heads up


I’ve also realised that i’ve been revealing less of my life on social media (which is a good thing) cuz I feel i can spend more time and be totally embraced in moments, not worrying about getting pictures or videos taken because it truly loses the whole essence of experiences/moments in life! So just a heads up, this blog isn’t gonna be flaunting the ‘happening’ part of my life because LIFE AINT ALL DAT HAPPENING!

Heh naah, it’s more about the journey i’m on, my reflections as i live life, thoughts etc! Boring stuff, so don’t follow this blog if its not the side of me you wanna see! But i gotta say this is the better side of me 😉 this will probably be the most raw/honest blog you will ever read :-* #getreal #lifeisalrtough #whyputupafront #spamhashtag

& its just the beginning!!!!!!!!! xxxxx


Hugs, Kisses & Blessings,

Estelle ♥


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