5 practical ways for ‘putting on’ love that will affect all our relationships:

How do we build lasting relationships?

New reality → new relationships

– Colossians 3 – 

Several helpful reminders:
› What happened to Jesus has happened spiritually to you.
› Your life is hidden with Christ in god.
› We are no longer a slave to our passions and desires.
› Lust is using other people for our own ends.
› Lust and anger controls our lives and spoils our relationships. IMG_6013

Here are 5 practical ways for ‘putting on’ love that will affect all our relationships:

• Focus on the other persons needs and not their behaviour.
• It is easy to be re-active
Relationships breakdown when all we do is react to situations. 

• Instead, we should be asking others, “How can I best help you and support you?” ⇒Kindness!! ♥

• Relationships are spoilt with a quick temper
• it’s worse when anger is buried/unresolved
• anger, when it is held inside becomes hate 

Forgive one another 

• forgiveness is not just an occasional act, it is a permanent attitude – Martin Luther king
• pause & ask – is there anyone I need to forgive? →pray the Lord’s Prayer 🙂
forgiveness is giving up pride, sense of rights & self pity
• we put our hurts into gods hands
• buried anger will cause us to be on a short fuse and it will affect all relationships

– negative people are hard to be around
– be positive about what you have ⇒be thankful
⇒whatever u do…. give thanks to god
cultivate a positive grateful attitude
– positive people are encouraging people, they look for what is best in others
– express your appreciation to each other 

4) Be PURE
– the prevalence of pornography has greatly affected relationships and how we view the opposite sex ⇒Treating people as a commodity
– porn is spoiling and affecting many peoples lives and marriages
– we won’t get free through rules and regulations ⇒freedom is found in Jesus!!!!
– sexual craving is a craving for intimacy and at the end of the day we must know that we are loved.
– That craving for intimacy is a sign of the deepest longing in every human heart. Our longing for god. ⇒ You are wholly and dearly loved.
– addiction is hard for people to get free ⇒ requires trust, integrity, accountability, company and faith
– you can’t find freedom on your own ⇒you need to get help

• be full of gods peace
– let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts
– when u are at peace on the inside, you can be at peace with others on the outside

♥ Put on love. It is a deliberate choice.
♥ Loving others flows from knowing that we are loved. 

Special thanks to Nicky Lee who taught the above at last Sunday’s service in Holy Trinity Brompton, London 🙂


Hugs, Kisses & Blessings,

Estelle ♥


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