Party in the USA (not)

Monday 26th August

So since we left on Sunday night like 8pm.. Slept till 11pm when we stopped for gas and toilet then went back to sleep till like in the mid of the morning we stopped again then slept till the next morning like 7am we stopped for toilet and gas and I went to the toilet with my eyes half closed I couldn’t open HAHAHA then drove another hour and stopped around 8/9am for breakfast. Bought coffee at wimpys and th base packed breakfast for us so we all ate in the grass beside the car park. The breakfast was awesome ! Cereal and milk and bread and jam^^ and I had my coffee^^ then the sprinklers went off HAHAH and we were all screaming and running away from the grass and taking our food with us. Stopped for slightly more than an hour there as we let the drivers rest and take a nap as some didnt sleep the whole night!! Mmm 🙂 then drove another hour or less and reached the airport ^^ super fast!! Roadtripss feels so much faster and less torturous when it’s at night!!!!
We reached the airport around 11am/noon and we checked inn which took forever espcially cuz I was like second last to check in LOL then we hobo-ed on the airport floor and ate the lunch they packed which was sandwiches and chicken! It was already like 4ish by that time. We went through security etc and we found our gate around 430 then Maria let us explore the airport but had to be back at 6pm as our flight was like 7pm. First thing em and I did was go to the toilet!!! Brushed our teeth, washed our face, make up and freshened up 😉 hahaha everyone that came to the toilet all stared at us HAHA but it was fun!! Then left the toilet like 515pm only had 45 mins to explore !! I had to use up my South African currency! Bought spices and South African music CDs haha. Jasmine kinda pissed me off cuz at the last minute she changed rants with me for USD and i wanted to get more musix but i hsd no more rants and when we met she wanted to return me the money but wtf its too late i cant go back and buy it. Ugh so annoyinf!!! There was some problems with some people’s visas like the Korean people and Fiona and Sarah. But everything worked out except for Sarah. Smth about her visa that she didnt get a stamp or whatever. In the end she had to stay in South Africa as she couldn’t go to USA. And brianna and Lexi also stayed back with her so they all didnt join us on the plane. They went back to Bethlehem… Other than those 3, the whole sch was on the first plane together ^^ it was fun to know so many people in one plane HAHAHA

Watched 3 movies: watched Admission with Charis and Wendy ( we tried to play it the same time so we could laugh at the same moment HAHA) then watched Dead Man Down followed by The Big Wedding then went to sleep cuz it was a night flight! So thankful cuz Sarah couldn’t make it on the plane, I had an empty seat beside me and I got to kinda lie down^^ listened to some music after I woke!

Arrived in Frankfurt and we only had 2hr interval between the flight so we had a mini team meeting at the gate where we got out of the plane and Maria told us of the situation etc and we prayed for smooth journey and also for the 3 girls stuck in South Africa haha… Then we rushed to our next flight 🙂 had some time to brush my teeth before boarding! There was free 30min wifi so I got like 5mins of wifi!!! 🙂 off to chicagoooo!!!

Boarded the plane and watched The Bling Ring which was kinda stupid….. Then watched Monsters University while they served lunch quite cute then watched After Earth and fell asleep halfway… So I took a nap then finished watching it. Then watched The Kings Of Summer I didn’t expect it to be kinda funny haha. Yeah! Turbulence was bitter sweet for me. It’s like so awesome yet dangerous haha. Then listened to music ~~ haha

Tuesday 27th August

Arrived in Chicago in the mornin~ immigration took so long though and we were so worried we might miss our flight !!!! So worried I couldn’t et through immigration.. The officer was so strict and serious but it was still so smooth praise god^^ even sungmin got through !! But Charis got held back… And we all had to wait for her… At the same time we were in a rush to catch our flight !!! So we decided to split up and some of us to catch the flight first while the other half waited for Charis. It was so stressful omg so we were running through security and checkin in our luggage trying to catch our plane. Realised while waiting for charis, i took my dry shampoo out of my luggage to use as my hair was so oily. And i took out my daisy fship ring and forgot to wear it back on and just didnt notice where i put it. So i frekaed out and used wendys phone to try ask them to find the ring. I put it on my luggage but i threw my luggage around omg 😥 could be anywhere!!! And this security lady helped us get through security faster and our boarding pass and we were running like mad dogs throughout all the terminals cuz we kinda got lost too. Our gate was bloody far. When we reached there they said the gate closed already-__- we look like idiots. So we went to customer service to get the next flight which was like in 30mins. Phew! It was me, Wendy, sungmin, Alex and Stacey. Haha walked to the boarding gate and otw there we got Starbucks OMG 2 months without Starbucks.. It was a good moment 😉 got my sbux fix :):) then boarded just in time~ the plane was rly small haha they had sucky entertainment stuff. Had to pay -__- but anyway just listened to music and reviewed my organiser thingy etc ~ did stupid stuff with Wendy who was sitting beside me hahaha. Oh and it was Emilyn, kristina, jasmine, Gaby and Charis that were still stuck in Chicago. And this Gaby left her camera in the plane LOLOL when we were already so stressed at that point in time HAHA.

Reached LA like 430pm and while Wendy and sungmin were finding lugged, I freshened up and did makeup and wore my USA headwrap HAHAHA. Then we pushed our luggage carts all the way from the domestic airport to the international airport where we reunited with the rest of the team who were waiting for us!!!! Most of them were sleeping and hobo-ing on the airport floor hahaha. Missed them :’) btw sang party in the USA quite a few times when i arrived HAHAHA we were supposed to leave the airport by 4pm but cuz of all this delay etc and we were still waiting for the other group to come at 6pm…they arrived around 6 and Charis explained how it was so stupid they just picked a random person now and then to interview and it was her… And he waited 40mins for them and they asked like two questions and let her go -__-t HAHA SO RETARDED. oh and they didnt find my daisy ring 😥 I’m rly sad about that 😥 it was pretty and expensive and my fship ring 😥 they brought back 20 boxes of pizza from Costco for our dinner at the airport as we had to wait till 7pm cuz some of sungmin’s bag was only arriving then. Haha it was a pizza partay!!! Missed Emilyn 😉 then the bus came and it was a 1hr30min drive to where we were staying. We were all abrubtly awoken and griggin got dropped off in the middle of nowhere like on a mountain and we were waiting in the dark as a truck was Gna make rounds to bring our luggage and us up to the place where we were staying. The huge coach couldn’t go the route as it was too rugged and needed a four wheel kinda. It was rly darkkk couldn’t rly see any civilisation around haha. Anyway gonna cut it short, more cars came to help (cars of people staying up in the mountains under Grace Ministries International) they said some were scared for their car so didnt wanna help us lol. Yup and the girls got a huuge room (with air con yay!) and we all just slept on the floor there~ settled in, took a bath in one of the showers which was so freaky with spider webs and the water was cloudy and murky and slimy-ish ew:((((( still felt dirty after the shower HAHA and everyone was kinda tired so we all crashed!

Wednesday 28th August
Was so sad cuz there was no wifi cuz we were on a bloody mountain. Kinda got to sleep in and when we went outside omg the heat rly hit me. Damn hot siaaa!! Haha. But breakfast was amazing omg missed American breakfast. There was everything from diff cereals to yoghurt to hard boiled eggs to bread and all kinda of spreads and bananas omg I ate so much HAHA. So we lazed around like pigs in the room cuz there was aircon HAHA till lunch. After lunch we decided to walk to Starbucks as the US citizens that have 3G checked and said it was within walking distance. So we left like 2pm to walk~ it was quite a far walk~ I almost was gonna faint cuz it was so BLOODY HOT omfg and the walk was so far.. About 40mins. We went around the shops as we couldn’t find the entrance and in the end we freaking went under the spiked fence and climbed up and cross the drain etc like some jungle hike or some shit. Haha obstacle course. Went to CVS to get Arizona and aircon before we went to Starbucks and just LEPAKED there. Haha to get free wifi :p stayed there till 4/5ish before we walked back for dinner. Again, had a lepak/chill night. Bathed and lazed around till I fell asleep^^ quite a chill day.

Thursday 29th August
Got to sleep in again whooop. Amazing breakfast again^^lazed around till lunch time hehe. They were growing so many plants and fruits etc around the place. And they said we could take as many grapefruits as we wanted :p it was like a retreat place for the church so like yeahh. Seriously wth didn’t do much cuz bloody stuck on the mountain. But after lunch, we all got a lift to the place with Starbucks and some shops which was just at the bottom of the hill, cuz it was our day off. so went starbucks for wifi then looked around and shopped a bit at some of the shops. Decided to go ahead and perm my hair since there was a salon :p made an appointment heh and rachel decided to perm with me too!!! and wendy was there too getting her roots done LOLZ it was quite fun but i was quite scared cuz like ruining my hair :(( sry:( paid like 89 usd. The perm was quite curly and poufy omg:( not rly what i wanted but i just hoped it would go down and relax cuz yknw thats what they all say, itll die down~ then got lift back again for dinner. When the sun was setting, some of us decided to hike up to the top of one of the mountains to watch the sunset. Haha it was like 15mins walk. We had to climb this freaking steep hill omg quite siao. In the end when we were at the top, we couldn’t even see the sun cuz the mountains were blocking it. So many mountains and some taller too. HAHA siannnnn. But still it was a nice view 🙂 chilled and slept.

Friday 30th August
Today is Hyunah’s bday 🙂
Chilled around and at lunch cuz there was cake ^^ basically took naps and LEPAKED till our show at Joy riverside church that started at 8pm. If im not wrong i think we had team time in the afternoon w maria where we just waited on god too and let him speak to us. Got quite a few things and we had a sharing session with one another and i shared with mirjam 🙂 Mirjam shared first and it ave me time to put my thoughts tgt etc. then I basically shared about how it was no mistake that God rly put me on this mountain to stay. Of all places in LA like c’mon IT’S LOS ANGELES I could go shopping etc but he put me there to rly have nothing to do but spend time w him and just soak in his presence without any distractions. Yeah and god rly just wanted me to spend more time w him and read the bible that’s basically it… 🙂 and he helped keep away all the distractions. And I just shared w Mirjam that and how difficult it was for me to accept the fact that in on a bloody mountain and nobody probably believes we are in LA.

We left the mountain around 5pm. It was boring but nice to just sloth around once in a while :p it was fun performing there! Before the show they provided dinner and it was Chinese catered food ahhh amazing^^ but during the show I really wasn’t focused at all. I was like angry and frustrated idk why. Maybe small stuff idk. Anyway after the show, this couple in the audience they own like a smoothie shop so they made and brought cartons of huge cups of smoothiesfor us!!! It was like Jamba Juice!! So yummy I loved it^^
Then we drove back to the mountain and crashed~

Saturday 31st August
Got to sleep in~ whooop. Charlie made Korean BBQ for us AWWW!!!! It was so yummy. Hate how there were so many bees around where we ate though. Idk why maybe cuz there’s a nest somewhere? But seriously swarms of bees everywhere around where we eat. It’s so gross I’m so scared they will sting me! But so far they are harmless they just fly everywhere around our food but don’t rly wanna sting us… Yet. After lunch we walked to Starbucks for wifi~ did a bit of shopping then stayed till like 4 PM then went back as we had another show from 7-9pm at another Korean church called Saenuri Church. They prepared yummy dinner for us before the show whooop^^ and Yoshi came ahhhh :):) so glad to see her again. Was pretty distracted during this show too cuz there was wifi and everyday I’m seriously dying from lack of connection to the world cuz there is no friggin wifi on the damn mountain. So I was shopping on urban outfitters & nastygal :p BAHAHA found quite a few good buys too!! Ahhh. Nonetheless it was a good show! Had to say bye to Yoshi 😥 she drove 3hrs here to watch us. Super sweet.

Sunday 1st September
Had the morning off but after lunch 3-5pm was actually designated to small group leaders having one-to-one time with each of their small group members. But my leader Daniel and GeeHa they didn’t make any appointment w me so I went to Starbucks in the morning and spent my day there for wifi and shopping a lil at Vons HAHA. Walked to Starbucks alone cuz I wanted to put on my earphones and talk to and worship him while walking down the mountain. Jasmine kinda caught up w me but i told her to go ahead as i was busy w jesus :p Alsooo talked to him and praised him on the way up 🙂 was kinda panting while singing though cuz some parts were steep HAHA. Walked back alone around 4/5ish cuz everyone else was having their one to one at Starbucks and were busy. Came back for Charlie’s special seafood spaghetti that he made for dinner actually a gift to kenny cuz he and micah was arriving in LA today. So got to see them at dinner and just chilled again after dinner till sleep time~

Extra updates:
• ciaobella = love you always
• it’s all about saving the lost, reviving the save and sending them all!!!
• there was rly nothing much to do up in the mountains so i slept pretty early and could wake early too LOLZ
• loved breakfast in the mountains though cuz they bought so much food from Costco and stashed it HAHA
• the shower here in the GMI retreat place sucks 😦 not many showers except in maria’s room and charlie’s room otherwise gotta walk 5mins-ish to the girls showers only 3 cubicles and its like well water so it’s kinda slimy and smells like eggnog bleugh. Gross ! When I bathe there I don’t feel clean at all. Feels like I’m still dirty after bathing!
• overall it was a good journey to LA but seriously so frutmstrated that we r on a bloody mountain.
• sorry for the super friggin late blogpost because there was no wifi plusssss idk I just had no mood/time to blog
• Btw this week was the hottest week on earth omfg the heat was crazy hot and it was dry and the sun was scorching. I probably got a tan from walking up and down the mountain so much in the day. That’s why most of the time I was inside our big room where all the girls sleep tgt cuz there’s air con. Thank god.

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