7 Perks About Life Without a Smartphone In The 21st Century

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Ever since the theft of my precious iphone5s (bless you thief), I spent about one and a half weeks PHONELESS. Hard to imagine, but i survived. No – actually more like, i thrived victoriously and mastered true independence when I was able to shift my dependence less on technology and more on myself and the Holy Spirit hahaha (yes, the holy spirit literally is my form of communication).

Okay so in the midst of my 3G-less journey, I made conscious effort to take note of the benefits of not having a smartphone by my side 24/7. Here it goes:

I’ve actually become highly reliant on using a watch! And this time, I ain’t wearing it just for fashion. How cool 😉

Ended up purchasing an alarm clock and have actually been using an ALARM CLOCK HAHAHA have u guys heard of an alarm clock??

Getting more work/things done more efficiently at home because: no phone = no internet = nobody can contact (disturb) me = no opportunity to get distracted = no choice but to do what i have to get done HAHA

Once i get into bed, i go to sleep immediately. Which is incredibly weiiird because I would usually spend 30mins to a hour still replying texts in bed and fumbling around with the apps in my phone.

If i’ve arranged to meet a friend at 1pm, I know i’ve got to be there early, at least by 12:55 and i simply cannot afford to be late. Because I’ve got no phone and it would cause unnecessary problems if I’m late… So the urgency and importance to be on time is much greater. On top of that, I actually got about to memorising the phone numbers of friends! Don’t recall the last time i made effort to remember phone numbers 😛 Do you know anyone’s number by heart?

I learn to focus and embrace more of physically present interaction rather than cyber-present interaction. I noticed things i never really paid attention to. I made more conversations with people cause i wasn’t almost always on my phone. I observed more things than i would have if i was looking down at my screen wherever i went. In other words, I took in the air and smelt the flowers ^__^v

Another important lesson I learnt was to stop wasting so much time trying/thinking of ways to boost my highlight reel for the sake of updating strangers/people who are less important to me and my life. Stop and remember to live in the moment and not worry about sharing the moment with the world. After all, the best moments are hardly captured on camera.

Why put a screen between you and your life? It’s isolating enough when you’re alone in front of a computer, but now we’re doing it even when out among the swarm.The technology that exists allows us to film every waking moment but as Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park, “Just because we can do something, it doesn’t mean we should.

We all need to stop focusing so much on capturing the moment and just enjoy it instead. Be present. Live in it. Snap a picture to take you back to it in your mind, when you stumble across it years from now on your implanted photo viewing retinal chip, and let that memory be of how fully you experienced that event at the time, with all your senses.
Let’s stop trying to capture the moment and just enjoy it!

So basically, it just wasn’t that bad after all! For me, the most painful part about losing my phone was the actual net worth of it – approx 600-700pounds here in the UK – approx 1.2k SGD. It’s okay. Money can always be earned back. I’ll work hard now so I can repay my beloved mommy in the future.
Had to admit it was a very painful lesson. Had lots to take home from it and reflect on… 🙂 But i’ve grown to become an even better, and stronger person! I can proudly say i don’t need a phone to survive in this time and age. I don’t want to be dependent on anything or anyone, animate or inanimate – except Jesus 🙂 And for that reason, this situation really got me ‘no choice’ but to turn to Him and lean on him even more! It’s amazing and unfathomable how He’s always been there to sustain me and his banner over me is always love. Although I know that my life would definitely be ‘compromised’ because smartphones have become such an integrated part of our lives and thus a necessity today……. BUT if on one fateful day, the mega control stations of technology (i assume that would be Apple/Microsoft) shuts down, satellites detonate and as the end of the world draws near… I’m pretty confident that I will be able to survive that kind of phenomenon: The Internet-less World. How about you? 😉

Hugs, Kisses & Blessings,
Estelle ♥

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