money rant

Soo, i just got an email from the study centre to pay for the remaining fees and just looking at the fees makes me so…….idk conflicted.

My heart breaks for every penny i spend because i know it’s really the blood, sweat and tears of my beloved mom who works day and night to support my family and provide us with tons of opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle.

Knowing how precious every dollar is, really motivates me to want to study harder and make the best of the course so that i may quickly start working and earning a decent income for myself, not having to rely on others for financial support.

Lately i’ve been observing how young people spend money and it’s just….. so… ridiculous……?

I don’t understand how us, as young people are splurging on unnecessary food, clothes, luxuries etc when it’s not even our money to decide where it goes in the first place…. just immersing myself in retail stores and the shopping streets of glasgow allowed me to notice how strong the spirit of materialism was and just observing people around me throwing almost everything into their shopping bags and how the act of swiping credit cards are almost indistinguishable to breathing – effortless and almost necessary.

I also felt a heavy amount of peer pressure and it made purchasing a few fabrics and synthetic shoes for what i would deem ‘ridiculous’ prices (in terms of evaluating where it was made from and it’s material/quality) an okay thing to do. Because literally, everyone else around me were doing it too. It is okay to be spending this much on one life-less, inanimate item. It is normal.

But really, it’s not.

Money is so precious.

Spend it wisely.

Especially, if it’s not actually yours in the first place.


I could go on but i’ll stop here. My thoughts on this topic are still quite messy, I’m still seeking God for greater revelation on this issue of how i could be spending the money given to me wisely aaand i’ve still got loads to do at this hour!

Hugs, Kisses & Blessings

Estelle ♥


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