60 seconds of Wisdom x 13


  • Keep track of how much pressure you are under. Slow down before you say something.

Hat Hair

Do the stuff you purposed to do, on purpose!


A bunch of throttle. Busyness/activity isn’t throttle. Throttle is where you get your power from – that’s the Jesus part. We get our power from loving people really well. Go take off with your big idea by adding love and throttle. Get going fast enough and take off!

Pull The Chalks

Chalks are the things holding the wheels in place. When you feel stuck and feel like you can’t launch, give the signal to yourself. Pull the chalks, trust God to launch you into the person He wants you to be.

Going Deeper

Do you wanna sit on the surface and look good? Or do you wanna go deep, where the work gets done?

What are you filling your bucket with?

We’ll turn into in our lives, whatever we fill our buckets with.

Keep Going Forward

Sometimes we’re living our lives and can’t see what’s ahead. Just keep heading towards Jesus and you will find it.

Land The Plane

Do you have a lot of ideas? What if you pick one of them. Take everything you know you’re good at. Do less of what you’re bad at. Take that idea, take the next step, stop thinking about it and land the plane!

Going Places

Do you wanna just look tough and stay in your comfort zone or step out into the ocean, into the unknown and go places??

Untie The Lines

Even if you’re afraid or don’t know where you’re going, untie the lines. Let LOVE take you on a journey. Love everybody. You’re always gonna end up in a terrific place. Cut the lines!

No Return Address

God passes us each other. Go do stuff, and everyone will know where it came from.

Love your Neighbour

Where do you start? Who do you love first?

“Love your neighbour as yourself.”

Walk out tomorrow, look around, pick any of the choices, go love them and you’ll know more about what to do with your faith next!

What Are You Building with your Life?

What’re you building yourself out of? Are you building it with stuff that really will last? Where are you going? More importantly, who are you taking with you?

Those are the questions that will shape the way we spend our days and lives. They will shape where we end up.


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