Overcoming Predisposition

In my recent post about What is Coming Against Us which talks about recognising sin as a spirit rather than an internal behaviour; similarly, I’m gonna share some good points in an article about overcoming predispositions written by my fav blog (becoming minimalist) heh 🙂

The negative tendency I could relate to most was about labelling myself as the procrastinator, as disorganized, always late in the morning…. and it’s true that I’ve almost come to a point to accept that sort of behaviour in my life and just let it rule….

As I consider these negative personality traits in my own life (and the life of others), I am becoming more and more observant of a damaging thought process present alongside them: the belief that these negative predispositions are “just the way I am.” With an almost defeatist attitude, we attempt to excuse our negative behaviors by appealing to an internal force that makes decisions for us. – becomingminimalist

Your predisposition is not your future.

Your future is what you choose to become.

“External success is achieved through competition with others. But character is built during the confrontation with your own weakness.” – David Brooks (Check out his awesome article!!!)

  1. Stop making excuses.
  2. Pick your battles.
  3. Look for a deeper source.
  4. Remind yourself the battle is worth fighting.
  5. Intentionally pursue the opposing behaviour.
    (Yes, i might just try his method of waking up at 5am every day. I really want to be a morning person!!!)
  6. Find help.

Each of us struggle with negative tendencies in our own way. We all have weaknesses. But we can all choose to no longer be defined by our predispositions. We can see them, instead, as our greatest opportunity to grow. And choose our own future instead.

Thank you for your wisdom, Joshua Becker. ❤


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