priorities; the fear of missing out / what’s important in life? / time investments

I’m such a person that loves to always be busy with doing things and i’ve found myself not being able to stay committed and growing in the things that are actually, or at least – should be, important to me.

“You have to be faithful with the little things that you have now, before He can entrust you with bigger, greater things.” – This (something along that line) has been ringing in my head for the past few days. In terms of the few talents i have been given, In terms of the leadership/roles/level of influence that i have been given –  i want to be able to use it to my utmost ability and be faithful with what he has given me and bear fruit that will multiply so that he can trust in my ability and give me even greater stuff!! However, I’ve seen myself getting so distracted recently and trying to do as much as i can and it has been an absolute mess.

Thus, in this moment in time, i will be focussing on prioritising life.

There are tons of things going on everyday, all over the world, and it’s simply impossible for a mere human to be able to be everywhere and do everything. I wish i could though 😦 That’s when i’ve realised this fear i’ve had for quite a while now – the fear of missing out.

I rebuke this fear in jesus’ name because i don’t want to be somewhere i’m not supposed to be at, doing something i shouldn’t be doing. I want God’s time. His time is perfect. And his plans and ways are higher than mine. I only want to be where he wants me to be, doing what he wants me to be doing at the exact time i should be doing it. Just like how Jesus did not go around healing every single person he saw – he only did what God told him to do. MAKE ME LIKE JESUS #jesuswannabe

So i thought of some practical ways i could go about prioritising, no i mean, i’ll make a ranking-type list of the priorities in my life:


1) My relationship with GOD 1st (non-negotiable)

  • incl. bible reading
  • praying – seeking wisdom, praying for more, praying for friends/family
  • chatting w jesus
  • praise & worship


2) Kingdom (non-negotiable)

  • ministry
  • Church
  • GHOP – expand my capacity in terms of the musical abilities i have been given
  • other visions i am waiting on the lord for (Exciting!!)


3) Family

  • keeping in contact with them regularly through skype
  • updating my parents and seeking advice from them

4) Studies

  • consistent with work
  • disciplined in attending ALL classes, ON TIME
  • being diligent in classes
  • taking initiative & responsibility for my learning
  • being an example – to be a light in my class that my coursemates will be interested in knowing more about the amazing God i serve 😀


5) Friends
(tbh, i would choose friends>studies anyday but i believe good friends would want to make sure I am first doing well in my studies before i spend time with them)

  • being there
  • spend quality time with
  • pray for each other
  • encourage and constantly build each other up
  • being the vessel for God to reveal his love, through me, to my non-christian friends

6) Social Media

  • instagram
  • gmail
  • facebook
  • blogging – hoping that i would blog regularly & share useful things about life that will inspire and impact others!
  • youtube – im also hoping to start a proper channel soon!
  • twitter
  • askfm

So this is roughly it! Im glad i’ve wrote it down so it clears my head a little and i feel more organised like this 😉

Would encourage anyone else to write a list of your priorities – starting with non-negotiables then working your way down the list.

Really helps in decision making when you’ve got a clear picture in your head on ‘Whats Important’ in your life. Has helped me a lot especially when i get all these invitations to different events/parties and i notice myself asking the question of “what’s important in my life?” and i realise all these (parties esp) are rubbish… i remember a few weeks back louise was talking about investing time because truly where i invest time is so so important and precious. Time is something that cannot be bought. So i really want to spend my time wisely, and invest my time in things that will reap good fruit and abundant harvest.

Let us not use youthfulness as an excuse for foolishness. It’s time to start investing our time wisely into the things that actually matter in life. 🙂


Hugs, Kisses & Blessings

Estelle ♥



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