurt a lot LOLOL. And brianna kicked my calf too HAHA FML. Anyway after meetings they always have supper for us so they ha cake today^^ and some were preparing the bday surprise for the bday girls!!! So Emilyn and I got our clothes from the pathetic dryer before we headed back to the dining hall as they separated a corner of the hall for our celebration. They had to close their eyes to go in.. It was dark and there was candles everywhere awww even a heart shaped out of the candles that sungmin made LOL… A bit too romantic?? But anyway we sand bday songs and ate a lot of cake hehe. Chilled around before we went up to get the fruits and chocolate and brought it to the dining hall to prepare the fondue^^ Camilla helped em and I! Brought it back up an had a fondue party! Bought bibs so everyone was wearing bibs HAHAHA super cute! We had strawberries, bananas and apples 🙂 and milk, smooth and dark chocolate :):) had some difficulty washing the bowls with chocolate in them but we did! Then it was lights off…anyway em and I had to hang our wet clothes all over the room for it to dry haha. I forgot what we did after that but it was pretty late so we probably went to sleep not long after that.

16 aug; Friday
So we went to this drug and alcohol rehab centre in the morning 🙂 this guy from the trubador DTS actually goes there every Friday and gives drum therapy lessons. So we joined the lesson hich was rly fun I rly wanna learn how to play the African drums!!! Apparently he’s gonna give our school drum lessons yay 🙂 so we had like 30mins with the adult group and then 30mins with the youth group and both had 30mins of drum lesson before our ministry. And he ended early so Maria preached a bit and gave her testimony and she really spoke to their hearts… Some were crying… Then we went up to pray for them like there were only about 15 of them. And Maria asked for more help to pray for this lady that was experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit… So we just kept praying for more!!!! And many of both the men and women were crying it was really such a heartwarming moment… :’) just to see how open they are and really desperate to hear and experience what God had to say and his love for them… Mmm was thankful for how god moved today in their lives I just hoped I could have been a more prominent part of this but nonetheless really it’s about him and not me… I guess that’s smth I rly gotta learn.. Then we had a session with the youth so had drums therapy first then he passed the time on to Maria to preach again. The children were 13-17 years old wtheck these kids are so young and they’re already in rehab.. It’s so sad! 😦
Maria felt like led to talk about the negative words that have to spoken into the lives of these kids and she talked about her own testimony and how everyone called her nickname as ugly. And she asked all the students who were under 20 years old to come up so I went up with some others and she assigned each of us to each youth and we were in charge of praying for them. Specifically to receive from God what were the specific negative things spoken to them and generational curses etc. prayed for this 13 year old boy called tony I think LOL I was rly scared I would say the wrong things and for a moment i was trying to hard but I really tried to focus and listen to what god wanted to speak through me! It was a good experience 🙂
Then when we were gonna leave, some adults from the rehab came and asked for prayer.. How awesome is that!! So we prayed for them and blessed them 🙂
Went back to base for lunch then left at 230pm for rawsonville ministry again! Suddenly Daniel stopped all our cars by side of one of the busy streets and parked there. When we got out he just called us to go walk slog that street and talk to people and pray for them! AWESOME^^ I seriously love that I love spontaneousity!!!!!! Woot so everyone went around in pairs but I just went alone as I feel like some things I talk to people could be personal and they probably would be more comfortable just sharing with one than a group! Idk I love ridin solo 😉 So I scouted the area abit before approaching this lady standing outside the store. Her name is Leah! And we just had small talk and she told me about her life and her husband who drinks a lot etc and I asked to pray for her so I prayed and blessed her! She seemed kinda shy and self conscious but it was good! I got to pray and bless her! Then I was looking for my next victim… Felt drawn to go up to this young lady… Everyone along this street were like old aunties as uncles kind so she kinda stood out for me and I love and find it comfortable for me to talk to young women as I can relate to them better too! So she was super super shy…. And yeah she told me the boy beside her that Emily and Stephanie were talking to was her boyfriend LOL. And she slowly opened up cuz I asked her a lot of questions HAHA and how she dropped out of sch at grade 10 as she got pregnant! And she’s 21 now with 2 children… I was rly grateful she didnt abort her children and kept them instead. And she told me her mom died and she never saw her father cuz her parents split up.. 😦 but she has sisters and relatives etc and its so weird her boyfriend is the father but they’re no married yet they’re taking care f their kids so she still calls him her boyfriend. LOL anyway I really felt she was aug a strong girl… Wowww. Prayed for her and really encouraged her and told her about God and how he’s always there for her and she doesn’t have to do things alone cuz he will be there to help her…. I loved how she asked me to keep praying for her even when I leave and say bye she wanted me to remember her and keep praying for her… I told her I would definitely pray for her… Her name is benice btw! Beautiful name 🙂 I really hope she’s doing we’ll an I believe her life could only get better 🙂 Soo we had to leave and so we went to rawsonville, to the house where this family is working with YWAM and really the peacemakers where they’re the ones opening up the community to YWAM. So we went into their small shack like house where we had a short worship session and prayed for the family and the community and proclaimed gods goodness and blessings over rawsonville etc. by the time we got back, it was already 530pm! Went for dinner then hurried to my room to get my Testimony greeting done and sent it to Julie that night haha. The next morning Julie said the testimony was awesome and she showed Pauline and she was really moved too :’) wasn’t much I knew I could have were a better testimony greeting but it was powerful enough to get the message across 🙂 praise god!!!

17 aug; Saturday
Kinda got to sleep in and left arnd 945am for Cape Town with steph, em, Wendy and Caroline 🙂 sat in the front seat with steph beside me driving the car! Started off the day with a prayer and rly dedicated the day to God that although we heard the weather was gonna be bad but i really believed that it would be a good day. Reached Cape Town about 11smth in the morning and we parked at the same place as last week and walked to the African market and the main road with many vintage cute shophouses. Walked around and explored the area and around noon time we went to this nice cafe to get coffee and lunch! But I wasn’t hungry and they only had sandwiches so I just got a nice cuppa latte 🙂 shopped around more… The stores were so pretty with nice stuff they were selling and went to this store which had two French bulldogs roaming around and damn they’re so cute !!!! Feel like getting a bulldog/pug now:( their face is like squished with cuteness HAHA got some organic juice in this juice shop and really just walked along the whole main shopping street in Cape Town city centre. While waiting for wendy to try on a dress, em and i were waiting along the street when this lady came up to us with a baby girl in her hands begging for money… i started asking her about her life etc and we ended up praying for her and she let us pray for her even though she was a muslim and we told her we were christians. And i really told her about the one snd only god and how e loves her so much and i really hope we have sown a seed in her heart today. Cape Town is really quite small as we didnt have a local with us and steph could find her way around as it was rly pretty simple to get around and Cape Town city centre is pretty small! The Melissa brand jelly shoes and hunter boots are really trending here. Expensive though…. Anyway stayed around for about 3 hrs before we left to drive to table mountain just the visitors centre where u can take a cable car up to the mountain but we just parked at the visitors centre and took pictures etc. the other girls felt it wasn’t worth it to pay ten bucks to go up and prob waste an hr there and there were like dark clouds coming over the mountain. We took pictures and had a mini prayer meeting but got into the car to pray because it was too cold outside haha. Prayed for South Africa and declared his goodness over the people here. And once we drove off, it started raining ! Perfect timing!!! Cuz the sun was out the rest of the day when we were outdoors and it only started raining when we just drove off to head to the shopping mall around 430pm and spend the rest of our day indoors! God is so so good to us…. So we went to the biggest shopping mall in Cape Town, it was like 2 huge buildings ! Haha mmmm and we shopped around, had Dimsum + kebab + calamari + noodles for dinner. Haha Emilyn and I wanted to try everything! There was so much variety of food places there! We rly missed Asian food and Dimsum etc…. Everyone wanted sushi but in the end we all got Asian food HAHA I ordered siew mai, har gao and Singapore rice noodles LOL not bad quite nice !!!! After dinner, we split up and I shopped around with em. We didnt have anything in mind rly as I rly wanna save my money and luggage space for LA^^ but got some nice buys!! Then we had nothing to do as we kinda saw everything so we went back to the good area and saw an arcade with like 3 photo booth kinda stalls. They were rly sketchy and weird but one of them said like they etch your faces on like a medal kinda thing HAHA so we decided to try that!! 30 rants – 3usd. It was awesome!! Came out so well so we made another one hehe one was silver and other was gold!!! Super pretty it was like a keychain like a rectangular gold/silver plate with our funny faces carved on it HAHAH really a good captured memory!!! :)) then we met at 730pm to leaveee. They got some ice cream and I got an ice blended coffee! On the drive back, caroline suggested emilyn to give a topic of conversation and she chose the topic about love and relationships HAHA so I got to hear everyone’s stories and such.. It was nice to see them open up that I could learn more about them and their stories too! It was a really good and chill day and god really loves us so much and he’s such an awesome god, holding the weather for us :’) thank you father god you’re so awesome!!!! ❤

18 aug; Sunday
Woke early again and left at 7am for like a 1hr30min ride to one of the churches in Cape Town . Crashed in ye whole car ride there and was super groggy when we reached haha. It was so cold too!!! But anyway the worship was awesome.. they sang Jesus be the centre of my heart !!!! One of my favourite songs :’) worship was awesome even though we were stuck backstage 😦 then we performed and Olivia shared her testimony 🙂 she was rly good! Maria preached a bit and we went up to pray for all the fathers in the church.

So we performed at 10am and our next show was at 5pm LOLLL they brought us up to their lounge which was awesome!!! It was carpeted and there were sofas and dining area mmmm they made buffet lunch which was so yummy and gave us dessert too plus fruits. We were all so full after that. Had lunch on the floor with Emilyn and these three cute lil children. Actually one cute 4 yr old girl and her 8 yr old sis and their 9 yr old cousin haha. They were all such sweet girls. Then everyone started taking a nap and falling asleep on the couches and Emilyn and I were falling asleep too.. Then the lady came in with so many thick and soft blankets for us.. Such a blessing :’) so we had a rly warm and cozy nap!!! Slept at like 3pm woke at 4pm for tea time like cakes and coffee!!! So much food haha eating so much but really god is so good it was such a blessing!!! :)) then we all went down backstage by 430ish to get ready as the next show was at 5pm. Had a good show and after that Emilyn preached an amazing sermon 😉 so awesome!! 🙂 ten Maria felt we should pray for the youth as they were the leaders of the next generation etc.. So we got all the youths to come on stage and we prayed for them. I quickly got someone and Rachel and Gaby actually joined me too. But Maria came and took them away to pray for some other people which was awesome! I could get one to one with this girl^^ so I got to know her like her name.. HAHa then prayed for her. Felt god clearly speaking and downloading to me what he wants me to tell her. So I told her about the importance of her name, Faith etc and I got a vision of her on one side of like a river that was impossible to cross but because of her faith she was able to walk on water and get on the other side… And I was just talking to her and asking if she had any prayer requests and she was like saying she has to preach this Thursday at school and she was gonna preach about faith and Paul walking on water I WAS LIKE WHAAAAT JESUS URE SO AWESOME!!! That’s crazy omg^^ ahhhh!!! So it was a confirmation for her to preach about that in her Christian group in sch etc! She was only 16 yrs old I was amazed at what she was doing alr like simple school Christian meetings! Anyway it was so awesome ahhh and I rly encouraged her and blessed her!!! She’s gonna be such a powerful woman of god I believe so 🙂

Had such a good end to the day! Slept in the car ride back hahaha came back and rushed to bathe and had a late dinner n chilled in bed till my eyes closedddd.

Extra updates:
• this week was been the windiest coldest week ever!!!!! The wind has been on a ROLLL!!!!

• I forgot but either Monday or Tuesday night, I finished watching lord of the rings – fellowship of the rings with Emilyn.

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