Where Is Your Faith?

“In the world seeing is believing, yet in the Kingdom, believing is seeing. Faith is not the absence of facts; it’s the presence of conviction.

There is actually no such thing as blind faith because faith sees what is not yet visible, hopes for what is not yet viable, and trusts long before someone is reliable.

Faith is the bridge between what is and what will be, it is the road to recovery, and the pathway out of poverty.

Faith is not a mindless exercise in futility, but it is a spirit led adventure into heavenly habitations.

The question isn’t do you have faith but where is your faith…where do your store it? Everyone has faith but if they don’t invest it in the Infinite One, they spend it on finite solutions that lead to somber resolutions.

Fear is faith in the wrong god. Fear is the expectation of a negative outcome, the dread of something going awry, the sense of being out of control.

But faith in God produces the fruit of the Spirit; which includes; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control!



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