Enough Time

There is never enough Time
Every night I go to bed with a to-do list longer than it’s possible for the next day
I balance time between family, friends, clubs, groups, work
I document it all online with profiles & feeds to make it seem like it’s all sorted out
But the truth is, it’s not sorted out at all
Time is what I want most, but what I use worst
If Time really is money, then I’m broke
I think a lot of us are.

I was at a coffee shop the other day and I ran into a friend
I asked him how he was doing, he said –
Busy, there’s a lot going on this week
And he casually returned the question to me and I said the same –
I’m pretty busy, feels like too much is happening right now
I don’t know when it changed, I remembered the typical response used to be
‘I’m fine.’, ‘Everything is fine.’, ‘We’re all fine.’
We’re all busy, trying to say that despite a down economy or negative news cycle, that at least our lives have a lot going on
That busy is somehow better than being fine
But busy often means I’m not fine at all
I think it wears on all of us after awhile
And creates this strange longing for some way to press pause on the busy
And learn what it means to be present
Sometimes it takes grounding yourself
Turning off your phone, shutting a laptop, getting away for a little while
And finding peace in the quiet

So I took an experiment
To just stop and quit it all for just a moment
To try and remember what it means to ‘be’ instead of what it means to ‘overdo’
To break the seemingly endless pattern of consumption
And spend less time reacting to what’s urgent
And more time returning to what’s important


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