Goodbye south africa……

Mondayyyyyy 19 AUG

Woke friggin early like 6am to perform in the morning at this school. Was so cold that day I think cuz I was falling sick… 😦 anyway performed then Maria preached and got all the students who wanted to for their life to Jesus to just open their hands and we all prayed for them. Met some girls after the show outside the hall and just talked to them a bit haha prayed for them as a group! 🙂 then went back to base and I think we had the rest of the day off. Chilled till lunch time then went to the mall in the afternoon I think hehe 🙂

Was going to sleep when Emilyn went on my bed to close the curtains and she spilled my mug of milo on my bed HAHAHA FML… Thank god it’s the last week so anyway I’m gonna wash it before we leaveeee.

Tuesdayyy 20 AUG

Woke friggin early again to perform at the school but they got angry cuz we were moving the chairs and tables that were in the hall and on the stage and they wanted us to perform outside in the cold and rocky ground… So we packed up and left. Maria said like the bible if people don’t welcome us, we just shake it off and keep going. So that’s what we did 🙂 got to go back to bed and sleep longer hehe till about 10am some of us decided to get a coffee break so we went to the dining hall to get PBnJ and coffee 🙂 we left around 1030am to Goudini Spa which was like a spa resort thingy that was open to YWAMmers cuz the boss is a Christian and he loves YWAM! Haha they said there’s spring water etc and I was kids prepared to go swim but it actually turned out kinda bleugh and pathetic. So many Muslims and like fat gross old people in the outdoor pool an the indoor pool was like a sauna cave LOL ew then they had like a spa place with massages/mani/pedis but only one therapist so em and I decided to just go eat and chill. Which is what most of us did. There was a pathetic mini golf place lollllll that’s about it. Ordered some tandoori chicken strips with fries and this mutton curry with rice HAHA it was okay.. Not bad 🙂 then cuz many people were bored and didnt wanna swim so they managed to get two cars full of people back to the base. I decided to stay and just chill… We don’t usually get much relaxing time outside of the base haha so just soaked in the vibe~ they left around 1/2 and we left like 330 🙂 went back to the base for a late lunch then left to the local theatre where we were gonna perform in the evening.

The theatre wasn’t rly done with renovation but the lady boss of the theatre said this would be like the opening show haha the lights backstage weren’t even working. Junio had to go back to base and bring some spotlights for us. This local African group performed first and we wanted to watch it so we got to sit in the audience with our hula dresses haha cuz we were performing next. It was rly nice I loved the drums and colours haha. There was this white lady out of all 6 of them and she can’t dance for nuts it was so funny LOL it was so awkward watching her HAHAHA loved it. Then we performed and Maria preached and we went up to the audience to pray for them. I went to the back where some younger youths were and prayed for these girls who raised their hands and said they wanted to surrender their whole life to Jesus! Haha recognised some of them cuz another DTS takes are of these kids for smth idk. Yup and after that, cuz it was our last performance in South Africa, GeeHa got us to video Harlem shake on the stage HAHAHA so good. Almost sprained my ankle jumping off the platform. When goin into the car, Hyunah tripped in the drain and she actually sprained her ankle 😦 but we r all praying for full recovery as she’s like in so many dances !!

Anyway, spent the night finishing the blogpost for last week 🙂

Wednesdayyy 21 AUG
Finally got to sleep in after three days straight of waking up friggin early!!!! All of seriously slept in and took advantage of the morning off^^ after lunch we had a meeting I forgot what we did. It was 2hrs. Whatever probably wasn’t important HAHA
Them dinner and probably tried to write finish my postcards.

Thursdayyy 22 AUG
Had team meeting at 10am where Maria told us today would be a fun, bonding day with the team HAHA. So first we split into small groups and prayed and asked God what activities we could do that would bring our team closer together and also refresh our spirit. Each small group had one hour to do anything that we have heard from God or whatever 🙂 soooo yup. Did laundry with Rachel during the 15 min break haha. Then christa and emilyn’s group had the first hour. We were to think of a skit or dance or anything to share the gospel in one minute!!! We had 20 mins to plan and act out! It was so fun! We had a tie with christa and em’s group HAHA. Then it was our group and Lisa wanted to play this murderer game and gee ha wanted to play this game one person sits on one side of the board and guess the person on the other side. Haha kinda boring I skipped the second game as spent that time running back and forth cuz the washing machine wasn’t working -__- so had to fix that problem. Then had lunch together in the room and Maria sent some people to buy snacks so we had snacks like chips and soft drinks etc on top of lunch :p then the next team did this trust obstacle course where one person has to close their eyes and the other leads them through the obstacle course which we just used the field outside haha. Kinda lame but fun lah haha. Then another team wanted a dance party. Quite fail. We ended up giving each other back massages. Cuz Maria wasn’t around after lunch as she had meetings. Then another team decided to play bible charades which was super fun!!! Hahaha my team got Jonah the whale and I was Jonah HAHA and the next story we got was like Jesus walking into the church which became like a market and I was Jesus HAHA one team did like the lost sheep story and it was freaking cute cuz they were acting as Sherpa and they turned over and stayed there on their backs and kicking their legs HAHAHA that was seriously so funny

Then Sarah was gonna teach Zumba but I was sick and kinda tired/lazy so I went to my room to rest and write letters as I HAD to post them tmrw!!

Then the community meeting was compulsory was us today as they were gonna call us up to pray for us but I was so tired and feeling sick so I stayed in bed :p only me in the room hehe heather came in after as her head was hurting. And I got to Skype my babeee :):) who was being such a sloth HAHA our ‘break’ was like a few days lol

Then stayed up doing some blog shopping like seeing what I could order that gives free shipping to the USA^^

Fridayyy 23 AUG

Rehab ministry was cancelled and we got to sleep in again^^ had team meeting at 11am where we had to do a survey to improve the base and Maria briefed us on the next few days and travelling and Korean culture in LA as we are going to many Korean churches etc. then we just went through our flight itinerary and prayed for a safe trip etc! Had lunch then taped my big package together with the help of Emilyn and asked sungmin to help carry the package with me to the shopping mall as the post office was there. So we did some team work- Daniel, sungmin and I 😉 took turns to carry that big ads load to the mall. Daniel was scaring me about how much it would cost and so I was praying super hard that it wouldn’t be too costly…!! And indeed, the lady was so helpful and it amounted to only almost 495 rants… Praise god!!! It was shipping though not by air but time wasn’t a problem.. As long as it gets to my house 🙂 so thankful…. And also sent t postcards!!! Bought some last min stuff at the mall and food too before we went back for dinner!

Stayed up rushing through all the online shops and seeing what I should buy again hehe.

Saturdayyyy 24 AUG

Had such an wonderful last day in Cape Town today 🙂
We set off slightly after 9am (I was the last one) and yeah so glad we got the car as there was many confusions for the past few days about if we had the car and who could drive and I marvin was coming etc. We prayed for the good day and Marvin brought us to first stop at his friends house, Ragan, to ask where we could go etc then went to Good Lovers Market as he wanted a smoothie there but I ended up like shopping there and everyone was waiting for me (oops) cuz they didnt assign a time to leave. But we all got our lunch there! Was so happy to just talk to the people at food lovers be it the customers or workers – I just loved to talk to people… And they had so much food! Bought sushi and a whole chicken for lunch HAHA. Then we headed to this beachside with many shops I forgot what it’s called. Did a lil shopping, they had rly cute vintage shops! Stayed for like half an hour before we left to see the penguins!!! Paid like 45 rant to get in and see penguins! They were rly cute though !!! Met some people and met a Singaporean lady omg^^ could ttly tell from her Singaporean accent!!! Love meeting and just talking to people :):) then we saw the market there and I played darts w the locals HAHA then Daniel had to eat lunch as he was driving and couldn’t eat in the car so we stayed a lil longer for him to eat! Then as we drove, we would stop by and take some pictures of the scenic views… Dropped by Scarborough beach too.. It was a super misty area and they called the mountains near this beach “misty mountains” cuz it’s always misty no matter what weather haha. Dropped by another scenic spot and drove past camps bay which I wish we got to stop and eat in the restaurants there 😥 but we let Rebecca choose and she chose table mountain so we drove up table mountain again so Rebecca could see the view and we also prayed for South Africa there!! Had a lil prayer meeting 😉 prayer mountain was closed though 😦 heard the other group of girls went to climb the mountain to get to the top of table mountain LOL then we head to century city and I wanted to shop but it was getting late and we had to have dinner and also, marvin was still considering if he should bring us to the Christian lounge as we would reach back like 1am and also he actually has a Skype date with his girlfriend at 1030…. Soooooo we decided to just have dinner at a chill place. I went to shop a bit and grab some last minute stuff. Dinner was nice…. Good food too! We were all caught up with our phones cuz of the wifi though :p but it was good.. And we decided to just go back to the base! So on the drive back, we kinda had like a church service HAHA first marvin shared his crazy testimony… He’s from Cape Town and like super rebel did drugs needles everything and he attempted to kill himself 3 times but they all failed by the grace of god it’s crazy. It really showed me how intercession is so important and interceding for people through prayer can be so powerful. Because Marvin didn’t need a human or any person to really come and talk to him and bring him to Christ.. god would speak to him in his room and also in visions and dreams… That was crazy.. Like how God can really do all this on his own, he didnt need people like us to do it for him… Yeah… and I loved after he shared his testimony he really brought everything back to God and he kinda preached a bit and it rly spoke to me and was a good reminder as he talked about Gods crazy crazy unconditional love for us etc.. It was so hard to comprehend and when he reminded us of how much god loves each of us it felt like a whole new revelation like I suddenly felt overwhelmed by this love I’ve never received like its impossible to contain and limit gods love…. It’s crazy… Hard to explain… And marvin was ended with really encouraging us to expand and increase our expectations.. And to dream bigger.. like if our dreams don’t make us nervous means its not big enough.. and we can dream big because god has no limits and we shouldn’t limit him!!! And he also said smth else which I forgot LOL then he asked all of us to share our testimony or whatever that’s on our heart in 1 minute. And after each of us shared, marvin gave each of us a prophesy and like a prophetic word. Haha I shared about really laying down every area of my life to god and my attempts in life at leaning on my own strength. He said my greatest weakness will be my greatest strength!!! And also I’m a dynamite HAHAHA^^ then Daniel, who was driving, preached to us and he asked us two important questions – smth he did for this research project and how many Christians couldn’t answer. 1) if you died today, do you think you will go to heaven? 2) if yes, when you appear at the heavenly gates and God asks you why he should let you in, what would you say?

Basically all we have to do is believe that god died for our sins and he will let us into heaven.

But we tend to look at ourselves and what we have done to deserve but we don’t have to do a single thing like be a missionary or whatever – except believe in him.

And Daniel talked about smth else too but thus too complicated HAHHA but it was rly interesting and thought provoking… I loved the drive back! Then we ended with praise and worship haha. Oh and marvin kept saying “he loves you” ever since after he gave his testimony and wow everytime he said it, I felt like I was receiving new meaning.. It’s crazy… His love is Incomprehensible!!! Mmm it’s good we reached back like slightly before 11am as I could pack and get ready for bed etc 🙂

Oh and everyone was laughing at me buying a whole chicken and I couldn’t finish it.. Ate less than half of it… But when I went back… Emilyn and everyone was complaining that dinner was so bad they had ham sandwhiches LOL and I gave them the chicken and they devoured the whole thing!!! It was fate~ and they were so grateful^^ my 5 bux chicken saved their tummies hahaha

Sundayyy 25 AUG
Woke up like 7am to do laundry and OMG people were waking like 6am to bathe and by the time I woke the water was cold already so couldn’t bathe -__- Emilyn was one of the kiasu ones that woke at 6 HAHA. Anyway did laundry in da morning and packed all morning~ mid morning the water was kinda warm so I went to bathe! after lunch, walked to the mall just for a quickie to shop and buy last minute stuff and came back at 3pm as we were packing the luggage into the cars. Relaxed after that like 4-6pm and also popped the champagne I won.. We didnt rly drink it though haha. Then had dinner and I vacuumed the hallway… And rushed to pack the remaining stuff before we left… We had a small farewell outside where we prayed for the staff here and they prayed for us and we said our goodbyes etc and hopped into the cars and left ~ left like 730pm…. Then slept all the way………

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