Living Shamelessly


  • Shame makes intimacy scary. It’s like when someone looks into your eyes, you feel like you can’t hide.
  • Shame stops us from being ourselves.
  • Shame’s biggest asset is hiddenness.

We all need to learn about and know ourselves more. There is no better teacher than our Creator. Let God show you how you are His design, let Him dictate how to view yourself.

➜ Plan a time to be with God. Ask God to help you experience His enjoyment of you. If you can’t experience His enjoyment of you right away, keep after it because it is real and we are not meant to live without it.

➜ Identify the longings and desires of you heart. list them. Then ask the Holy Spirit how these longings and desires reflect Him.

God’s heart is always for restoration and relationship with us, no matter what we have done. He loves us unconditionally and completely. However, the enemy loves to condemn; he loves to bring shame, and he loves to try to convince us that God is like him. When that happens, press in to find courage to go to the Lord, to seek Him and to listen for His voice when you feel the least worthy of Him. When you feel the most ashamed. It is precisely when we feel least worthy that we need to hear from the Lord the most!! He is waiting for you, ready to deal wondrously on your behalf.

➜ Ask the Lord to reveal His heart of love and acceptance of you, right in the areas you feel shame, so that you will have all that you need to stand against those lies that whisper to shame you.

➜ Ask God for grace and strength to believe His words when you feel ashamed or when others treat you shamefully.


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