Living Life With Nothing Hidden


Last weekend, I had the privilege to attend the Single Life Workshop by Nothing Hidden Ministries, which is one of the many amazing ministries birthed out of Bethel Church in Redding. It happened in Edinburgh and I was appointed to facilitate one of the small groups. (Gah!) All in all – a delightful weekend, rejoicing with my group members in their breakthroughs and just enjoying life and soaking in all the love and teachings over the 3.5 day intensive workshop. It was one heck of a hectic weekend, they seriously had our schedules packed to the brim! 9am-10pm planners ;_; I came back to Glasgow that night and slept for 17hrs straight. That’s how exhausted I was. Emotionally, physically, spiritually… woooop. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!! I’m gonna share the key things I’ve picked up at this conference and whatever else that’s on my heart to share… grab a cup of coffee or a notebook and pen if you’re looking to read on 😉

Ok imma jump right in, bullet point style. Bc dats how I rollll…. haha just note that this post is really just a platform for me to absorb everything I got that weekend so apologies in advance if things might not seem cohesive or some points might not make sense.

  • Truthfulness & Honesty
    – Being truthful can get you into trouble, but it limits openness, transparency and vulnerability.
    – Nothing is more freeing than living with nothing hidden.
  • There’s a place for wisdom (proverbs 15:2)
    – Not everything from your mind should be falling out of your mouth
  • Timing is important – when, how, what we speak about
  • Power of Vulnerability
    – speaking the truth in love
    – ephesians 4:15
    – key to growing, maturing and becoming christ-like
    – so that we can be a voice of God’s truth for each other
    – people don’t remember what they say sometimes because they don’t take it seriously in the first place

If we don’t say what we mean and don’t mean what we say = TRUST 

  • It’s important to pay attention to those things that don’t feel right
    – needing peace
    – hiding positive information means that person can’t experience God’s love through us
    – hiding negative information could mean that you’re not respecting or loving the person well
  • We need God’s truth to see ourselves through His eyes.
    – It’s the only way to create security in relationships
    – If a person can’t bring God’s truth in love back to you, its an indicator that God won’t be the centre of the relationship

Living in truthfulness is an act of faith! Put being truthful & loving above fears, shame or desires.

After this session, we had a time to write a “Letter from God to Me”. It was sooo personal and we had to end up reading out this letter to our group. I chocked up halfway through the letter and couldn’t stop crying after that. Maybe Ill share the letter another time. 🙂

Here’s a simple + practical way of giving when relating to others, making your relationships more personal and intentional:

Pay attention to what you’re feeling inside yourself when relating to people. Be aware of how ‘vulnerably’ you are sharing. In the appropriate situation, try to share feelings and thoughts that will make you more vulnerable than usual 😉

Living truthfully, transparently, and vulnerable is risky. Still, it’s an indispensable path to maturity in Christ and to deep, rewarding intimacy with the people we love.

At the same time, God doesn’t want us to open up our precious hearts just to have them torn and wounded. He even said to avoid people who will take the precious and holy things we offer, and then use them to tear us to pieces. (Matt 7:6) However, if you’re trying to live fully open and surrendered to the Lord, eventually more than one angry bitter person will rip your heart. Painful as this is, the alternative – hiding and self-protection – leads to isolation and loneliness.

Ultimately, the only way to grow up in all aspects into Christ is to risk being truthful in love anyway. And when we’re crushed and misunderstood, God’s truth about us must still rise high above what any person thinks of us.

Here’s an awesome picture of my group going out for a wee walk



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